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The Land Before Time Activity Center (PC)

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Educational activity game for children aged 4-8.

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2001 02:38
      Very helpful



      When my 7 year old daughter was younger, she loved the “Land Before Time”. I first happened upon these dinosaur characters at a video store who were selling the first video (there are now 8 in the series) at half price. As my daughter had a fascination with dinosaurs, I thought that this would be ideal for her. There are the main characters in the initial film who are, Littlefoot, Cera (pronounced Sarah), Ducky, Petrie, Chomper and Spike. In later films you are introduced to new characters but the main characters remain the same. To tell you more about the videos will have to be in another opinion. After several videos in the series had been released the “Activity Center” for the PC was released. The Activity Center has nine fun games and activities that will help build important learning skills. The age group is 4 – 8 years. When you start the Activity Center there is a short intro about when dinosaurs ruled the planet. You then enter “The Great Valley” where all the characters are there to great you. The screen roles from left to right through the valley were all the different activities are, you just roll the mouse over a part of the screen and you are told what activity is beneath, ie there is a pile of bones which is the “build a Dinosaur” game. The activities are: ~Cave Concentration Game~ The idea of this game is to help ”Spike” match the pairs. There are three levels to try. ~Printable Colouring Book~ There is a range of pictures for you to colour. You can select which type of effect you want, brush, pencil or roller and then select the colour from the rainbow. Once a picture is finished there is the option to print the picture. ~Make a Story~ Help “petrie” make a story. You are given a selection of titles to choose from. Once title is selected you are then given a list of sentences mixed up. You t
      hen have to put the sentences in order to make a story, these are read to you as they are picked. When a sentence is selected, there is the option to but a picture to go with the sentence. ~Bramble Maze~ Help “Cera” through the maze and collect the objects on her list, but be careful you don,t bump into sharp tooth as he will take all the objects collected so far. ~Egg Roll Game~ This is a fun puzzle game. The object is to roll an egg down the hill without breaking it. You are given a selection of items to put on different parts of the hill to help you, like a cushion, or a bridge to go over a lava stream. ~Build a Dinosaur~ This is great fun. There are a selection of different dinosaur body parts. You can build a dinosaur that you know or create a whole new species. Once you have made your dinosaur you can then print it out. ~Flying Game~ The object of this game is to catapult one of the characters across the river. You select which dinosaur you want and then try to judge how far down the catapult needs to be in order to get then across the river. This can be a little difficult as the dinosaurs vary in size. ~Dino Trivia~ Here you are asked a selection of questions about the Dinosaurs. “Ducky” will ask you a question and you are given a choice of three pictorial answers. Once you have completed one of the different activities you are awarded with “Tree Stars”. These are a type of leaf that are a dinosaur treat. Once you have collected some tree stars you can then go to “Tree Star Forrest” where you can use your tree stars as a payment to sit and watch video clips from the various Land Before Time Movies. My eldest daughter loved this game (my purse did’nt like having to replace the ink cartridge though after printing many pictures!) and it will certainly be used by my 2yr old when she is old enough (another big dino fa
      n). There are plenty of activities with each one being fully explained and they are not too repetitive that a child will get bored after only a couple of goes. It helps with eye and hand co-ordination, memory (from the pairs game), colours (from the colouring game), sentence building (from the make a story). In all I found this to be not only an educational cd rom but also fun, which is when a child will learn more.


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