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The Sims 3: Pets Expansion Pack (PC)

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    3 Reviews
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      18.05.2014 13:31
      Very helpful


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      Best Expansion pack so far

      *Requires the Sims 3 base game to play*

      Pets is the 5th expansion pack released for the Sims 3 and the concept is pretty self explanatory, it allows you to have pets in the game (similar to unleashed and sims 2 pets).

      There are three main types of pet you can create in create-a-pet, Cats Dogs and Horses, but you can also collect other low maintenance small pets from the wild including Lizards, Turtles, Snakes and Birds giving the opportunity to have loads of pets.
      Different Pets have different skills:
      There are 46 different breeds of Cat that you can create or adopt, your cat will learn to hunt and will hunt smaller animals as well as go fishing.
      There are 72 big dog breeds and 46 small dog breeds that can be made or adopted via the computer or adverts in the paper. Dogs can also be found stray in the neighbourhood and adopted by your sims after some befriending has taken place.
      Dogs can be taught a few tricks hewn they are adults :
      *Sit up
      *Play Dead
      *Roll over
      They can also be taught to hunt (cats teach themselves) and to sniff out gems, metals and bones.
      Cats and dogs all need to be praised for good behaviour and scolded for bad behaviour to avoid behaviour getting worse.
      Horses can be created or adopted using the computer or phone or bought at the equestrian centre, they can learn 2 tricks:
      Horses also have a supernatural element and may appear in neighbourhoods as unicorns, if a unicorn breeds with your horse toy may get a unicorn baby (it''s worth buying just for that).
      Horses can be used to make a lot of money in various ways including:
      There is one lifetime wish based on making money from horses called ''the jokey'' and you need to make 40,000 simoleons to achieve it.
      Horses can also be ridden around town.

      The game comes with one new town called Appaloosa Plains which comes with the equestrian centre (where you can buy horses) and updated versions of the grocery store, hospital, theatre, bistro, stadium, school. spa. cat jungle gym, parks and a dive bar , as well as a dinosaur skeleton where dogs can collect bones and hunt for treasure. The whole town has been designed to look like a ranch town.

      All pets have their own lifetime rewards and wishes throughout the game and are fully controlled by you meaning if their owners are off at work you can still get them to go hunting etc.

      Pets can form friendships, relationships, fall in love, have babies and develop there own family trees, just like your sims, Baby pets inherit looks and traits from there parents, so make sure you don''t let two naughty pets mate or you will have trouble.

      The game includes one new skill :
      * Horse racing

      4 New traits
      *Animal Lover
      *Dog Person
      *Cat Person

      7 New lifertime wishes
      *Ark Builder
      *The Zoologist
      *The Animal Rescuer
      *The Jokey
      *Fairytale Finder
      *Canine Companion
      *Cat Herder

      The sims 3 pets is a great expansion pack as it gives so much more game-play and a whole new dimension to the game and is great for animal love3rs who thought their sim families weren''t complete until now. I have had hours of fun (probably to many hours) trying to recreate my own pet cats (but that much craziness can''t be captured in computer game form.)

      A lot of people have shown concern over this release, that EA are just churning out remade games on each Sims platform as we have had pets on both Sims 1 and 2. I don''t agree with this as Sims 3 pets offers so much more than Sims 1 unleashed and Sims 3 pets did, and it is so much more advanced that it does seem worth the money. Also just because you could have pets before doesn''t mean you wouldn''t want them now and being able to make so much money from horses is just an awesome added bonus.

      Overall I think this is one of the best expansion packs the Sims 3 have come up with so far and one of the first you should get if you can''t decide.

      This review will also be on my ciao account under shellyjaneo


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      09.07.2012 21:13



      Must- have expansion pack!

      The Sims 3 Pets is in my opinion the best expansion pack so far for the PC game. Ever since it was released as an expansion to the Sims 2, I was hoping to see a similar game for the Sims 3 - I believe this is a bigger and better version! Adding the animal and pet dynamic to the game makes it even more realistic for the player and had me glued to the game for hours at a time. With many breeds to choose from with the most popular dog and cat 'sim', there is now the introduction of your sim having a horse. This can be a career for your sim as a jockey, one which is very easy to progress and fun for the user. The Sims 3 pets, I believe, is the 'must have' expansion pack for sims players, one which you will be glad you have bought. My only wish was that this game was released earlier!


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      14.11.2011 21:20
      Very helpful



      fun with the furry friends

      To play this expansion pack you'll need to have the Sims 3 installed on your computer, have available memory (at least 1 gig) and a decent sound and video card. As most modern laptops and computers meet the basic sys requirements, this isn't something I would worry about - it's also possible to free up some disc space on your hard drive so the game will run smoother and I had to end up doing this.

      The Sims 3 launched in the summer of 2009. With it, it has brought on a handful of expansion packs starting with World Adventures; allowing your Sims to become globe trotters, Ambitions; which allows your Sims to work from home and adds on more job opportunities, Late Night; featuring vampires and hot spots around town and Generations which opens up the game to new life experiences.

      And now Sims 3 Pets which launched in October 2011 - very soon after Generations and in perfect timing for the stocking filler/Christmas present market.

      At around anywhere between £20-30 it is priced lower than previous expansion packs (World Adventures was closer to £40 when first released.)

      The game doesn't take long at all to install - around 5 or 10 minutes depending on the speed of your computer. You will be asked to key in a serial number which is now featured on the back of the little booklet that is inside the game case. Hard core Simmers will remember the days where the serial number was printed directly onto the case - I suppose they put it on the booklet to prevent forgery and piracy.

      As the game loads it takes you onto the loading screen and has various paw prints walking across the screen of the three main animals featured; a horse, cat and dog.

      You can create pets in the Create-a-Sim menu - I had fun playing around with various shapes, sizes, colours, tails and collars. Not only do you get to decide how your pet will look, you can give them various traits from intelligent, brave, and friendly to hydrophobic, skittish, and clueless to gentle, fast, and agile. If you want to be a Sim Class jockey then give your horse the 'trained' trait. Traits can also be added on as you and your pet interact, or as the pet trains.

      And training pets couldn't be easier! You have complete control over your pets so you can have horses running, jumping or riding around your paddocks, cats and dogs can play with toys to develop their hunting skill - this is a must for those single Sims as a well trained hunter dog can sniff out a date for your Sims ;).

      All pets can develop relationships with Sims and romantic relationships within their species, as well as being able to have foals, puppies and kittens.

      There are three new locations and one new town in this expansion pack - Appaloosa Plains, a sleepy country kitsch town. The three new locations are the Dog and Cat parks plus the Riding Grounds to practise your horse riding and jumping.

      If you don't go the Create-a-Sim route in making your pets there is an option to adopt a pet from the computer, your Sims mobile phone and newspaper. All pets are free to adopt but make sure you have hay for horses and a food dish for cats and dogs! Don't want a visit from the Pet Social Services ;).

      Remember that cats and dogs are just like their real life counterparts in that if they don't have something to destroy, they will turn on the furniture ;). To avoid your sofa being shredded, buy your cats a scratch post and your dogs a ball so they can exercise their destructive side.

      Sims also have the added career option of being a Jockey - go to the Equestrian centre to compete in competitions. Sims can also be turned into Animal Lovers - especially important if you want to have lots of pets.

      This game is perfect for those who love animals and the Sims 3 - it's a perfect combination and has been long awaited by many fans.


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