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The Sims 3: Late Night (PC)

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8 Reviews
  • New Skills
  • New NPCs
  • Blacked out areas
  • No new story lines
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    8 Reviews
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      19.01.2015 05:22
      Very helpful


      • "Celebrities and Status"
      • "New Skills"
      • "Apartments and Highrises"
      • "New Town 'Bridgeport'"


      • "Apartment Sizes"
      • "Blacked out areas"
      • Subways

      A fun add-on if you want to change-up your Sims experience!

      So the Sims has been a favourite game of mine for many years and the third instalment of the franchise does not disappoint. This expansion pack is great if you have discovered everything in the base game and/or are looking to shake things up a little bit.
      One of the most exciting things (at least for me) was the chance of being able to live in a High-Rise Apartment building. Unfortunately it has also turned out to be one of the must frustrating parts. You are unable to make the apartment any bigger. You can add walls to the inside but you cannot alter the basic shape or size and as most of them are quite small, often studio sized rooms, it can become tedious.
      Having said that you are now able to become a mixologist or learn to play the drums, bass or piano. (We all know it's all about the bass)
      There are countless new clubs and bars to visit with your Sim and maybe meet a celebrity or two.
      Speaking of celebrities you now have the chance to become one! You may even get free stuff or be invited to the coolest parties. Unfortunately being a celeb also means that paparazzi are not far behind. They are not too annoying though.
      My biggest faults with the game are the subways. My Sim will often run or catch a taxi in the opposite direction in order to go to a subway station. Not really quicker in my opinion. Also in the apartments you will find that all of the other apartments are blacked out which makes the game look dark and foreboding. I also dislike how long it takes to get from the curb outside to my front door. Elevators are annoying though still quicker than in real life.
      Overall the expansion pack is great value for money and an easy solution would be to play the game in one of the original worlds and for-go the high rise.


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        07.05.2014 20:34
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • "New NPCs"
        • "New Skills"


        • "No new story lines"

        A great addition to an already great game

        Late night is the third expansion pack released for the Sims 3 and is based mainly around socialising and raising your Sims social profiles a throwback to the Sims 1 superstar expansion pack your Sims can now become celebrities, each Sims celebrity status is rated from 1 to 5 stars and the higher their celebrity status the better the perks and benefits are including getting free drinks in bars and being able to get into to celebrity only events. If your Sim is not a celebrity they have to impress other celebrities before they can interact with them which also gives nice other dimension to the game if you don?t want to play as a celebrity yourself, for example if you don?t want to bother dealing with paparazzi following you around all the time (they really have thought of everything) .
        Late Night also comes with a new Neighbourhood (Bridgeport) and a selection of new night club like spots to add to your neighbourhood, each nightclub has different entry requirements and some require a high celebrity status to enter. Bars are good places for social interaction as they tend to have more Sims available than other community lots.
        The New Neighbourhood also has a the addition of apartments which your Sims can move into instead of houses but there is a serious flaw here as you can only move one family into each high rise meaning it doesn?t really add any changes to the game play just the look of the neighbourhood which is a bit disappointing.
        The Game also introduces Vampires (even if you do not have supernatural) which your sims can interact with in the nightclubs as they do not appear in the day time.
        There are loads of new build tools with this expansion pack including:
        Loads of new objects and decorations hair style sad clothes as expected with all expansion packs.
        New Lifetime rewards including The Hustler, Watering hole regular, The Next big thing, Excellent Groupie, Master of Seduction, Better Mixologist, Always on the list, Map of the Stars (which lets you see where all the celebrities live, which I thought was quite a funny one to come up with)
        There is only one official new career which is Film (split into Director and Actor Branch) but there are new ways to make money including Mixology and Starting a band.
        There are four new skills , Piano Bass, Drums and Mixology (different drinks you make have different moodlet effects).
        Two New Traits, She and Star-Quality.
        Three new cooking dishes, Hot Wings, Nachos, Tacos.
        Overall another packed expansion pack for an already awesome game, I don?t think this one offers quite as much extra game play as the world adventures expansion pack but I think it will offer more long term alterations to the game that you will use for the duration of the franchise, definitely worth a look for any Sims fan.

