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    2 Reviews
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      07.09.2008 00:01
      Very helpful



      There are better games out there.

      I bought this game because it was based on the film, which I liked, and I am the kind of person who likes to play games based on films, because there is a background to them, you know the characters and the story, etc.

      I was pleased that the characters I liked so much were present, and that the story was easy to follow, but I was a bit disappointed with the game because I didnt think that there was enough content to keep me occupied for long enough.

      The game has different levels, which you have to work through to complete it. The first levels especailly are easy, but then it gets a bit harder.

      To be honest, of all of the games that are based on films, this was not my favourite one, and I would not buy it again, had I not already bought it. Not recommended.


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      02.03.2005 15:53
      Very helpful



      • "No Longevity"

      This game is based on the film Spiderman 2, starring Tobey Maguire. The game has mostly the same plot as the film with a few character additions, most notable are Black Cat, Rhino, Mysterio and Shocker.

      The villain of the piece is Dr Octopus, a scientist who, whilst conducting an experiment that goes wrong, manages to get permanently attached to some indestructible metal tentacles, during this failed experiment his wife gets killed and he blames Spiderman for the whole affair. Your mission in your guise as Spiderman is to stop him from rebuilding his experiment larger and more dangerous than before.

      The game is divided into chapters, each with voice over introduction and each chapter contains a "To-Do List" which can be viewed in the pause menu and when completed allows you to move onto the next chapter.

      There are many missions complete from delivering pizzas, taking photographs for the daily bugle, to taking our villains with your many Spider moves, combos and webbing attacks.

      Story Missions – There are many missions to complete that are in the movie ranging from meeting MJ for dinner to battling Doc Ock on top of a train, as well as random missions racing Black Cat and battling Rhino.

      Petty Random Crimes – Sometimes whilst your swinging around the city random crimes will occur that range from out of control drivers, handbag thieves to a little girl losing her balloon. You can choose to help or ignore it and keep going on your way as you are not forced but these can earn you valuable hero points if you should choose to help the crimes these missions are highlighted with purple on you radar.

      Distress Missions – These missions are where citizens shout to you as you get near and if you answer them you have to finish it, these range from gun shoot outs to someone falling from a building and there is one where 10-15 people ambush you but its not too difficult to sort them out.

      Speed Tests – These are marked with a blue marker throughout the city and test your swinging and speed ability. There are timed and if you beat the clock you get hero points, they range in difficulty from “easy” to “insane”.

      Swinging is pretty simple, there are two modes, Easy and Normal. I went straight in and started with the game in Normal and didn’t find it two difficult to get to grips with. You can swing from anything; buildings, lampposts and even trees. With Normal swinging you have a lot more control over Spider-Man enabling you to move faster, there are lots of cool swinging upgrades you can purchase and it is worthwhile spending time familiarising yourself with each one.

      Climbing Walls
      As well as swinging all over town you can also climb straight up walls, it is easy to stick to walls by using the circle button as well as slowly climbing walls you can also spring climb and sprint up them.

      Web Attacks – There are vast numbers of attacks at your disposal (for many of which you will need the relevant upgrade) and this is another thing worth spending a bit of time familiarising yourself with as there are many different combos that can be used and they can be difficult to execute in the heat of battle, though a bit of button bashing should take care of it if all else fails.

      Hand-to-Hand Combat – As well as being able to perform basic fight moves like Uppercuts, Hooks, Spin Kicks and Air Kicks you can combine your webbing with kicks and punches. You can kick opponents into the air and keep them there by using a variety of kicks and punches, you can yank your opponent towards you and kick them away, my personal favourite was to web them up and carry them to the top of a building and drop them off the edge (Quick, easy and effective).

      Spidey senses – When faced with many enemies or a particularly difficult opponent you can use your spidey-sense, which is basically slow motion, to dodge bullets and attacks, but be careful as this drains your hero meter quite quickly.

      The Spidey Store – Every time you complete a mission, stop a crime in progress or deliver some pizzas you get paid for your trouble with hero points which can be used at the Spidey Store to purchase various upgrades such combat combos, jumping tricks and web attack combos and upgrades.

      A Helpful Marker
      All over the city there are 100 hint markers which help you with simple things like finding your way round and combat. The locations of these are shown on your map and if you get all of them you get awarded a special character status (not of any actual benefit just a little extra). There are also secret and skyscraper tokens, which if you want to complete the game 100% you will need to find. The skyscraper tokens are shown on the map but aren’t very clear (some of them look like a tiny speck of dust on your screen and are easy to miss) the easiest way of spotting them I found was to go to the top of the highest building in the area and look around at the others in the area.

      The map in this game is fairly detailed with famous landmarks of New York like the Statue of Liberty.

      The manual is good, simple and easy to understand but it isn’t really necessary to read it as the beginning of the game is like a training level to let you get to grips with the gameplay.

      The game is okay and I didn’t take it back and get a refund, but overall I found the game to be very repetitive especially the “crime fighting” tasks. The graphics are good and at first the game is very addictive but after a while I got a bit bored with it and once you have completed it, it will probably just sit on your shelf gathering dust but from what I have heard about the first spider man game, if you liked that you will really enjoy this one.

      Sound wise I think I was expecting something a little more “grandiose” but the quality is good even if its a little unimaginative. The voice overs for Spidey, MJ and Doc Ock have been done by the respective actors and if you don’t want to watch the story scenes at the beginning of a chapter or boss battle you can just skip them.


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