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Supermarket Mania (PC)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Arcade & Platform / CD-ROM for Windows Vista / Windows XP / Release Date: 2008-07-18 / Published by Focus Multimedia Ltd

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    3 Reviews
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      09.10.2013 09:18
      Very helpful
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      see review x

      The Game

      This is one of the few games I have actually completed. At the start ip screen you have several options to chose from. Play which takes you to play the game, there are no other options in the play menu you just need to play the 50 levels shown. High scores, which in my opinion seems pretty pointless, as that is for the whole game and once completed it is not really a game to play again.

      Then you have the options, which only has 3 options to chose from, you can adjust the sound and music volume, and also chose from full screen mode or half screen, then you have the help menu that will give you the instructions on how to play the game.

      When you first click on the play button you can only start from the last level you finished, on the first 4 levels you play the tutorial levels, which explains and helps you through what you need to do to play the game.

      The aim of the game is to keep shelves stocked as you have customers coming in buying the food, you have a shopping trolley that to start can fill 5 shelves but you can upgrade that when you have enough cash so that you can fill 7 shelves. When your trolley is empty you have to go into the store room to refill it which does take quite a few seconds so you do need to be fast.

      The more levels you pass and the more cash you earn you can buy upgrades for everything after each level.

      As the game goes on though you get kids coming in that will mess up your store if you do not click on the security guard to stop them, Also customers drop rubbish too so you do need to make sure that you keep cleaning up any rubbish, if you do not clean up the rubbish then customers will slip on it and then leave the store making you lose money.

      You also get thieves in the store that will cost you money if you do not stop them which again are stopped by the security guard. You do need to concentrate on many things during this game that can all cost you money should you not keep on top of things. Customers will only wait so long at an empty shelf before they get annoyed and leave the shop.

      On each level you have your main goal and your expert score, when you get an expert score you get a star instead of the dot when you have completed the level, you can if you want to get expert scores in each level gi back to retry a level to get a higher score.

      My overall opinion

      When I downloaded this my daughter said it was a rubbish game and boring, but I decided to give this a try myself anyway.

      I am glad I did not listen to my daughter as I really enjoyed playing this game, you do not have to think too much about what you are doing you just need concentration, and fast hands to move your mouse around the shop.

      The game does take a while to complete, and I enjoyed every minute of playing it, the graphics are really good on the game and the sounds are good too and tend to help you play it better as they have the sounds for when some one is robbing the shop.

      This game I would highly recommend and I enjoyed it that much that I ended up downloading supermarket mania 2, and have nearly completed that one too now, so it will give you hours of fun.


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        15.08.2012 23:30
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        An average game and not one you would really want to play over again

        Supermarket Mania is a game for PC where you job is to run a supermarket, trying to reach a cash goal before the end of the day to progress to the next level. There are 2 goals in each level, one to pass the level and an expert goal which gives you a slightly better cash reward for completion. There are 5 stages or supermarkets which you are to turn around and make successful before moving on to the next.

        Your job in the game is to stock the shelves using your trolley. When your trolley is empty you need to click on the storage cupboard to fill your trolley and allow you to fill some more shelves. Some customers may also drop rubbish on the floor which you need to pick up and place in a bin. If you don't do this other customers may trip and fall and leave the supermarket, losing any sales you may make.
        In later levels you may also get thieves, you need to click on your security guard before the meter above the thieves' heads are full to stop them walking out with your products. If you wait until the meter is just about full you get quite a large cash bonus towards your days income.
        On some levels you may get celebrity shoppers, who are very impatient and will clear a certain shelf and you will need to fill it quickly or they will walk out.
        Teenage shoppers often run around the shop and make a mess, clicking your security guard will stop them making a mess.
        The cash you earn from completing levels is to be spent on upgrades for your shop, you can buy better products which sell for more money. You can also upgrade the floor to stop customers slipping so easily, upgrade your store room so you can fill your trolley faster, upgrade your trolley so it can hold more goods, buy a sweets machine to place next to the till which each customer will purchase from, security cameras deter thieves, a coffee machine makes your character move faster and televisions and decor make your customers more patient.

        The levels get a bit more tricky as you go along and you make have added goals such as not having more than 2 customers leave your shop but to me each level is just more of the same and it gets a little dull.
        I enjoyed this game at first, after a few levels I was bored and found it repetitive. I had finished the game completely in a couple of hours so I wouldn't recommend it unless you can pick it up very cheap.

        Younger players may enjoy it more, the age is 3+, children older than this would probably enjoy it but I find it a little easy for adults.
        The options allow you to adjust the volume and screen size of the game. You can set up several new players and save each person's game under a different name which is good if more than one in the family would like to try it. You also do not need to have the disc inserted. Once it is installed you can remove the disc and just click the desktop Icon when you wish to play.
        The version I have is compatible with Windows Vista and XP.

        The game is available on many websites as part of free trial offers so I would recommend trying the trial before purchasing. The product is also available to download on some Android phones and Ipad now.
        The PC game costs £4.06 on Amazon including delivery.
        It is also available as part of a pack of 4 games for around £5 which I think would be much better value.


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          28.01.2010 00:57
          Very helpful



          Thumbs up

          "Supermarket Mania" is a casual action video game. It was first released in 2008 as a PC CD-ROM game by Focus Multimedia. In the European marketplace, the game received an age guidance rating which deemed it appropriate for ages three and above. The system requirements to run the game are minimal but include:

          PC Operating System: Windows XP / Vista
          CPU: Pentium III 700 or equivalent
          Hard Drive Space: 45MB
          Memory: 128MB RAM

          At the helm of a no-name supermarket is its owner Nikki. She serves the shop as a hybrid combination of cleaner and shelf stacker, and does so at a quick action-packed pace. The player assumes control over her commands and must guide her through various aspects of the store including restocking shelves, cleaning up spills which may arise from careless customers, and ensuring customer satisfaction by bluntly staying out of the customer's way as they fill their trolleys and deplete the shelves. The player must cycle through this process continually until the trading day ends where the player will be evaluated on their performance.

          The game is very fast in execution. Throughout 50 stages of progressive difficulty, the player will find him or herself quickly shifting between the various shop displays and venture into the store room to regain a small amount of stock and place it on the shelves. Customers are also very impatient. If they find themselves waiting at a display for additional stock, they will likely turn around and exit the shop. There is a total of seven different customer types each with different temperaments and levels of patience.

          While the gameplay is not unbearably difficult, there is a noticeably high level of difficulty. As Nikki's shop becomes more popular she will attract new customers into the store, and more customers yields a faster rate of service and even stricter time management requirements. The interface is based on an intuitive point and click execution but this did little to alleviate pressure and strain. It is certainly something which would please those seeking a challenge, but those with little tolerance for exceedingly difficult situations may not find themselves at home in Supermarket Mania.

          The graphics are presented from an isometric perspective which closely resembles a top down position. The interior of Nikki's shop initially sports a very ambigious colour scheme of purples and pinks. As the player progresses in the game he or she will have access to different shops, and may move Nikki's location into a larger one to accommodate a growing customer base and be brought into more conservative presentation standards. The images are very cartoon like and pleasing to look at, and in keeping with the fast pace of play don't show any obvious lag or choppiness. The soundtrack is acceptable but can grow to become very repetitive in its lively musical scores and simple beeping sound effects.

          I do enjoy what Supermarket Mania has to offer. Its quick, rapid fire style of play is something which requires an adjustment period but can become very fun to interact with. It offers a no frills, simple game experience which could appeal to players of all ages seeking a faster rate of play. I would happily recommend it to prospective buyers.


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