        This is also on my ciao account under shellyjaneo


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          05.03.2012 18:35
          1 Comment



          A game you can play for hours with lots of fun and new objects - good value for money

          The Sims 3 'Late Night' expansion pack is a fabulous game; especially for those who are perhaps getting bored with the ordinary Sims expansion packs and extras.

          'Late Night' offers players the chance to create celebrities, musicians, actors, directors and independent rock stars. What i particularly enjoyed about the game was seeing your sims start off as ordinary then journey to fame and riches. Sims are able to 'gig' and go nightclubbing as well as go for a quick drink and game down the 'dive bar' pubs.

          The town of 'Bridgeport' which is the main town of this expansion pack is buzzing with things to do and places to see and even live. With this expansion pack you can now live in apartments and high-rise buildings. This is fun and different plus once to become a 'celebrity' and claim enough money through various celebrity duties, you can move into the more swanky houses. These houses are very different to the ones you are used to in Riverside and Twinbrook.

          With the addition of new furniture and objects there is the incentive of new stylish clothes. With your sims now able to be celebrities in their own towns, the game allows you to be as eccentric and wacky with their appearance - more than usual anyway!

          The new clothes are great and there are a lot more to choose from.

          The only disadvantage i will mention is that i have found the game itself on my laptop slow. Make sure you have enough memory and up-to-date software as this game takes up memory and requires internet access throughout the gameplay.

          Otherwise, this is a great expansion pack that is a bit more complex than the others so if you are buying for a young child then be prepared as this game is quite complicated. But it does not override the ability or affect the other Sims 3 games you may have installed.

          A great game, i am still not bored of it and don't think i ever will be! I always recommend to friends and family


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            18.02.2012 23:35
            Very helpful



            An overall ok game that just wasn't for me, but is dependent on you as a player yourself

            As and avid Sims fan in general, and someone quite enjoying the Sims 3, I purchased two of the expansion packs on offer (out of I think 4 in total). I probably would've made it a full house had money permitted but alas, it did not. So one of the pair I bought was the Late Night expansion pack and as soon as I got it home, I installed it and began checking out the new features on offer.

            Late Night follows in suit of Nightlife from the Sims 2 and Hot Date from the first Sims series, if any of you are familiar with them, which basically means that you have the option to socialise, go out on dates/to parties and to live the life of a young adult in more city-esque environments. The token town that came with this expansion pack was Bridgeport was supposed to resemble San Francisco and Los Angeles, and was split into an urban/downtown area, a less dense uptown area, and a hilly, affluent suburb with expensive housing owned by 'celebrities'.

            The downtown area includes a number of locations called Dive Bar, Sports Bar, Local Watering Hole, Dance Club, Poolside Club, Disco Club, Exclusive Lounge, Vampire Lounge, and Fusion Lounge. Each is frequented by a variety of people at all times of the day. In fact during my exploration I discovered the same non-playable characters sitting there in some of the bars in the middle of the day, although later in the night they become much busier. As well as this, as the day progresses based upon your 'celebrity' status, which is awarded to you by the number of friends you have and your success, you will be invited to a number of parties and have the choice to attend them, as they appear in the top right corned with a short-cut 'go to 'insert name' type button. Some of the downtown locations even require that you are a high-class sim in order to gain entry.

            Late Night marks the beginning of open vampires roaming the streets of your neighbourhoods like in previous games. This addition wasn't particularly appealing to me, but perhaps that's simply because I don't tend to stick to one family and so wasn't that involved in playing vampire characters. The way in which you can become a vampire is to become romantically involved with an already existing one and ask, or simply befriend one.

            Bridgeport is similar to 'Downtown' from the previous games in the overall Sims series, but is marge larger as a result of its apparent resemblance to cities (which I personally couldn't see). As well as this, as previously mentioned, it was not entirely commercial with residential areas on the outskirts of town. There's not much else worth noting about the town itself, other than that I personally didn't find it as diverse or interesting as other towns in the Sims 3, simply because the highrise flats and apartments are awkward to navigate and (perhaps my biggest grievance and the reason I decided to sell the game on) it is only possible to have one family live in an entire apartment block. I found this really, genuinely annoying as this was pretty much the sole reason for my purchase, as like I said I don't frequent the town much or play one family for too long.

