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The Sims 3 - Generations Expansion Pack (PC)

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    5 Reviews
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      10.05.2014 13:02
      Very helpful


      • "Loads of new content"


      • "No new stories"

      Not a game changer but still a good expansion pack

      The Sims 3 Generations is the 4th Expansion pack released for the Sims 3 and focuses on the different life stages that the Sims go through, and bulks them up significantly, but the Sims Generations does not offer any of the game changing aspects associated with previous expansion packs making it in my opinion slightly less value for money than some of the others.

      Each generation has a theme surrounding it:
      Children - Imagination and make believe are the name of the game including fancy dress costumes and imaginary fiends (that can become a permanent member of the family with some fancy chemistry if you so wish).
      Teenagers - Rebellion takes over, including house party''s and pulling pranks such as lighting bags of dog feces on fire :/. Teens now also become extremely hormonal just like in real life and will have crazy mood swings to ramp things up a bit. If your teens get to rebellious or just annoying you can now punish them by grounding them, making them do chores or in extreme cases sending them off to one of 5 boarding schools:
      *Military School
      *Prep School
      *Art School
      *Sports Academy
      Adults can not have a mid life crisis and clone themselves so they have a perfect replica of themselves in child form.

      The game has two new traits to chose from :
      Rebellious (better at pulling pranks etc)
      Nurturing (Good with children, punishments go down better).

      9 new Lifetime reward including the clone voucher mentioned above, Age freeze (self explanatory stops you aging) and the motive mobile a funky van which fills up all your Sims motives when they go for a spin.

      New Parties including, prom, graduation, bachelor/ bachelorette parties etc.

      New field trips for Kids.

      One new profession - Daycare

      New activities
      * Ballet
      * Scouts
      * Sports Team
      * Drama Club
      * Debate Team
      * School Band
      * Newspaper

      Loads of New objects

      So as you can see this expansion pack is chock full of game enhancing content that will give a lot more depth to the game, especially the child and teen years which I always found quite boring to play, but it does not offer any drastic game changing content making it one of the weaker expansion packs. Saying that I believe it will offer a lot of extra game play throughout future expansion packs and so has a longer longevity.

      Overall I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

      This review is also on my ciao account under shellyjaneo


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      24.12.2011 09:54



      Not The Best Expansion Pack, But Still Very Good

      In Sims 3 Generations, you get tons of new features. There are new things for all different Sims. Children can sit in tree houses with friends. Children and teenagers can pull pranks such as putting a whoopee cushion under the sofa, and their parents well give them a warning, send them to their room, or ground them and not let them go out. Also, adults can suffer from mid life crises!

      You can make your own home movies and watch them on TV. Also you can mess about with chemistry sets to become better scientists. Children can also imagine themselves as an astronaut, dinosaur, princess, and more to have fun.

      Sims who are engaged can have a bachelor or bachelorette party. They can invite all of their friends, and who knows who will turn up! You can also have graduation parties as teens grow into young adults.

      Overall, I would say this is a very good expansion pack. It isn't the best expansion pack but it is fun.


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      22.10.2011 17:50
      Very helpful




      First of all I'd like to stress that I am a HUGE sims fan, I have been playing it since sims1 came out 10 years ago and have bought every game, expansion pack and stuff pack ever since (I'm not shy to admit I'm a sims geek) However it seems to me that since sims 3 came out, EA have been banging out the expansion packs without much notice to all the glitches and problems that arise with each one but I have to say, the generations expansion pack has been the worst of the lot.
      From the installation I had problems, the game wouldn't play, I'd click the play button on the download manager that opens when you start the game and the game would freeze like that. After much searching the internet it turns out that lots of people have had this problem and the game installs its content into a drive that isnt accessed through the 'Play' button... well This is annoying, Thank god my other half knows a fair bit about computers and was able to fix this by re-allocating my files (I cant go into detail here as I didn't understand this myself)
      Finally after 6 hours - yes that is 6 hours, I had it working.
      Glitch number one, for some reason my sims will not stay in bed while they sleep, they keep suddenly appearing in the garden and can't sleep, no matter how many times you send them, they seem to be 'glitched' outside.
      Next there are a few new features to this game (should you be able to get them working) one is boarding school when you can enrol your sim child in a school of your choice and off they pop, you can call them but they are no longer an active character in your household till they graduate, sadly my sims never got this far as they suddenly appeared back in my house and then can't go to the sim school in your neighbourhood as they are enrolled in boarding school and you can't send them back to boarding school as they are already supposed to be there... sigh.
      There is no new neighbourhood. This is again a let down as a new town is all part of the fun of the expansion packs.
      Your Sims now get a reputation, this is where if your naughty sim is a cheater, everyone will find out, sadly my game decided my sim female was cheating on her husband and he divorced her and now hates her... she wasnt cheating, this again was annoying.
      Generations has introduced 'Imaginary friends' into a child's inventory, you can't delete these and they made my family disappear, literally they are gone and cant be played even if you come out the game and restart - gone. Bad times.
      Teens can go to prom and sometimes the game will generate a budding romance for your sim, sadly mine insisted two siblings were now an item, made them romantic and the family tie was deleted, ruining your family tree and also being weird.
      All in all the game is just about unplayable and has ruined all my family trees (16 generations down)
      Do not waste your money if you value your game.


