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The Elder Scrolls IV (PC)

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1 Review
  • Great Side quests (especially the Dark Brotherhood questline)
  • Great Mod community
  • Lack of voice actors
  • Buggy at times
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    1 Review
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      22.02.2017 03:09
      Very helpful


      • "Great Mod community"
      • "Contains one of the best dlc of all time (Shivering Isles.)"
      • "Great Side quests (especially the Dark Brotherhood questline)"
      • "Huge RPG"


      • "Lack of voice actors"
      • "Buggy at times"
      • "Bland World compared to Morrowind"

      A bit rough around the edges but great nonetheless.

      Bethesda's 4th entry in the Elder Scrolls series is set in the idyllic epicenter of Tamriel during the declining days of the 4th age. The emperor has been assassinated and oblivion gates have appeared all over Tamriel plunging the world into terror and under the wrath of Mehrunes Dagon. You begin as a blank slate arriving out of a prison with no background info of your past. This is part of the beauty of the game as soon as you leave you are free to become the character you want. Rush to help during the main questline and become the saviour of the world. Or maybe, ignore the main questline (the oblivion gates and that don't activate until a certain early point in the main story) and seek glory in the arena, become a bloodthirsty assassin or even get the wabbajack and destroy your enemies (or at least turn them into stupid things.)

      The world is huge and this is a boon but also a hindrance in its way. Whilst I understand the climate is very different in VVardenfall leading to some unique landscapes. I still cant help but feel a little disappointment over exploring very similar countless country meadows and forests with very similar ruins and dungeons. Whilst it is fun to explore some more variance would be appreciated. However, the Imperial City is well crafted and is obviously the crowning gem of this region.

      Like all recent(ish) elder scrolls games the mod community massively improves the experience and adds hours more gameplay.

      However, in my opinion, this all pales in comparison to the best thing about this game. SHIVERING ISLES! Its basically Oblivion on acid. Its a whirlwind of crazy enjoyment with the absolute nutter that is Sheogorath.

      All in all, despite its quirks its definitely worth a go.


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