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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC)

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Manufacturer / Bethesda: Type: Role Playing / Release date: 2013-06-07 / Operating system: Windows 7

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2014 16:37
      Very helpful



      It is a gaming piece of history.

      The Elder Scrolls 'Skyrim' Legendary Edition is basically the whole game of Skyrim with all the added downloadable content within one disk. So the The Elder Scrolls 'Skyrim' is the fifth installment in the award winning The Elder Scrolls series created by Bethesda. The game is set two hundred years after the events of the fourth installment The Elder Scrolls 'Oblivion'. It is set in the country of Skyrim within the Continent of Tamerial, during a civil war between the ruling Imperial Legion or the Rebel Stormcloaks. The game follows a prisoner who becomes the first DragonBorn in over 200 years.

      Gameplay: Skyrim is a Action Role-playing game, which can be played either within the third or first person view. The game doesn't handle to much differently from the past two games however you can defiantly see the improvement within the game. The character can approach combat within the game either from a melee perspective (so one or two handed sword, axes or blunt weapons), of magical perspective (the use of magic to attack the enemy or even heal yourself) and the last way is the sneaky kind (with bows and arrows or daggers). However within the game there is a new mechanic because you the player are a dragonborn and being a dragonborn means you have access to a power dragons have, the ability to use shouts. Shouts are exactly what they say on the tin, the character shouts at a target and the shout has an effect, whether it pushes them back or set them on fire it adds a new dynamic to the way the game can be played. The physics within the game are very well made and controlled occasionally you would see a body have a little too much too ragdoll physics, however this is to be expected from a game this size.
      So the game is a fully open world game where the player can access pretty much any area of the game whenever you wish. Which allows the player to choose when and how they interact with the game and its story, at no point does the game force you to do anything it is all choice dependent on the player. You can navigate the world either on foot, by horse, you can pay a carriage to take the player to any of the major cities or finally you are able to fast travel to any location you have previously visited, the fast travelling still takes the game time it would take to get there.

      Sounds: The voice acting within the game is average at best, the main characters seemed to be very well done, it was when you get to characters that are just average non-player characters the voice acting is weak at best, and there are a lot of the repeated voice assets.
      However the natural ambient sounds of the world are impressive and full, if you where deeply engrossed in the game you could believe they are real. the sounds the creatures make are generally realistic and don't sound too bad.
      The combat sounds within the game is where the games sound comes into its own, they all sound realistic and are perfectly timed in combat, every swing with a blade sounds realistic and powerful.

      Graphics: While the legendary edition came out in the middle of 2013, the actual game skyrim came out late 2011 so the game is a little outdated in terms of textures and models however at the time of release it was technically impressive what they did for the size of the of the game. The render distance on the PC is fantastic you can literally see for miles and miles in that game. The models in the game are impressive even if certain characters are ugly.

      Technical: The game has a few issues and bugs, however this is largely due to the size of the game, the game is huge in scale and content Bethesda cannot be expected to find every bug within the game due to the game having a near infinite amount of possible bugs.

      Story: The story revolves around you the player, who after the sudden reappearance of Dragons within the world becomes a legendary DragonBorn who haven't been around in over 200 years. So with you being the only known DragonBorn in the world it is your duty to vanquish the threat once and for all. Over the course of your journey you meet the mystic Greybeards and the hidden Blades make new friends and face betrayal.
      The character can join any of the four 'guilds' within the game, so they have there own story's in there own right. The Companions is the guild that mainly focuses on melee combat and story revolves around the head companion of Ysgramor. There is a Mage's College of Winterhold which focuses in the dealing in the art of magic and the story revolves around Magnus. The Thieves guild is the guild that mainly focuses on the art of sneaking and theivery and actually likes to limit death as much as possible and the story revolves around the rebuilding of the guild and the infamous nightengales. The final guild is the Dark Brotherhood which is the guild that deals in act of assassination. The guild itself doesn't usually mind in which way the intended target dies but there are sometimes additional conditions that can be met, the story is set around the internal politics of the Dark Brotherhood. The character can also choose sides in the civil war and advance it still either side wins.
      There are many side quests within the game all have there own little stories and objectives to be completed. These include the Daedric Artifact quest which give the player advanced weaponry and items within the game.
      So with the game being the legendary edition the game includes the three downloadable contents which are Hearthfire, Dawnguard and Dragonborn. The Hearthfire downloadable content has no story what so ever just the ability to build and design the players own house. The Dawnguard downloadable content is set around a group of individuals hunting vampires and putting an end to there reign of terror. The Dragonborn downloadable content is set around the first ever dragon priest Miraak and the player has to travel to the island of Solstheim.

      Overall: My personal advice would be to get this game at all costs, it is a gaming piece of history.


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