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      22.09.2011 21:22
      Very helpful



      A great improvement to your sims everyday family life.

      Title: The Sims 3: Generations Expansion Pack
      Developer: The Sims Studio
      Publisher: EA
      Platform: PC
      Genre: Simulation/Life/Sandbox
      Release Date: 3rd June 2011

      Brief Description 
      The Sims 3 Generations is the 4th expansion pack for the popular Sims 3 franchise.  
      And with this expansion, It feels like the Sims has returned to its routes as a life simulation game. Generations is geared specifically to enrich the individual lifestages of your sims, particularly the underdeveloped childhood to adolescence stages. A variety of new family and domestic themed objects, social events and interactions are introduced to achieve this. But will your sim family falter or flourish through the generations? 
      Child sims can prank. Teen sims can party and adult sims can punish. Guide your teens through mood swings and your adults through a mid-life crisis.

      New features: 
      - Sims can now record home movies with the new video camera, perfect for capturing all those heart warming family memories. 
      - Child and teen sims have the option to play pranks on neighbours, from booby trapping the shower with hair dye to throwing eggs at houses.
      - Adults can punish and ground their troublesome teens. 
      - Discover secret potions using the Chemistry set. 
      - The new dating system now allows sims to go dating, give and receive flowers and watch the stars together. Awwww. 
      - New traits - could your parents cope with raising a 'Rebellious' teen? Perhaps they'll be in need of the new 'Nurturing' trait to handle their pesky offspring! 
      - Does your sim love children? If so they'll love the new daycare profession.  
      - Weddings are now much more fun, with new wedding arches and a wedding cake. Guests will even bring presents. 
      - Children can sign up for after school activities and go on field trips. 
      - Child sims can dress up as Royalty, Dinosaurs and Astronauts. 
      - 'Free Vacation' opportunities for the parents leave the teens home alone. I hope they aren't planning a wild party... 
      - Custom age span sliders mean you can chose exactly how long it takes sims to age up from each life stage.  

      Imaginary Friends 
      With World Adventures we had Mummys and Late Night introduced Vampires. What member of the 'Occult' will Generations deliver? The Imaginary Friend of course! 
      Imaginary friends are creepy looking patchwork dolls that get sent through the post to newborn sims. For example, you'll receive a notification informing you that some long lost relative such as 'Great Aunt Gertrude' has sent baby Leah a doll. This doll is the imaginary friend doll. 
      It's hard to think of a positive thing to say about these toys. They are creepy looking and extremely irritating. The idea is that if a child builds up a high enough relationship with its imaginary friend then the doll will come to life. Unfortunately, this means that your child and toddler sims will obsess with them to the point of ignoring every other toy they own. They will sing, play and even host tea parties with this creepy looking doll, whilst ignoring and neglecting REAL LIFE friends! 
      You will receive a message saying that the doll has become a very specail toy to your sim and wants to come out to play. This means that the imaginary friend wants to be brought to life. Placing the doll on the floor will achieve this. The creepy doll will then strut around, following your sim everywhere and just being annoying in general. Other sims cannot see the Imaginary Friend, they just see your sim talking to themselves.... 
      You may receive a message from the Science lab offering you the chance to turn your Imaginary Friend into a human. This means you are now free to date, marry and have children with it just as you would with a normal sim.

      Dating and Reputations 
      The new 'dating' system doesn't add much to the game really. Dates are exactly the same as group outings, the only difference being a different moodlet at the end of it depending on the success of the date. Sims can now exchange flowers, give gifts and watch the stars but that's it, no other new romantic options are included (unless you count woohoo in the shower as romantic that is!). I've missed dating since the 'Hot Date' days of The Sims 1 but in truth this adds very little in terms of gameplay. 
      The Romantic Reputation system is introduced to run alongside the new dating system. The idea behind this is that your sim can no longer go around woohooing with half the town and not getting caught out. Reputations range from 'faithful' to 'naughty'. In theory it's a good idea but  the reality is it encourages your sims to have boring monogamous relationships and limits the fun. I like my sims to be a little more adventurous than that! 