            The only real career that came with this expansion pack was being a celebrity and the new rabbit hole Plumbob Pictures Backlot that accompanied it. Being a celebrity entails being invited out to parties, only talking of wealth, success and name dropping, and being stalked by paparazzi or fans. I was actually pretty scared by the paparazzi, as when buying the game I was unaware of this feature and so thought I had some kind of freaky glitch when a random non-playable character appeared to follow me as I walked the streets across town and into my apartment block!

            There was also the inclusion of new Lifetime Rewards, such as Excellent Groupie, Map to the Stars, and Always on the List, which again are relevant to the celebrity concept instilled within the game and unless you like that, add nothing really to the game on the whole.

            To conclude, this game was really not for me. There weren't any faults with it per se, just simply it was very orientated to a certain type of game player, that is someone who creates or blogs about stories in terms of their sims, or simply those who play more social going out games. My forte is much more families and friends, rather than riches and fame and so the huge amount of celebrity culture witihn this game made it unappealing and just not that fun for me. But I'm sure it would appeal to many others, just makes sure you fit into that particular bracket before splashing out.


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            24.12.2011 09:50
            Very helpful



            A Great Expansion Pack

            In The Sims 3 Late Night, you get some cool new features. They have introduced celebrities that Sims can get autographs from and try to impress them. Also, your Sim can become a celebrity by impressing lots of different celebrities and becoming friends with them. As a celebrity, you often get free stuff, and access to clubs and bars. This is a great way to get your picture taken by paparazzi and increase your celebrity level until you become a 5 star celeb!

            This is not the only new feature either. They have also added vampires to the game, and there will always be a chance that your Sim will get bitten by an unfriendly vampire.

            You can also start your own band with up to four members. You can do gigs and earn money, and improve your skill on the guitar, drums, or keyboard.

            The whole point of Late Night is to make the Sim world become a new place by night.

            Also, instead of living in a boring old house, you can live in a high rise apartment. I love my Sims living in apartments and it gives you a whole new experience!


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            21.06.2011 19:44
            Very helpful



            Get your groove on.

            Sure, house parties and guitar singing on the beach is all good and well for the 'Burb loving Sims, but my Sims were feeling a little cooped up inside their quaint little two bed/one bath homes - they wanted to burst out onto the night scene.

            Of course, there was no option for this before the Late Night expansion pack, so with the addition of this expansion pack came several options that I'll run through now;

            *Living in an apartment. Since Apartment Life there hasn't been the addition of apartments in The Sims, until now. Choose to live down town in crowded and a little run down apartments to the forgotten once happening apartments or if your Sims are really swanky (and rich) then why not take an apartment in a glitzy penthouse? The options are endless. The only downside to living in an apartment is that you can't add windows to the outside of the building, nor can you knock down walls on the outside of the building. You can still add paintings, light fixtures, wall paper or paint and you can add or take away doors (just not the main door to the apartment!)

            Another perk of apartment living is the secure entry buzzer system - your guests will be asked to be buzzed in before you let them into your place, so no more nosey neighbours appearing from nowhere. Then there are the lifts and the options to "WooHoo" and "try for a baby" in the lifts - with comedic sound effects.

            Don't worry, though, if you get bored of apartment life then you can choose to move back into the 'Burbs in the town or to one of the Hollywood Hills style mansions across the bridge.

            *Hotspots, Celebrity status and Vampires. Yes, it's true you can become a vampire with this expansion pack. O+ (O Positive) is a popular hotspot - you just need to gain access by reaching a decent celebrity status. Becoming a vampire has it's perks; your Sims learn skills faster, their mood settings stay up for longer, but of course, there are downsides. Just like Vampires of the movies Sim Vamps can only go out at night and will become ill (and if not rushed in doors) and can also die.

            The more friends you make, the higher your celebrity status goes up. Perks of being a celebrity include getting cars, fridges, TV's etc and gaining VIP access at hotspots.

            *Cars: Your Sims can now drive in style - or not ;) - but there are possibilities to own better cars and even a motorbike with an engine your Sim can tune.

            *New careers: Have your own band, get together with other Sims and form a band. Practice enough times and you'll be contacted for gigs. Director/actor career branch. Mixologist (bar tender.)

            *Misc feautres: New hairdos, give your Sim ladies bigger or smaller breasts, new clothes, bigger or smaller muscles for all Sims and two bars you can place in any of your towns.

