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The Hobbit (PC)

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    3 Reviews
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      10.02.2011 16:36
      Very helpful



      A game that will keep you entertained for hours

      I've decided to review this game "The Hobbit" for PC, as it was amongst my many PC games I've long finished but not forgotten. I remember sitting sometimes for hours. at the PC playing this game, it's one of them that once you get into it you just want to carry on playing. A bit like a really good book that you just can't put down.

      --The packaging--

      The box for this game pictured above is not the box my game came in, mine came in a sort of presentation box with the same picture as above only it was a cardboard box beautifully illustrated, which contained a box the same as a CD box showing the same picture on the front.
      The game itself is on 2 disks.
      It also contained an instruction book and a card showing a quick reference to using a controller, keyboard and mouse controls.
      On the box it displays the usual information compatible keyboard and mouse, the system requirements which are: Windows 98/me/2000/XP.
      The game, because it can be played using a conrtoller plugged into a USB port, the quick reference guide shows you how to do this.
      The game was published in 2003 by Sierra games, and is for ages 7+.
      The game cost me £4.99 from Game Station, but that was quite a while ago. I believe you can pick it up for a couple of pounds from places such as Amazon or Ebay.

      --The Hobbit, Prelude to Lord of the Rings--

      Gandalf the Wizard has always said that there is so much more to the little Hobbit, (Bilbo Baggins) than meets the eye, and by putting yourself in Bilbo's shoes, so to speak, you take on the role of Bilbo himself. So prepare yourself to lead Bilbo on an epic journey where you'll encounter the dangers and wonders of Middle earth. You will travel with the Dwarfs as they seek to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from the clutches of Smaug. Along the way you'll meet all sorts of characters and Bilbo will have to learn combat skills, which he'll use in pursuit of quests and to help the Dwarfs seek their vengeance.

      --Installing and starting the game--

      Insert the CD into the disk drive, the installation runs automatically, follow the on screen instructions, when this is complete a shortcut will appear in your start menu and on your desktop, which enables you to launch the game directly.
      The game is a single player, played using the keyboard and mouse or if you prefer a controller.
      The main menu is the first screen you'll see, from this you can start new games and load old ones. Or simply just continue from where you left off.

      --The game--

      The game is played using mouse and keyboard, different tasks and puzzles require you to use either one or the other.

      On the game screen there are several different things for you to be aware of:

      The ring meter: This represents how much time Bilbo can wear the ring (to become invisible) before it falls off.
      Health bubbles: This is Bilbo's lifeblood, the colour of the bubbles will change according to his current state.
      Silver pennies: This shows the number of pennies Bilbo has collected on his journey.
      Throwing stones: This shows the current number of stones he is carrying.
      Courage points: This shows how many courage points Bilbo has.
      Health poitions: This shows the number of health potions Bilbo currently has.
      Weapon meter: Both the sword and the walking stick have different modes of attack.
      Along the way you'll come across many strange characters and you'll have to battle it out with many nasty creatures, whilst completeing tasks and puzzles.
      The instruction book shows in great detail all you have to do and things you need to learn in order to progress further into the game.

      --My experience with playing the game--

      Well as soon as I loaded the game up ready to play, I did not want to move, I must have sat there for hours. I was mesmerized by this game. Installing and setting up was very easy and then I was off on my "Hobbit" adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed making my way through all the different chapters of this game, some of the battles were tricky, had to make sure I saved before I went out to fight. The game is so bright and colourful, with the accomoning music fitting the game perfectly. I can't really say how much game play there is in all, I guess thats down to the individual playing the game and how long it takes you to complete tasks, puzzles e.t.c. But whoever you are, if this is the style game you like to play, then I would encourage you to seek it out.


      Beautiful graphics and music, gameplay is smooth and the game is very enjoyable to play.

      I give this game 5 stars because it had me mesmerized for ages.

      Thank you for reading my review which may also appear on Ciao.


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        24.12.2009 15:44
        Very helpful



        Worth it for a cheap price

        In the Hobbit which is the prequel to the famous Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkein, Bilbo Baggins is a normal hobbit living in his comfortable home in the Shire and enjoying a cosy, peaceful life. However, all that changes when Gandalf the wizard arrives at his door with an unusual request.

        He wants Bilbo to join a quest with thirteen dwarves to seek the long lost treasure of the dwarven kin. Bilbo needs to go along as hobbits are notoriously good burglars.

        So he joins the dwarves and Gandalf in their quest through the world of Middle Earth outside their secluded Shire where there is no dangers.

        On his journey through middle earth they encounter trolls and goblins and various treachourous situations, including the caves and Gollum who becomes more of a part in the Lord of the Rings and the first discovery of the golden ring, again which is the feature of many adventures to come.

        From these caves they must travel to Mirkwood, a very dangerous forest of evil and darkness and find their way through the Lonely Mountains to face the guardian of the treasure, Smaug the Dragon himself.

        I first played this a while back now and the game is a puzzle/strategy game. Although it's not one of the best games ever made it is entertaining and parts of it can be quite challenging. The game itself is pretty consistent with the book in many parts as are the situations they encounter.

