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The Sims 3: Ambitions - Expansion Pack (PC/DVD)

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10 Reviews

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts / Genre: Simulation

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    10 Reviews
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      10.02.2014 23:39
      Very helpful
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      New Careers for your Sims

      Requires The Sims 3 base game to play.

      The Second expansion pack releases for the Sims 3 is based mainly around skills/hobbies and careers and offers the new ability to register as self employed meaning you no longer have to be classed as unemployed even though you are making a fortune writing novels from home etc.

      The new skills in the game (Sculpting, Inventing, Tattooing) are all linked to new professions :
      Architectural Designer
      Ghost Hunter
      There is also 1 new regular career :
      And loads of new Self Employed Careers:
      Alchemist (also requires Supernatural Expansion pack)
      Horseman (Requires Pets Expansion Pack)
      Nectar Maker (Also Requires World Adventures Expansion Pack)
      Photographer (Also Requires World Adventures Expansion Pack)
      Scuba Diver

      So as you can see this expansion pack ads tonnes of scope for your Sims Careers paths, the only problem I have with it is deciding what to get my Sims to do, I always end up trying to get them to do too much and never master anything, but it's great fun and that's the main thing.
      There are also additional build tools and hobby items including in this expansion pack such as multistory columns and the stylist station, as well as many others for you to explore.
      There are loads of new lifetime wishes available for your Sims based around the new skills and careers including 'Pervasive Private Eye' and the one I am currently working in 'Monster Maker'
      New Lifetime rewards are available to buy which help you with your new careers , such as making more money or being more creative.

      Overall this is another fantastic expansion pack which offers great extra dynamics to the game and hours of exploring and extra game play a definite favourite of mine.

      This review is also on my Ciao under shellyjaneo


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        18.06.2011 15:42
        Very helpful



        worth the price tag.

        When the Sims 3 was released I didn't see any potential or area in which EA Games could maximise on their profit and add any more value onto the Sims 3 - oh how wrong I was.

        In Ambitions you can do so much more with your Sims. Tattoo them, turn them into fashionista's, interior designers, fire men and women, a mad inventor and so much more. Not only that but you can go to work with your Sim - rescue people from burning buildings or go on a ghost hunt - so no more waiting at home for your Sim to get back from work. The 5 new professions are architectural designer, firefighter, ghosthunter, investigator, stylist.

        As well as more career options there is a self employed option; register as a painter, writer, gardener, inventor (and more I haven't discovered yet!) and work through every stage to get a larger stipend to live off. You can also have an career in Education, starting off as a playground monitor and working your way up.

        Add-ons include a tattooist chair, you can buy this for your home and design (with the supplied templates) tattoo's to go almost anywhere on your Sim. There is a work bench where your inventive Sim can create toys, gadgets and around the house things. Or the sculptors bench where you can make anything from chairs, statues, ice sculptures and even panda shaped topiary.

        There is also a new town included called Twinbrook; a twee little place that screams of suburbia. It features a junk heap - perfect for your Inventor Sims to go digging around in for scrap metal pieces -, a laundrette, a consignment shop where your Sims can buy and sell items, a fire station, a hair and design salon. There is also the option of being able to add in buildings into your neighbourhood - so why not turn the sleepy Twinbrook into a wild party town? ;).

        This expansion pack focuses on careers mainly but it was worth what we paid for it - I don't get much time to play it but when I do I am hooked on playing it.


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        13.06.2011 13:42
        Very helpful



        Ambitions add alot to the game.Highly Recommend


        Bit about The Sims 3

        The Sims 3 is a game in which you create your character(s),choosing everything from their hair, skin & eye colour to the shape and size of their facial features. Choose their clothes, shoes, accessories, and customize the colour and pattern of everything. Make them as beautiful or as ugly as you want! You can build them a mansion or a hut, it's upto you. The options in Build Mode are endless. The colour wheel in Buy Mode allows you to change the colour of any piece of furniture and most objects. The Sims money is called simoleons, just to save any confusion.
        I absolutely love all of the Sims games, from the first right to the last. I have collected nearly every Sims game throughout the years. Although I don't play them as much as I used to, I still like to play when I have some spare time in the evenings. For me the Sims is a game with endless possibilities, and with The Sims 3 Ambitions there is even more opportunity to expand your game.