      Childhood and school 
      Generations introduces a variety of new objects to enrich a childs play, mainly based around imagination. For example, the Costume trunk allows children to dress as different characters and 'play pretend'. It's quite amusing to watch them stamping around as a dinosaur or walking regally whilst dressed as a princess. The new treehouse comes in several different designs including a sci-fi based one and a castle shaped design. I personally love the castle treehouse, where children can 'hold great feasts' whilst regal music is played. I also got a kick out of throwing waterbombs from the treehouse and having the adults woohoo in it whilst the kids were at school.
      Other outdoor activities include a sandpit, complete with a variety of different sandcastles to build, a water slide and hop scotch grids. 
      Also, the option to read your tykes a bedtime story is very cute.  
      The school system is improved and expanded on with the introduction of boarding school. This is a great option for large families. There are variety of different boarding schools and sims will earn skills and traits based around the ideals of whichever school they attend. For example, I sent my teen to 'Le Fromage Art School' where she would learn the drawing, dancing, photography, painting and guitar skills. Occasionally your child will ring and express the desire to return home. It's up to you whether you let them come home or not. Other improvements to the school system include school trips and after school clubs, including Debate, Art, Ballet and Newspaper Club. At these clubs, sims learn skills and occasionally bring home trophies and rewards.  
      School trips offer the option of your child returning with a souvenir. These souvenirs include mirrors, posters and sculptures.

      Sims now have memories, which are recorded in the form of a scrapbook that can be viewed in-game. I tend to play very large sim families so I liked having a way for my sims to keep track of important events in there lives. However, sims will remember everything. Literally every insignificant thing that ever happens to them. Every time they visit the park or the library, every time they gain a skill point, fix a toilet, grow a plant. All of these pointless memories give your game even more things to load up and therefore put even more pressure on your computer. There's also an extremely annoying 'ping' sound every time a memory is created. 
      My advice? Turn the memory notification off via the game options and download a mod that allows for only IMPORTANT memories to be remember (eg births, deaths, weddings etc). 
      - The new Bunkbeds are a great space saver for small or crowded bedrooms. 
      - Sims can throw Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. I loved spraying party guests with bottles of champagne and asking a friend to make a speech. 
      - Adults being able to read their child a bedtime story is a lovely feature and a great moment to capture on the new video cameras. 
      - Being able to receive wedding gifts and write thank you notes in return is a nice touch, as is the new gift giving system. 
      - Teen parties and pranks are lots of fun and the new 'rebellious' trait is really fun to play.  
      - The new customisable age range sliders are genius. For example, I find the 'baby' life stage completely pointless so I like being able to make this as short as possible. 
      - The schooling system is improved greatly and I like the fact that children bring home souvenirs from field trips. 
      - The new objects are awesome. I love the treehouse and Costume trunk. Childhood is no longer boring, yay! 

      - There's no new neighbourhood with this expansion and no major new gameplay features (i.e.  tombraiding in World Adventures and following your sims to work in Ambitions). Therefore, Generations may feel light in content to some.
      - The romantic reputation system is extremely stupid, moralistic and judgemental.
      - As a player, you should get to decide whether or not you want your adults to punish naughty teens and children. Currently the game does this autonomously with no option for you to intervene and stop the punishment. The same goes for the 'accuse of cheating' social. I should chose when/if my sims want to do this, the game should not do it for me! 
      - No new cribs and serious lack of new interactions and toys for baby and toddler sims. This is meant to be a family themed pack! 
      - The Prom is a bit pointless. Sims will disappear into the school and you will not get to see any of it. And a sim from your household will always receive the title of prom king/queen no matter how unpopular they are. 
      - The memory system is really stupid. I don't want my sim to remember every single time they burnt their dinner or fixed the toilet!

      Generations may be disappointing to some as it appears to offer little in terms of actual gameplay. It's all about enhancing and improving what's already there (family life and life stages) rather than adding new features. This may leave some users feeling short changed and so it probably has a short shelf life in comparison to the previous expansions.
      However personally Generations is my favourite expansion so far. Why? Because I love playing large sim familys and this pack gives a long overdue and much needed overhaul to the previously ignored toddler, child and teen life stages. Because afterall, family life is at the very heart of the original 'virtual dollhouse' Sims concept and is essentially what the game is all about.


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        28.07.2011 22:03
        Very helpful



        The pack is great if you can deal with all the issues.

        The Sims 3 Generations looked like the answers to a lot of simmers dreams. More clothes for all ages, more stuff for kids to do, making family life more exciting and engaging in the game. There is even the addition of adding the ability for proud sim parents to document their most precious moments on video and watch them back on their on TV screens!

        Needless to say, Sims gamers everywhere were getting on Amazon, play.com, HMV and even the EA shop and pre-ordering the living day lights out of the expansion pack. When release day came, disaster stuck. EA released the new patch with when downloaded, stopped every mac user that downloaded it from being able to play, expansion pack or not. Most people who pre-ordered didn't get the game til the day after or in some cases, later.

        When alls uploaded and EA sorted stuff out. There's still problems. I can't go 20 minutes of game play without a meteor striking and killing my sims. Its ridiculous. The only help I have got with it is being told that "They'll fade and stop".

        Problems aside, the new features are amazing and worth the money but having all the issues just isn't.


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