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Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)

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2 Reviews
  • Nice enviroment
  • Great gameplay
  • Nothing Special
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    2 Reviews
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      26.09.2014 11:11
      Very helpful


      • "Nice enviroment"
      • "Great gameplay"


      • "Nothing Special"

      Nothing extraordinary but still a great PC game

      SWTOR is an MMORPG that has been online for some time now. You can play the game with a monthly subscription or f2p(free to play). The story is actually really good as well as the creativity behind the whole game. However this game didn't make a blast as everyone expected.

      The Story

      Although, the story-line is based on the facts that occurred in the knights of the old republic game, the summary of the previous game introduce this game just fine. You can choose to be a character playing either as an imperial or a republic character. The republic is the light side with all the good Jedi and the Empire is the dark side with the Siths

      Gameplay and Environment

      As you can expect from a Star Wars game there are many planets, many different scenes and many characters. The gameplay is amazing as you can play a Jedi and do all those flashy jumps around. Many quests and many things to do inside the game.

      The End-game

      After you reach the maximum level and complete your story quests, the game offers you many ways to proceed to the end game. You can play in the arenas (pvp) or you can play against the enviroment (pve). Of course you can do both. Competing in the pve or pvp of the game is a way to get the best gear. The raids (operations) are well structured and they can be played in 3 modes. Story, Hard and Nightmare. Depending on the mode you are playing you can get different kinds of gear.


      Although there are some bad things about this game, I am sure every Star Wars fan will want to give this game a chance. A lot of effort and time had been put to create this massive game and it is worth it.


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      16.01.2012 02:33



      standerd MMO, nothing special but well worth a look for Star Wars fans

      the product in short is a star wars mmo, (massively multiplayer online) with optional pvp (player vs player combat).

      i purchased this brand new for around £40, i feel the price i paid was relatively fair all things considered. however be aware that you must pay a monthly fee of £8.99, although it does offer subscription plans so if your buying more than a month at a time you can save a little.
      with graphics being of standerd mmo quality depending on your settings, if you have a better pc than i do, you'll probably find the graphics to be abit better.

      the main story line is very good and different for each character with pretty cool voice acting for quests, as for the gameplay it's self, for anyone that has played an mmo it's pretty standerd in my opinion by this i mean nothing to write home about or jump for joy over, it's mainly a refined way of playing mmo's nothing new as such just adjusted a little.

      the class system in this game is four based classes reflected on each side,with no option to change class which you chose at level 10. so again it's pretty basic stuff.

      overall i would say this game is okay, fun if your into pvp combat type games, not for everyone but it's certainly worth a look for those star wars lovers, lets face it we all know of at least one! probably not the game to chose if it will be your first mmo game takes a while to understand particularly if your like me and knew very little of star wars.

      as always everything in this review is opinion based, do shop around, and check your facts, also when buying games for pc make sure you check the compatibly with the system you have, there are plenty of online sites that let you do this for free. See the games official website for further details.

      that's all from me, have a nice day



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