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The Sims 3: Design and Hi-Tech Stuff (PC)

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Genre: Simulation - Life / DVD-ROM for Windows Vista / Mac OS X / Suitable for 12 years and over / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2010-02-05 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2010 12:18
      Very helpful



      Worth getting at a discounted price for the 10 Year Anniversary items

      The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff, retitled for some reason in Europe as 'The Sims 3 Design and Hi-Tech Stuff' apparently because (so I've read) us Euros don't know what 'Loft' means or it means something different here, or something, is the first Stuff pack for The Sims 3. Stuff Packs, as opposed to Expansion Packs, add some new items such as hairs, clothes and household objects, usually as a themed set, whereas Expansion Packs add significantly to the gameplay and the game's coding as well as supplying some new objects and hair/clothes. So Stuff Packs are smaller and cheaper then Expansion Packs.

      High-End Loft Stuff (or Design and Hi-Tech Stuff) is themed along the lines of modern, contemporary 'loft' style living, in the sense of those big open-plan 'loft' apartments in America which tend to be inhabited by trendy up and coming types who favour modern furniture and decor, and high-tech and gadgety appliances. So, we get such things as a nifty new selection of sleek, modern furniture, a massive improvement on all the dreadful stuff that came with the base game, a snazzy new computer, a new gaming console system, a slick stereo, an ultra-slimline TV and a sleek and modern treadmill to play with, and modern-looking decorative items. There are also a few, disappointingly few, new hairdos and clothing items, and none of them are anything to write home about - I would have liked to have seen a bigger and better selection of those.

      So all of this adds up to a chance to transform your simmies' homes into high-end ultra modern pads to impress their friends and neighbours. Is this pack worth it?

      For the most part, this pack is a bit sparse and disappointing, but I purchased it recently at £9.99, which I think is about half of its initial price when it came out in February, and find it OK value at that price. I do like the furniture and the new electronic gadgets, and am using many of them happily in my sim-family's home. But, even then, I could have found similar items that were just as good on the various sims mod sites for free, so it's somewhat of a 'meh' situation as far as that goes.

      But, what really swung it for me, was not the new items, but the 'Bonus' items EA decided to throw in as a sort of '10th Anniversary of The Sims' (The Sims 1 came out in 2000 - scary how times flies!) celebration, and those are really what motivated me to buy this pack and totally made it a must-have for me. The bonus items consist of conversions of the Sims 2 items Electric Guitar, Aquarium, and Vibrating Love Bed, together with the extra gameplay and animations that go with them. I am so pleased to have these items, as all of them were used extensively throughout my Sims 2 world, and they have helped add a bit more fun back into the pretty barren base Sims 3 game.

      So, as well as having a whizzily-decorated modern home, you can have a nice big aquarium full of the fish your Angler sim catches rather than a one-fish fishbowl as supplied with the base game, an electric guitar for the rockers amongst us rather than just the wishy-washy acoustic guitar of the base game, and the good old Vibrating Love Bed - well, no home should be without it and our sim-family's Hopeless Romantic lodger now has one and will, I'm sure, be putting it to good use soon.

      As there's not much to Stuff Packs, there's not a whole lot to cover in a review, and if it hadn't been for the 10 Year Anniversary Items, there would have been really pitiful little to say. But for me, and probably for most long-time Sims players, the bonus items make it well worth the £9.99, and I recommend it on that basis. 3 stars for the new items, and 5 stars for the bonus items.

      EDIT: I see, after posting this, that Dooyoo has it listed with the price now being £7.99, so even better value than when I bought it!

      Also on Ciao as thereddragon and Helium as Esmeralda Draic


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