        The Sims 3 Ambitions

        Age rating- 12+
        Game Requirements- The Sims 3 (Base Game)

        The Sims 3 Ambitions is the 2nd expansion pack released for The Sims 3, following World Adventures. Ambitions was released in the UK on June 4 2010.
        New additions with this expansion include, new careers, skills, traits and furniture. The new features are; control within work (professions and selected careers), Laundry, Tattoo system and the new lifestate/creature available is called a SimBot.
        The SimBot is like a robotic Sim friend in which you can buy with reward points, you need to have 40,000 or more for this, or build one as an inventor but your Sim's skill level of inventing must be pretty high.

        New Professions in Ambitions

        NOTE-To look for any profession check on the computer, or in the newspaper under Professions.

        FIREFIGHTER- As a firefighter your Sim will work at the local fire station, and respond to any fires throughout the neighbourhood. While not fighting fires it would be best to stay based at the station during work hours. There are beds, bathrooms, a kitchen and forms of entertainment at the station so your Sim won't be bored, whilst waiting for their next job! To get a job as a Fireman/woman pop into the local firestation.

        GHOST HUNTER- Aspiring Ghost hunters should head down to the science facility to apply for the job. Your Sim will use their tools to locate, capture and collect spirits at work or in their free time. They can also sell the collected spirits at the science facility.

        DOCTOR- Being a doctor in this expansion is basically the same as being one in the base game, you don't actually get to see inside the hospital. When your Sim reaches a certain level of the medical career, he/she will get the opportunity to take part in free clinic trials for extra cash, where they will treat as many people in the specified location as possible. Also they will have the chance to try experimental drugs which may have good or bad effects. Head down to the hospital and apply for the medical career as normal, and at about level 3 or so you will get the benefits of the Ambitions expansion. Not that impressive in my opinion.

        INVESTIGATOR- As an investigator you can blackmail other Sims, break into neighbour's houses. Hide in shrubbery to spy on people to find the answers you need! Can apply at the Police Station.

        ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER- In this line of work, you give your client's houses a complete revamp they love, or give them a house make under from hell! You'll have a design portfolio in which you take pictures of the finished job.

        STYLIST- Like the architect, your job also entails designing things...Sims! You can go to the salon and pick on a helpless victim or wait on clients approaching you. Give them wacky hair and even wackier clothes, or give them a look they like! You also have a portfolio in this career.

        SELF-EMPLOYED- You can register your Sim self-employed on their phone or computer, then go to city hall to obtain a worker's permit. Be your own boss and make the most of your skills to earn simoleons. From inventing, gardening, fishing and loads more!

        INVENTING- If your sim is a dab hand at inventing and handy work, this is their perfect job! Purchase scrap at the inventing workbench or at the junkyard, and get inventing! Once their skill level is high enough, they can detonate almost anything!

        SCULPTING- Buy your sim a sculpting station and let them make works of art. They can unlock new sculpting materials as their skills improve to create bigger and better things!

        New additions include:

        Tattoos, salon, junkyard, Laundromat, fire department, Laundry (yes Sims can do laundry!), consignment store.


        NOW GET TO WORK!

        Fight an inferno as a fire-fighter!

        Be a hero and save the town as fire-fighter, private investigator, doctor, or ghost hunter.

        Clean up town as a ghost hunter!

        Choose your Sim's career path and see them rise to the top or cause mischief.

        Create masterpieces as a sculptor!

        Master inventing, sculpting, and tattooing, and use your skills to earn simoleons.

        Fashionistas-or fashion victims?

        Change the town's structure and style as an architect or stylist.


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          10.05.2011 13:58



          A really great expansion pack!

          I really like this expansion pack, it's nice to have more career options for your Sims such as becoming a ghost hunter, firefighter or an investigator. Plus there are more skills to be gained such as inventing. Once your sim's inventing level is high enough you can build a robot friend for your sim which is a nice option!

          This game encourages you to have a more hands on approach to the sims as there's more interaction - You control what the sims do at work - making them put out fires, choosing outfits for other sims and finding ghosts to exterminate them or persuade them to move on, so to speak.

          There is as, as usual, some nice outfits and hairstyles as well as some new objects. I would definitely recommend this game as it's fun, gives you even more control over your sim's lives and generally porovides a better gaming experience.


