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Stronghold 2 (PC)

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Take 2 / Genre: Strategy

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    4 Reviews
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      10.08.2011 14:38



      buy as part of collection pack

      the game received bad reviews on release due to the changes made by "Firefly" the game itself is quite good but involves a lot of getting used to.
      The good thing about the game is that it has two campaigns with plenty of missions within them. the campaigns consist of peace time which involves banqueting, jousting contests and trading. the other is war time which involves fighting of bandits and other lords around the country.

      as well as the fairly lengthy campaigns it has a map editor which allows you to make an entire map from mountains to the rabbits on the map.
      it also has a good online game type which is great with friends. the online also allows the use of user made maps providing hours of entertainment.

      the bad points of this game is that although the minimum requirements give the impression of low specs needed it is the opposite as the graphics are to high for many standard cards and when it does work it looks boxy. and can be slow.
      another bad point is that the campaigns although long can get repetitive.

      as well as that the online is hard to set up due to the specific settings required on your router to allow the game to get through the firewall.
      overall i would recommend this game to people with slightly better graphics card to the bog standard that tends to come with computers. but would caution people that it may not work for some.


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      08.03.2011 18:27
      Very helpful



      One in the series that is best forgotten about

      Well the first thing I can say is what a let down. After playing the first one I was really looking forward to playing this but now in a way I wish I hadn't bothered.

      Plot: Two main campaigns you can play. One being the peace path and the other being war. I did the peace one first as I was hoping it would be a lot better than the first Stronghold (as there was hardly any work that had gone in to it) and I've got to admit I was pleasantly surprised it gave me a lot more levels to do and introduced more things to it such as the lord's kitchens to control. Although not many of the levels were all that challenging it was still pretty fun to play seeing you could control your other neighbouring villagers and you had different objectives to complete each time.

      Now, after completing the peace route, I was looking quite forward to the war one but here's where I found the game was a huge letdown. Although more effort had gone into in then peace, (it introduced you to the characters better rather then having to guess for yourself as well as there being more missions to do)after getting onto only the third mission I was bored out of my brain. The gradual acquirement of buildings in peace was nowhere to be seen. Yes I know its main focus on was on war, but the original game did it a lot better then this. You had a couple of buildings to begin with and more was gradually introduced throughout the campaign. After refusing to play something that I wasn't enjoying, I uninstalled it off my computer and got rid of it as soon as possible.

      Graphics: Although they are now 3D, I didn't think this made it any better and if anything a bit worse. Although you could now see inside the buildings, the same amount of detail hasn't gone into the outside. I will admit that the graphics did eventually grow on me a bit but still not much.

      Sound: Although they kept the idea of say scribes speaking to you during your missions I couldn't help but think they didn't quite fit with the whole concept as well as the last one.

      Controls: Same ideas as the previous game apart from this time the game came with no manual or a tutorial for the finer bits of the game. This was all provided previously so this time I had to end up hunting out my answers online.

      Lifespan: Peace was great. War was terrible. And so from that I didn't really spend very long playing it considering the peace campaign wasn't a long one.

      Overall: It wasn't a game that hooked me at all like the first. It lacked depth and was pretty repetitive to play. It did annoy me about the lack of balanced effort between the two campaigns especially seeing you could replay any war level again but you had to start from scratch if you wanted to replay a peace one.

      One good thing about this game though, is each level carried on from the previous one allowing the buildings and army you created to in the previous level to still be there when you moved on to the next as the first Stronghold didn't have this.


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      08.03.2009 12:49
      Very helpful



      easy game to play

      Stronghold 2 is a 3D real time strategy game for the PC and was released in 2005. It is playable both single player and multiplayer. The original game was released in 2001.

      The game is set in medieval times and after saving your lord from his enemies you are rewarded with your own castle and land to rule over and defend. You have to protect your castle from sieges by creating walls, towers and training units, whilst making sure you have enough resources available to survive the siege by making your castle self sufficient. In some missions you have to create an army to attack and conquer your enemies castle.

      To help you there is two advisers who will give you advice on what to build and what units to train, you can also align yourself with smaller villages and castles for extra resources and trading.

      There is a large selection of units and siege weapons to train and research as well.

      There is two main campaigns to the game one of peace and one of war, the peace campaign is mainly economic based whilst the war campaign gets you fighting battles against your enemies. You can also play the game either skirmish or free build as well.

      A good addition to the game is a scenario editor where you can create your own missions although this can be quite hard to do.


      The graphics are pretty good although at times they can seem pretty basic and the controls are basic and easy to learn.


      The AI of the game is pretty good and the computer is fairly hard to defeat at times although after a bit of practice you should easily be able to complete the game.


      The multiplayer is pretty basic and just allows you to play against other players although it has a habit of losing connection to players so you have to restart often.

      Value for Money

      A good strategy game that is fun to play and fairly hard to complete, the game does not suffer from micro management like some games that are similar. A big improvement on the original game. The single player is short but still good to play

      Additional Information

      The game is rated as 12.

      System Requirements

      Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
      1.4 GHz Processor
      256 MB RAM
      2.5 GB HDD space
      32 MB DirectX 9.0c Graphics Card

      Difficulty - 6 out of 10
      Game play - 8 out of 10
      Graphics - 6 out of 10
      Multiplayer - 4 out of 10
      Story - 8 out of 10
      Value - 8 out of 10
      Overall - 6 out of 10


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      12.09.2008 18:30
      Very helpful



      Take the time to learn the kinks or you'll find yourself more frustrated then entertained.

      Stronghold 2 is arguably a big improvement from the first. Not just in graphics but in complexity of the kingdom workings and improved AI of both the enemy and the little men and women walking about in your kingdom. I say arguably because many people were turned off by the fact it could get so complicated to run an effective kingdom. If that is indeed the case those people are not going to enjoy the second one much more.

      The system went from realistic to just real. If you can build the perfect kingdom here you could very well go back to the midieval era and usurp the king of anywhere and just set things right. Why not. With that said the new depths of realism entailing more buildings that do more specific things has allowed the user to be distracted by something and potentially will cause unrest in the empire as an element is added you weren't quite sure you could support properly. But on the other side of that coin, keep things too simple and you're not going to be performing as effectively as your enemies, and I assure you, they will come, they will see, and they will likely kick some tail.

      It seems in this rendition one of the more important elements it recruiting knights and the more powerful units in an empires arsenal requires the new addition of Honor points. You get honor points by holding feasts at your kingdom, when your queen makes like 5 billion dresses that is later sent to the nearest ye olde Sears catalogue.

      There are a multitude of ways to acquire honor points, and the more you get the more powerful units you can get, which then allows you to lay down the law on your enemies. But if you're playing just to build a kingdom the honor points are as useful as the soldiers you built. They look nice right?

      Keeping your people happier is a bit more difficult here, again due to so many ways of slipping to the system's complexity. The graphics are much better, and the natural recovery of resources are much slower in this one. In the first one if I didn't chop down half that forest within the next half hour my entire kingdom's overrun by what looks like evergreen pine trees. Suddenly i'm seeing my people grow long pointy ears and living for all eternity.



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