            System Requirements to run this expansion pack:

            OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7
            CPU: (XP) 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent; (Vista and Windows 7) 2.4 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
            RAM: (XP) 1 GB RAM; (Vista and Windows 7) 1.5 GB RAM
            Hard Drive: At least 300 MB of free space (6.4 GB if installing with The Sims 3) with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content and saved games.
            Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible Video Card with 128 MB of Video RAM and support for Pixel Shader 2.0

            Recommended for lovers of previous expansion packs like "Hot Date" and "Sims Superstar" as it comes with most (and more) of the features from these games.


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            10.05.2011 13:17
            Very helpful



            A great expansion pack for The Sims 3

            I have really enjoyed the extras that this expansion pack adds to the base game 'The Sims 3'. There are some really nice new hairstyles and clothing options as well as having some new objects to buy such as hot tubs and a wider range of musical instruments.

            There is also a great new neighbourhood which allows you to give your Sim a better social life, taking them to clubs and building up their reputation as a celebrity. The higher the number of celebrity stars your characters have, the more exclusive clubs they can enter and the more freebies and discounts they recieve! The celebrity star rating maximum is five stars and for your sims to interact with another sim who has more stars than them they have to impress them first!

            There is also now the option for your Sims to become vampires which, what with the big trend for vampires in popular culture, is pretty cool and would definitely appeal to vampire fans and people who use The Sims for movie making. You can also create a band which gains popularity through playing gigs in clubs and bars!

            Overall, it adds quite a few extra gameplay options which, I would say, makes it worth purchasing as it gives you greater options in the way that you shape your sims lives.


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            02.01.2011 14:23
            Very helpful



            A nice idea and some brillant new objects and social interactions but poorly executed in places

            Brief Description
            The Sims 3 Late Night is the 3rd expansion pack for the ever popular Sims 3 franchise. This game undoubtedly takes inspiration from fan favourite 'The Sims Superstar' expansion, released for the original Sims games back in the early 2000's. Like Superstar, Late Night offers you the chance to make your Sims into stars and there are several ways to do this. For example, you can join the film career and work your way up from a runner to a movie superstar. Another option is to form a rock band and jam and gig your way to fame and fortune. Or you can be a Paris Hilton like socialite and earn your celebrity status by befriending and romancing existing stars.
            Bridgeport is the new urban environment in which your Sims will live, in High Rise apartment buildings, perfect for socialising and partying but unfortunately not high enough to escape from the paparazzi and their ever clicking cameras...

            New features:
            - The ability to become, and turn others into, a Vampire.
            - The city Suburb of Bridgeport, a gorgeous urban environment with a stunning skyline.
            - Apartment buildings for your sims to live, socialise and party in.
            - The ability to become and interact with celebrties.
            - New city destinations including Nightclubs, Subways and pubs.
            - New instruments including Drums, Guitars and Piano's. The Subway is an ideal location to play for tips and the nightclubs are the perfect destination to jam with your band.
            - New careers - Mixologists, Film stars, Butlers.
            - The option to form a band and invite fellow Sims to become part of that band.
            - The option to hire a Butler (But is costly!)
            - Hot tubs!
            - New interactions include skinny dipping, public woohoo and cooler new dance moves!
            - New Sliders allow greater creativity when creating Sims.

            It's traditional now for EA to introduce a new B-movie style monster with most expansions. We've had mummies in World Adventure and Robots in Ambitions. With Late Night comes the welcome return of vampires. Vampires are easy to spot thanks to their pale skin and glowing eyes. They can be abit 1940's Count Dracula style looking but with a decent makeover, you can make them more Twilight style, if you wish!
            In order to become a vamp, you have to track one down, befriend them and ask them to turn you, which isn't difficult. In fact it's ridiculously easy which is one of my main problems with vamps. I'd prefer them to be some kind of elusive, sophisticated, creature of the night types. Instead, they overrun your town like vermin and give Sims in their presence a 'hunted' moodlet, which has a negative affect on their mood.
            Additionally, being a Vamp offers very little advantages. Yes you may look slightly glowier and prettier and have a faster, vampire-style run but that's about it. Oh and they live longer than normal sims too which I supose is the most significant advantage.
            Even hunting for new victims to drink from is no fun, due to the fact that you cannot bite pregnant sims or child sims and you also cannot just drink from anyone without befriending and asking their permission first. I find this ridiculous.
            Thankfully, the wonderful Community of modders have came up with game mods to allow for more dangerous, less PG friendly vampires who can bite whenever and whoever they wish. I would recommend visiting 'Mod the sims' to search for and download mods to combat this issue.
            And then there's the fact that Vamps react negatively to garlic and have to avoid spending too much time in direct sunlight. Overall, the vampire idea is a good one but it has been poorly executed.