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          29.09.2010 01:50



          Enjoyable for the creative among us and less waiting for sim to come home from work

          I did not quite so much enjoy the first expansion pack to the Sims 3 as it involved having to load off some other world and I just didn't really want to waste time having an adventure with my Sim. Sims 3 Ambitions on the other hand is a fantastic expansion to the sims franchise. Leading out your sims lives at work may at first seem like a boring idea as you may just watch a sim at it's desks. It's not jobs like that. For example if you are a creative person and like building houses your sim can become an architect where you can go around and redecorate your neighbours houses or you could style your neighbours and get paid. The fire fighting career is also an interesting one where you run around to peoples houses maybe once or twice a day and put out a fire, much more interesting than just waiting for them to come home from work while you put the speed on Ultra. It really adds a whole other level to interacting with your sims making it a very enjoyable expansion and well worth the purchase.


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          19.08.2010 17:08



          Sims 3 Expansion Pack

          *also on ciao under kayleaf*

          The Sims 3: Ambitions by EA Games. 2010.

          Finally, EA have taken our voices and turned them into a game, the choice is here to follow your sims to work and actually act as them as you do. The Sims 3 Ambitions is a fantastic expansion pack which fans have been asking for, for years, especially since the sucess of the Sims 2 version, Open For Business.

          Please note the Sims 3 Ambitions requires the Sims 3 Base game to play.

          What's New in Ambitions


          When choosing whether to work the player can decide whether their sim joins a Job or a Proffession. The jobs are all the same and the proffesions are what let you control your sims actions whilst at work. The proffessions include Firefighter, Tattoo Artist, Stylist, Ghost Hunter, Architect and Gardener plus a few more. Your sims have the ability to recreate and affect the neighbourhood by the decisions they make at work.


          New objects include a drafting table where sims can design future homes or research new fashion concepts, a scuplting station and something for the made scientist as well as a host of new furniture, outfits and hairstyles. The sims can also do laundry and have access to a laundromat or their own washing machine and dryer.


          Sims now have the option to be eco-friendly and get pleasure from riding a bike, being outside and gardening. There are also traits like 'dramatic' making your sims the centre of attention and excellent at stealing the limelight.

          My Opinion

          Obviously things like the graphics, sound and gameplay are very similar being open world, something I really love about the sims because it gets rid of all those annoying loading screens. I also love how your decisions affect the neighbourhood and how you get to recreate their homes and fashion sense.

          Ambitions is one of those packs you've been waiting for if you're a die hard fan because instead of not really doing anything whilst your character is at work you can follow your sims along for the ride and make a difference to their days. I love the new work place buildings, it's good to see what's inside them rather than just looking at a block of windows, and you can pretty much choose your hours, with the option of being self employed.

          This added with World Adventures makes it alot more realistic allowing sims to plan holidays around their proffesions and going away on trips as a self employed businessman ( or woman) and being able to work away by taking photo's or getting them to model for you. This new expansion pack has a host of more proffesional looking day-to-day outfits for the self employed too, and some good hairstyles for the stylish sims. I think if you have the expansion pack World Adventures you can even get a carreer out of photography and nectar making, making it an even more enjoyable gaming experience when combining it.

          One thing I didn't like was that it didn't include any store points, which is a bit of a downer because I think some of the stuff on the store is fantastic but not really worth paying up to £35 on top of the actual games.

          The Sims 3 Ambitions is curr


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          15.08.2010 13:49
          Very helpful



          The Sims 3 ambitions has got a variety of different careers and jobs you can discover.

          This expansion pack I found better than world adventures because you can play out one of the ambitions for as long as you want.

          Of couse the first one I chose to play was the firefighter one and at the beginning you tend to small fires and they become bigger and better. You improve your skill level by mechanical and fitness skills and you also have to maintain the fire engine and fire alarm. This career does bring a purpose to the game because you have to achieve something unlike before when it was an addictive fun game but a little pointless. The added things you get from being a firefighter is the different uniforms and there is a romance interaction "I'm a firefighter" that you can use and I thought that was a funny and added bonus to the game and alot of sims do except the social. When you get to the top of the career you drive a fire engine about. The down side to this ambition career is that it does become repeatative and when you get to the top nothing changes and you have to do the same missions over and over again at the same houses, you have to keep track of what your sims are doing constanly otherwise you can miss an emergency and then your job performance drops.