        The graphics are very pleasant and Bilbo moves about smoothly on the screen.. The controls are easy to use and you can move him about swiftly in battles and general gameplay. There are some puzzles that are quick to solve and some that are not so should keep you interested for a while.

        This is a good game for kids to play but doesn't offer too much replay value


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        07.07.2006 17:36
        Very helpful



        A really nice game that does the book justice.

        The Hobbit is Sierra's 2003 game based on J R R Tolkein's famous book of the same name. You take the part of Bilbo Baggins, an unadventurous and respectable hobbit (the two go hand in hand who is suddenly plunged into a great adventure when the wizard Gandalf turns up at his door one day - along with 13 dwarves! The dragon Smaug has stolen all their treasure, and the dwarves want to get it back. To do so would be virtually impossible by military force alone, so they enlist the help of a burglar - that's you, Mr Baggins.

        The Hobbit is an action adventure with a touch of RPG thrown in. The game flows the storyline of the book quite closely, and at each stage in the game you will have certain quests to complete, some obligatory and a few optional, to complete before you can move onto the next part of the game. You begin in the town of Hobbiton, gathering supplies for the grand journey ahead. Later on you need to fight spiders (lots of spiders in this game), rescue dwarves from evil orcs, evade loutish trolls, and circumnavigate huge mining complexes. You start off with just a staff for a weapon, though you can also use it as a pole vault which is dead useful, later acquiring Sting, the Elvish blade that becomes even more famous in Lord of the Rings (when Bilbo's nephew, Frodo, is given it.) Of course somewhere along the way you will meet the creature Gollum and find the ring, being able to use it's ability to make you invisible to your advantage. If melee combat isn't for you, you can also lob stones at your enemies. (This is also an essential skill for some of the puzzles.) As with most similar games, the puzzles basically consist of how you get from point A to point B, but they are skilfully woven into the fabric of the gameplay so it doesn't feel banal as in some games. The interface isn't perfect, with the keyboard / mouse combination occasionally awkward, but mostly it works okay. Graphically the game is good with a very nice portrayal of Middle Earth, plenty of detail and nice touches. There are however quite a few graphical bugs, mostly in the form of your character suddenly becoming transparent or semi-opaque (without using the ring!), and objects partially disappearing into the background or another object. This didn't affect the gameplay itself but did detract somewhat from the overall game experience. The viewpoint is usually just behind the player but occasionally veers off in weird angles and sometimes becomes first person for a short time. There didn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to this and in some parts of the game did become quite frustrating. The ambient sound effects and music were superb, very atmospheric. There are several suspenseful moments in the game and the sound really added to this. The voice acting was good (perhaps some will be disappointing that the voices aren't those of the actors in the LOTR films) and very clear.

        I had been looking forward to playing The Hobbit for a long time, having had my eye on it ever since it came out on the Sold Out Software label, but only bought it recently. At £3.33 (3 games for £10) it really is superb value for money, it will take you many hours to complete the game and even more to discover all its secrets. I found the gameplay to be very enjoyable and the difficulty level gauged almost perfectly. There were some parts that had me pulling my hair out but not for too long, and the game cleverly has clues built in, not that you'll necessarily recognise the clues straight away. The game uses BINK video for the cut scenes which are high quality and at times make you think you're involved in an animated movie more than playing a computer game.

        The system specs aren't too high, with the following minimum system needed:

        OS - Win 98 / Me / XP
        CPU - 450MHz
        HDD space - 1.7Gb (the game comes on 2 CD-ROMs)
        CD-ROM - 4x speed
        DirectX - 8.1
        RAM: 128Mb
        Sound card: DirectX 8.1 compatible

        The RPG element comes in, apart from the quests, in the form of "courage points" that you can collect in various ways - some are lying around, some will be released when you defeat opponents, some will be given for completing quests. When you reach enough of these courage points, you level up - adding one health point to your total maximum health points. Personally I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a little more of an RPG element to the game, but it's not a big problem. You also collect money throughout the game ,and at the end of each stage you get the chance to spend it by stocking up on items or better equipment.

        I really like the way that the storyline has been woven into the game. I'm not huge fan of the book because of the writing style, but the plot itself is still great. This game doesn't quite do it justice, perhaps, but it's a lot of fun and certainly didn't disappoint me in any significant way. With the cheap price it's definitely 4 stars.

        Age rating: 7

        Other Info and hints:

        Press Enter to skip the somewhat lengthy opening credits

        Look out for your health bar showing green - it means you're poisoned.

        Buy a bigger medicine chest as soon as you can - in the early levels you will hardly use any health potions at all, but when you enter Mirkwood you are going to need LOTS of health potions and antidotes!

        VERY IMPORTANT: visit http://gamesnews.yahoo.com/predownload?eid=327312 and get the update to version 1.3 patch, otherwise the game will probably crash quiet a lot (and it becomes impossible to complete the dwarf mines due to a repeating bug). Annoyingly this patch is not available on the official game site.

        Well that just about covers it. Enjoy!

        Where to get it:

        Offline - Game usually have a pretty good stock of Sold Out titles.

        Online - Amazon stock them all and fo course there's the Sold Out Software homepage, www.sold-out.co.uk (free postage to the UK!


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