            Forming a band is easy enough to do. You just need to get your simmy to practice playing an instrument for a bit. Once they have sufficient instrumental skill, your sim can form a band and ask others to join them. A band needs to have 4 members (a guitarist, a pianist, a drummer and a bass guitar player). You then need to register as a band at city hall then practice jamming with your fellow members and wait for the gigs to pour in....Sounds simple enough in principle but being in a band is hard work. Being offered a gig is few and far between. I had sims almost reaching 'elder' status before even receiving a single gig!
            Furthermore, the tiny highrise apartment buildings just aren't big enough for all the new instruments. As a result, jamming with your band becomes practically impossible unless you visit a bar downtown and practice there. All in all, I found creating a band to be a long, dull and unrewarding process.

            Fame and celebrities
            There are a few ways in which you can become famous. I've already discussed the option of forming a band and becoming famous and sucessful that way. The other two ways which I've been able to achieve celeb status are through working my way up through the film/movie career and by socialising with the existing celebrities around Bridgeport. First of all, you have to impress a famous Sim enough for them to allow you to socialise with them. A none famous Sim can impress by discussing their skills (eg cooking, painting etc) or boasting about wealth. Befriend enough celebs and you can easily start earning stars (you can be a 1 star celebrity or 5 star). This system itself is fundamentally flawed. What if you just wanted your sim to befriend or date a celebrity without becoming a star themselves? EA didn't think of this and you often find yourself famous by association, whether you want to be or not.
            The perks of being famous include being sent expensive gifts from adoring fans and discounts on food and drink. You're also recognised by other sims around town.
            And the disadvantages of being famous? Well being followed everywhere by the paparazzi isn't fun. The papparazzi are all seeing and all knowing, which is highly annoying and are constantly printing stories about every aspect of your life. What annoys me most is the fact that the paparazzi appear to be living in the 1950's, and will publicly shame you for ridiculous reasons such as having a baby out of wedlock! After being publicly shamed, the other sims will then boo and hiss at you when you're out and about round town and bouncers will even refuse you entry to clubs.
            And whilst were on the subject of those pesky bouncers, they can get a bit snooty and refuse to let sims into a club/bar if they aren't at least a one or two star celeb. The idea behind this is that you get exclusive celebrity hotspots to hang out in, whilst you socialise and romance with other sims of a similar celebrity status as yourself. The reality is empty clubs because the bouncers turned everyone else away for not being famous enough...

            - Stunning city location with some gorgeous views and fun new locations to explore (I love Waylon's Haunt!)
            - Re-Introduction of some much missed objects from Sims and Sims 2 - Hot tubs and pianos!
            - Finally, breast sliders and muscle tone sliders are available in create a sim. This means more unique sims can be created.
            - Instruments all have individual skill bars now, useful for starting a band.
            - Public lift woohoo is hilarious! So is skinny dipping then have the option to run off with the other persons clothes.
            - New cocktails and new bar food. I personally like the greasy food truck.
            - New clothes, hair, social interactions.

            - Small apartments and homes don't allow for large groups, families, or bands to stay or play. This is a MAJOR irritant. These homes are so tiny they are almost unliveable!
            - Noticeable lack of gig opportunities on offer for budding musicians - makes playing as a band difficult. A mod needs to be downloaded to fix this.
            - Paparazzi are ridiculously annoying and are forever tarnishing my poor simmys name. Still, I suppose this is realistic...
            - Empty clubs caused by bouncers turning everyone away.
            - Vampires must ask for permission before biting someone? Makes vampires more PG friendly but less fun to play.

            A typical Sims expansion by EA, shows flashes of brilliance and some good ideas but poorly executed on the whole, with tiny, almost unliveably small apartments and towns overrun with vampires and paps. Thankfully, the games been out for a while now and the wonderful online modding community has been working tirelessy to fix some of the problems discussed above.
            http://www.modthesims.info/browse.php?gs=2 and you should find some fixes for these annoying problems!


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