          The Fashion style ambition is my favourite because you can make the other sims in the neighbourhood unique and change them to the way you want them to look, with this ambition there is more to do with it and you have more control about what you want and you can decide weather or not you do that job or not. You can style any sim you want.

          There are added buildings such as a laundrette! (I will explain later), salon, fire station and an added neighbourhood. You pay the standard £15-20 for the expantion pack depending on where you buy it from this has so much to do on it and i'm still playing with it.

          Now your sims can do laundry how exciting from the catalogue you buy a washing machine and basket and when your sims get changed they either leave it on the floor thats annoying because there mood goes lower for the house being dirty or gets put in the basket, you can choose to do laundry or not its up to you if you buy a washing machine or not. I think it is somewhat annoying and just another thing that you have to think about and the only plus your sims get is moodlet for wearing clean clothes and it only lasts a short time I prefer playing the game without that element to it. After reading comments about the Sims 3 I think it was added to the game by popular demand. It is funny sometimes though because you can go to the laundrette and do a washing overload and leave a wet pile of washing on the floor and get soaked!

          There are smaller careers you can do like selling photographs, paintings and being a sculpter I also like the fact that you go to city hall to become self employed. Its interesting and enjoyable because you get better and better at that skill and have a purpose for gaining the skill you can either sell them in a shop or sell them in your sims home whatever you can be bothered to do if you do go to the shop there is a possibility you can get more for it.

          You can be a doctor and go round other sims houses I havn't tried that yet.

          I feel for an expansion pack it has lots to do on it unlike others in the past that have only got limited new things on it. I have had it for a few months and still havn't got bored with it and still got lots of new parts of the game that I havn't tried out yet.


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          07.08.2010 21:16
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A fun game but becomes repetitive very quickly

          Ever since the release of the original 'The Sims' game back in 2000, players of the popular life simulation game have been dreaming of the opportunity to follow their Sims to work. It was the one area of our Sims life's that we couldn't take complete control over - until now that is! The Sims 3 Ambitions finally offers players the option of guiding their Sim through several new, ambitious and exciting career paths.

          New Neighbourhood - Twinbrook
          New careers including: Detective, Tattoo artist, Inventor, Sculpture
          New Neighbourhood lots - Salons, Junk Yards and Laundromats
          New objects - washing machines, laundry baskets, Salon stylist chairs

          Advantages and Disadvantages
          At present I've only played two of the new careers - these are the Firefighter and stylist career paths. With both these careers, I find that the novelty soon wears as the jobs soon become dull and repetitive. I also find it extremely hard to play households as well as controlling other sim at work at the same time. For example, it was hard to keep track of my female sim at home with two small childen when I also had to follow my Firefighter sim to work to make sure he was doing his job properly. By the same logic it's also extremely difficult to have 2 sims from the same household who both have successful careers.
          Sending Sims off to work used to be a welcome restbite against looking after them. Not anymore...now they're in your care 24/7.

          The stylist job involves visiting different Sims houses and providing them with makeovers based on the specifications which they give you. Clients can request something as simple as a new accessory or something as complicated as a completely fresh, new wardrobe. The trick to earning more money and generous tips appears to be giving the client more than they asked for. Using this method, my sim could earn over 2,000 simoleons per makeover which is a salary improvement on most of the careers which come with the base game.

          Becoming a stylist is a good way for lonely sims to meet new people and make friends. Its also a good career choice for the control freaks amongst us, who like to keep our neighbourhood full of good looking sims wearing fashionable clothing. Since I find the majority of EA created sims unbearably ugly, this was the perfect way of giving my neighbourhood a stylist overhaul and its surprising how good some of the EA created sims can look with a decent haircut and nice clothes! On the downside, its pretty much the same thing day in and day out. You find yourself relishing your Sims days off, where your sims can finally relax or do something different before starting the same routine over again.

          My firefighter Sim spent her days working out and maintaining the mechanics of her fire engine at the fire station. It's fun the first few times you follow them as they bravely battle to extinguish fires and the quicker the jobs done, the more money your sim will earn. It's also a good job for flirty Sims to take on as they can now use the line 'Im a firefighter' when flirting, which I found to be a cute new social interaction.
          However, once again it soon becomes a repetitive and dull job. My sim had to constantly be under my supervision, otherwise she wouldn't react to the fire alarm or put a fire out by herself, even when I had the 'High free will' setting selected. Again, this is frustrating considering there were young sims back at home who also needed my attention.

