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Star Trek: Armada II (PC)

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Activision / Genre: Strategy / Release Date: 2001

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    3 Reviews
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      13.04.2010 21:52
      Very helpful



      Its a decent game on its own, especially good when you get the Fleet Operations modification

      Despite being designed to be similar to its predecessor, Star Trek Armada II adds a lot more features to the series, some i don't like, some i do like.

      The game now contains 6 races instead of 4. Adding the Cardassians and Species 8472 into the game. These new additions are fairly radical, Species 8472 have the ability to move their starbase very slowly, also instead of building ships directly, they produce embryo's which then can morph into any ship of the players choosing for a certain cost of resources. The Cardassians are less radical, instead they have powerful ships, most of which can cloak.

      In this game, instead of units dying as soon as their shields fail, they have added hull hit points. Despite this, ships are a lot weaker, hence battles will end far quicker, the ships are also faster and fire faster. Warp drive was also added to the game, allowing ships to travel across the largest maps in seconds, this is probably one of the main features i disliked.

      New resources were added to the game, instead of just having to collect dilithium, you now have to collect Metal as well, Metal is collectable from moons that are now spread across the map. Players must build orbital stations in order to collect Metal, hence needing the player to spread out from their initial base, and also forces them to fight for moons and have a fleet ready to protect their weak and defenseless orbital stations.

      There is still a large amount of maps available to use, and there is also a map editor available, like there was for the original Armada, which allows you to create your own map.

      There is a well known and popular mod for Star Trek Armada II, known as Fleet Operations. I shall list the main things this modification does with Armada II, at least the ones i can remember anyway.

      - Removes Warpdrive
      - Removes Cardassians
      - Removes Species 8472
      - Removes Metal collecting
      - Removes Metal Moons
      - Removes Planets
      - Adds new resource Titanium, along with moons for it.
      - Adds new resource Supplies, required for all construction, can be purchased in the Starbase
      - Adds ability to choose from 1 of 2 avatars per race, each having special abilites and units.
      - Updates almost every if not every ship model.
      - Removes ability to create fusion cubes.
      - Updates explosion animations
      - Replaces most of the original maps with new ones
      - Comes with an in-built map editor
      - Removes campaign mode
      - Adds extra settings for setting up a game
      - Adds a new race, the Dominion.
      - Ships generally stronger and slower, making battles longer
      - All races now have several new ships.
      - Sensor stations now emit pings to detect enemy ships, rather than always detecting them

      There are several more things this mod changes, most of them for the good, its an excellent mod which i seriously recommend.

      The modification can be found here: www.fleetops.net/

      The mod is still updated regularly, a new update coming out every few months.

      So yeah, the normal game is good, but nothing special, but if you install Fleet Operations, it makes the game so much better, well worth buying just for the mod.


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      07.06.2009 13:46
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good game, especially as a Star Trek game.

      Star Trek Armada II is the sequel to one of the most successful Star Trek games of all time. The game this time features campaigns for Klingons, Borg, and of course, the Federation.

      Each fleet has been significantly expanded since the first game including ships that exist both in the series and from non-canon sources such as the Star Trek Away Team game's USS Incursion. Without giving away too much of the plot as that's a major carrying point for the game, but suffice to say that it involves the Borg and mass space combat.

      The gameplay mechanics aren't particularly revolutionary from the first game and do seem to revolve around standard RTS fare. What does come into this game is the idea of three dimensional combat with you being able to move your ships 'up' and 'down' in the battlefield. While this does not significantly change the play of the game it does add a little bit of depth to the general concept which is nice, as space isn't two dimensional in real life.

      A number of ships come equipped with special weapons which while interesting as an idea does mean that some ships get used more than others with some not being used much at all.

      In spite of only the three races being playable in single player, in multiplayer you can additionally select from the Romulan Empire, the Cardassians, or Species 8472 giving a bit more variety to multiplayer.


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        19.05.2009 23:47



        good gameplay and story

        Game Play

        You play as either the Federation, the Klingons, or the Borg each with there own objectives and story line. The game in style of play is very similar to the first game like the resource gathering. The main story line of the game is that the Borg have created a new super ship that is capable of assimilating an entire planet almost instantly, after the Borg fail in the attempt to assimilate the Alfa Quadrant, the Federation find a Transwarp portal that is used by the Borg and is capable of sending entire fleets from one quadrant to another, the Federation uses it send a force against the Borg. The game splits of into different stories from each side from here. The Federation fleet gets stuck in the Delta Quadrant after the Transwarp portal collapses, the Cardassians use the absence of the Federation fleet to begin there own attacks with the help of the Romulans and the Klingons have to play as peace keeps and stop the Cardassians.

        Their is over 30 single player missions in total and there is a wide selection of ships on each side, each with new weapons and extras.


        The combat is and controls are pretty similar to the first game and the controls are easy to use. The graphics are good and the level of detail on the ships is high


        The AI is pretty good and the game is fairly hard to complete with a good story for each campaign and there is plenty of levels to play.

        Value for Money

        A good game with a good story line and decent battles, the game is fun to play and has lots of options and plenty of levels, the game is worth playing by both fans f the Star Trek series and real time strategy fans.


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    • Product Details

      Fighting your way through 30 huge levels, you won't have too much time to learn how to use the new 100-odd craft and base objects that Star Trek Armada 2 has to offer, and to help you, Activision have introduced a new formation tool so you can now control your fleet more effectively in battle.

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