          The new neighbourhood is pretty cool and fun to explore, completely different to previous EA created neighbourhoods 'Sunset Valley' and 'Riverview'. Twinbrook is a run down, grungey kind of town. My Sim could only afford a grubby looking wooden shack, situated in a swamp like area surrounded by weeds. It's great if you like that kind of thing, but the novelty soons wears off as you have to save up thousands to buy a normal looking house! Twinsbrook itself is full of some of the most hideously ugly Sims I have ever seen. I like to think EA made them this way to make the stylist job all the more satisfying.
          Many of the houses and Sim characters in the neighbourhood are clichéd, for example Sinbad Rotter and Goodwin Goode, Tim Burre...however, having said that Twinbrook is certainly a neighbourhood full of character with lots to explore. The new lots are fun and offer some much needed community lots for sims to go on dates and meet new people - this is a feature I've missed desperately in the Sims 3.

          The new Laundry system I find to be pointless and irritating. I guess it was included to add an element of realism to the game but personally, I find it unnecessary and I don't need realism in my game, in fact I prefer the little quirks and inconsistencies in the Sims world that make it different from real life.
          Sims will spawn ridiculous amounts of dirty clothes which they will leave all over the floor unless you invest in a laundry basket. Each sim spawns their own set of dirty laundry so large families and large groups of sims living on a lot together are often left miserable by lots crowded with dirty clothes! The only benefit of cleaning this laundry is a moodlet offering your sim a brief boost in mood. Personally I don't find this moodlet to be worth the hassle of the laundry system and thus I find the whole laundry system to be an irritant. The best way to avoid it is to NOT place a washing machine anywhere on your sims lot. If you don't buy a washing machine, then your sims wont spawn dirty laundry.

          Although the RRP is £24.99, you'll be able to find this game for cheaper than that online. Amazon currently has it priced at £14.99 and at play.com and HMV.com its £17.99. In my opinion, its well worth the money.

          I'd advise this game to any players who enjoy playing mainly single-sim families. Careers are based on a series of repetitive mini games to complete and this path is made much easier if you only have one sim to focus on. It's also a lot easier for your single simmys to make new friends and seek out potential spouses as they meet and socialise at work with fellow colleagues and customers.
          It's a fun game which at times is repetitive but still highly playable. The new community lots finally offer more downtown options and venues for you sims to socialise in and the new neighbourhood is fun to explore!
          A definite improvement on the previous 'World Adventures expansion pack.


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            04.08.2010 20:48
            Very helpful



            Best expansion pack so far!

            I was one of those who was completely hyped up about the Sims 3 and preordered it immediately when I heard about it, but was left feeling empty after played through the sims 2 and all its expansions. Comparitively Sims 3 was a bit basic and there were a lack of items and objects (I lost all my custom content!)

            Expansions and stuff packs have been released, but neither World Adventures nor High End Loft stuff really appealed to me (given the price!) Undoubtedly I'm going to purchase both when they are cheaper, but for the retail price of £17.99 (play.com, Amazon) Ambitions is the first one to be worth it.

            After the quick installation (where I managed to rummage through the manual and stare at the pretty pictures) I clicked into Sunset Valley where my Sims last left off, but decided to start a new family and get back into the game. Of course, this expansion provides a new neighbourhood called Twinbrook, which is actually a very beautiful neighbourhood compared to Sunset Valley, but I still prefer Riverview (free download from Sims 3 website).

            With this expansion pack comes a range of new community lots (I had to place them manually with pre-Ambitions neighbourhoods) which include the junkyard, salon, fire station and consignment store; you can also create bars and Laundromats. These new buildings reflect the new careers (or professions) added to the game which includes architect, stylist, inventor, fire man, investigator, ghost hunter and others.

            Other additions include:
            - Earthquakes
            - 6 New Traits (includes Eccentric, Dramatic, Eco Friendly)
            - New Lifetime Wishes
            - New Skills (Sculpting, Inventing, Tattooing)
            - New Creature: Simbot
            - New Lifetime Rewards
            - New Vehicle: Motorcycle
            - A New Death (will keep that a secret)

            So off to create a Sim I went and created a Sim called Edith who has a brother called Antonio. A few new hairstyles have been included with Ambitions, but little/no outfits and clothing, which is a shame. Off they went and they purchased a small rectangular lot. Of course, they had very few funds left so Edith joined the culinary career and Antonio joined the Military.

            The interface has also received some changes, with the notices and information that pops up on the top right organised in a better way, so you can check the messages you might have missed. I personally find this annoying and prefer them to disappear on their own.

            Of course, Antonio's hobby is to invent and upon building this skill level, he gained the ability to detonate things... Mwahhahahha... his neighbour's bed, the park bench, scrap piles in the junk yard... of course he lost a few friends and was even fined by the council, but hey, its fun!

            Edith eventually got married to some rich guy and moved out, and Antonio impregnated a work colleague, but it wasn't until old age that they got married and had a second child (their offspring looked a lot like Michael Jackson- eeek!) Of course, Antonio wasn't just going to lay to waste his retirement days, and got into real estate with his fortune, buying up many community lots, with the ability to build on the beach or the springs as desired.

            The real estate system really links well to the architect profession and this on its own will give Simmers hours and hours of fun. I am eager to try out the stylist profession and see where that leads, but overall, this expansion pack gives players greater control of their town in terms of customisation.

            I would highly recommend this expansion pack based on the new original features that are provided and the amount of added playing time this will add on to your base game. Of course, if you also have world adventures, this will be even better, but even if you don't. I am looking forward to the next expansion pack (Late Night) which will be similar to Nightlife for Sims 2 but with added social complexities... I think I am definitely back into the Sims 3 and the only thing stopping me is my shoddy laptop and the frequent blue screens of death!


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            17.07.2010 11:21
            Very helpful



            The Sims 3 finally gets less boring

            'Ambitions', released June 2010, is the second expansion pack for The Sims 3. And for the first time since The Sims 3 came out a year ago, it finally adds some worthwhile content to the game. I found the base game incredibly boring, with very little for the sims to do and nowhere for them to go aside from a few parks, libraries, gyms and other such uninteresting locations - there were few hobby items, and most of the community lots were 'rabbit holes', ie fake buildings that your sim disappears into and you are simply left sitting there blankly watching a progress bar showing the progress of whatever it is that your sims are meant to be doing in there.

            The first expansion pack, 'World Adventures' was a disappointment - basically all it delivered was the ability to send your sims on holiday, and while that added a small amount of interest, it soon became repetitive and the pack just didn't add enough to the gameplay or the content to be very worthwhile. As I mentioned in my review of it here, it was worth getting just for at least SOMEthing more for your sims to do, but a far cry from what gamers wanted.

            But now, with Ambitions, the developers have finally got back on track and given players some substantial content, both in gameplay and in new objects. I was not expecting much from this pack, as everything else released for The Sims 3 so far had been very disappointing, but was really pleasantly surprised when I installed this pack last weekend and for the first time since I bought The Sims 3, I've actually been playing the game and enjoying it! Prior to that, I mainly just created custom content (to upload on the Mod The Sims website) in order to try to alleviate my own boredom and that of other players by creating quirky content to try to make the game a bit more fun, but I didn't play much. But, finally, now there are things for your sims to actually DO, and most of the time you can now watch them do them as well, rather than disappearing into rabbit holes.

            This pack adds some good new content:


            Your sim can now follow a 'profession' as opposed to just to having a job. There are some good ones to choose from - my self-sim is just starting out as an Inventor, and has to go to a new community site, the Junkyard, to rummage through piles of scrap to find useful raw materials. So far, she's made a rather Steampunk-looking decorative object called a 'Rotational Pull', and eventually she'll be able to make funky-looking robots called 'Simbots', useful items such as a 'Hygenator' which makes things instantly clean, and even a Time Machine in which you can travel through time. You can also blow stuff up. I'm looking forward to progressing in this career.

            Meanwhile, my sim-hubby has embarked upon being a Sculptor, and spends many happy hours working from home sculpting out of clay, wood, and even ice, and has just been recognised for his work and commissioned to create seven sculptures for a local organisation. And in the next best profession after Inventor, our sim-lodger has joined the Ghosthunter career. He gets to go out to haunted houses and scoop up pesky spirits with a sort of spirit vacuum cleaner, to the accompaniment of spooky music. This is quite fun to watch.

            And that's one of the great features about the new 'profession' addition to the game - you get to watch your sims carry out their jobs, rather than disappear into a rabbit hole. I think this really adds a lot to what was a very 'empty' game. The other professions aside from the three described above are:

            Architectural Designer
            Private Investigator
            Stylist (do makeovers of other sims)

            I'm looking forward to trying all of these out!


            You get five new non-rabbit-hole community lots (referred to as 'Hangout Spots') which your sim can visit and interact with both the objects on the lot and other sims. These consist of:

            Consignment Store - sell your unwanted objects and inventions here, and buy second hand stuff.

            Fire Department - Your firefighter sim goes to work there, and you even get to see him/her slide down the pole.

            Laundromat - Yes, your sims can do laundry now, aren't you excited? You can also buy your own washing machine, dryer and/or clothesline, and laundry hamper, to use at home.

            Junkyard - Go here to buy scrap if you're an Inventor sim, or just want to have a go at fixing things up such as broken sofas and household appliances. My sim-self spends many happy hours here.

            Salon - You can go here for a complete makeover by a Stylist, or a tattoo by a Tattooist. My sim-self got a nice fish tattoo on her arm here, and our sim-lodger now sports a big purple 'WooHoo' symbol on his belly.

            -NEW NEIGHBOURHOOD, and ability to add new lots

            A new town, Twinbrook, comes with the pack. It's designed to be a 'Louisiana bayou' type of idea and looks really nifty, with houses ranging from old Southern mansions for the richer sims, grungy old shacks surrounded by swamp and fog for the poorer ones, and nifty stuff in between such as houses on stilts along the river.

            Twinbrook contains a pretty colourful and oddball mix of townies, including a large dysfunctional family, a family of survivalists who all dress and decorate their house in camo, an eccentric mother and daughter, three computer nerd roomies, a rock/blues star and a family of Cajun chefs. Most of the townies are really remarkably ugly, so much so that someone felt inspired to post a thread on Mod The Sims titled 'Twinbrook: Valley of the Hideous'?, a title that sums it up pretty well. Many of them are also covered in tattoos, and they seem to fight each other a lot when out on the town.

            And, extremely usefully, the game has now also been modified to allow you to place more lots in towns, like you could do in The Sims 2, rather than be restricted to what little is already there. I've now been able to import my self-sim's lovely beach house that I was using in Sunset Valley and place it on a nice riverbank location in the rich part of town in Twinbrook, which would not have been possible otherwise. So kudos to EA for finally figuring that out.

            -NEW OBJECTS

            Your sims finally have a few new toys to play with! There are objects relevant to the professions that you can buy to use at home and don't have to join the profession to be able to use. As well as the sculpting wheel and the inventor's bench that I've already spent many fun hours with, you can buy an architect's drafting table, a makeover station, a choice of two tattoo chairs, or even a fireman's pole for your own home if you feel you must.

            New toys include a trampoline your sims can bounce on (and fall off a lot), and a game called Gnubb in which they toss batons to knock wooden figurines over. And best of all as far as I'm concerned, a new chopper-style motorcycle called 'The Beast'!

            There are new household objects such as the above-mentioned laundry appliances, new beds, kitchen counters, tables, chairs, sofas, a music box (which comes with a gnome!), décor, and lighting items. There are also a fair few new Build Mode decorative patterns, especially wood flooring, marble floor tiles, and decorative ceiling tiles.

            Very useful are several new hairdos, always sorely needed as the base game came with so few, including a full-face motorcycle helmet as a 'Hat Hair', so if you ever wanted to make a sim of The Stig from 'Top Gear', now's your chance! The hairdos are mostly messy and/or funky, I guess in keeping with the funky new town, as well as including some much-needed short hairdos for men such as a sort-of Caesar cut - finally a few alternatives to all the bouffant or emo styles that came with the base game. No new clothes to speak of, though - just a few profession-related outfits.

            All things considered, this is a worthwhile expansion pack and I recommend it, especially if you'd been as totally disillusioned and bored as I'd been with the base game and World Adventures. It's given the game a new lease of life and I'm actually enjoying playing with my little simmies for the first time since The Sims 2. Here's hoping that subsequent expansion packs will continue to deliver.

            Also on Ciao as thereddragon and Helium as Esmeralda Draic


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