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The Sims Double Deluxe (PC)

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts / Genre: Simulation / ESRB Rating: T - (Teen) / ESRB Descriptor: Mild Violence / ESRB Descriptor: Mature Sexual Themes / ESRB Descriptor: Comic Mischief / Platform: Windows / Control Elements: Mouse / Control Elements: Keyboard / Distribution Media: CD-ROM / Release Date: September, 2003

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    4 Reviews
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      16.12.2011 10:10
      Very helpful



      the sims - deluxe

      === The Sims ===

      Who doesn't know the game The Sims? Released in 2000 it became a big hit and it seemed as if everyone at least tried to play it once. The first game seemed nothing to me at first, but after having tried it once, I suddenly notice that I was playing it for a few hours!

      === General Information ===

      Title: The Sims
      Creator: Will Wright
      Publisher: Electronic Arts
      Date: February 4, 2000
      Type: Strategy / Simulation
      Game play: Singleplayer

      === The history of The Sims ===

      I think the best way to describe The Sims is to say it's a kind of real life simulation. The Sims was created by Will Wright, the creator of the popular Simcity games. After a terrible fire Will Wright lost his house and he started thinking about a real life simulation game where the player has control of simulated people. His first idea was a kind of simulated doll house and approached Maxis in 1993, but they simply did not have the technology to create this kind of game. But in 1995 he began work on Project X, which later became The Sims. The project took five years to complete and in 2000, The Sims came on the market.

      This version of the game also includes the expansion pack's Living large. This will add 125 additional items, more job opportunities and more characters / characters than the original package.

      === What is the goal of the game? ===

      The goal of The Sims is to lead your own little simulated people their lives and by helping them to make friends, to climb the career ladder, acquire new skills and having a family. Your Sims have needs which must be met to ensure that they can lead a happy life. You can set yourself a specific goal in mind, for example to create a Sim that is very social with many friends, to have a happy marriage with many children or just one Sim that becomes super intelligent.

      === The neighborhood ===

      Each time you load the game you come into the screen where you see the neighborhood where the Sim lives. It shows all houses, including your Sim's house, empty lots that you can buy and then move to. If you hover your mouse over a home you get the names and pictures to see the Sims with their current value of their money, property and other objects.

      At the top of the screen is a button with a small image of a bulldozer. If you select this option it turns your cursor into a bulldozer and if you click on a house that the family lives it will remove them and you can also remove the house. If you choose to keep the house for later, all the things belonging to the family is sold and added to their money and only the decoration and building will remain, along with all the plants you have planted outside.
      === Creating a family ===

      When you click on the option of creating a family you get to a screen where you can see all the families that are not currently active. You can choose to place one of the families in your neighborhood, remove one of them or create a new family.

      If you choose to create a new family you to go to a screen where you can create your family. The first thing you need to do is to choose a family name. At the bottom right there are buttons that you create a new Sim. If you choose to create a new Sim you will be taken to a screen where you can make new Sim. You must first choose a name than sex, the color of their skin, their heads, theirs clothes and get some personality points to spend on things like cleanliness and friendliness.

      === Controlling your Sims ===

      The Sims have a little free will (they go to the toilet if they need and cook when they are hungry). When you go over a object with your mouse you can select a few actions like the fridge you can choose the actions 'get a snack' and 'prepare dinner'. It's all very easy to do.

      Shortly after you move into a new house, other Sims in the neighborhood appears around to say hello. You have to click on them to greet them. You can keep clicking on them and select options such as talking, flirting and compliment to build a friendship or more. You can click on the tab at any time to see the friendship of the people that you know how well your Sim is friends with them. The friendship is scored between 1 and 100 percent.

      If you choose to flirt, the two Sims could fall in love. Eventually, this infatuation proceeds to cohabitation and marriage. Ultimately, a couple could have a baby or adopt. Sims of the same sex can have a relationship and living together, but they cannot marry.

      You get a free newspaper every day where your Sim can find a job, the newspaper has a different job each day. You can also use the computer (if you have one), in order to find a job and the computer has three choices per day. You can get promotion, but it is required that you acquire certain skills and a certain number of friends. Every time you get promoted, you get a bonus and a higher salary.

      === How good is the game? ===

      I can honestly say that I'm a fan of the Sims and I was totally hooked. After having played a few times I was hooked. It is not difficult to play it. It is very addictive and greatly put together, but it definitely has a few drawbacks. Your Sims don't age example and at some point you have achieved everything you can get and then it gets boring. I have many times started a new sim just to try something new. The graphics are pretty good. You have to remember that this game is now more than 10 years old, so it can be difficult to compare the games of today. Before then I found the graphics very good, sharp and colorful.

      The Sims is just great because it was groundbreaking for the time. It was the first game of its kind. Of course there are sequels released and you also have numerous enhancements for this version, but I must say that the first part was simply the best!


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        23.02.2010 19:03
        Very helpful



        Brilliant game. Recommended

        "The No1 PC Game of All Time"
        When I was about ten years old and my family had just bought our first home computer, my auntie gave me a CD rom. It was the first CD rom I had ever been given and as you can imagine because I had never been on a computer before I had no idea how to play on it. The game she gave me was The Sims. I was really excited to get it up and running on our new computer and begin playing on it.

        My dad helped me to install it onto the computer, which took us about two hours. Once it was installed on I began playing on it and picked up how to do it quickly and found the game really simple.
        It is a simulation game and what you do is:
        Create Your Sims (some people that you can choose a head, an outfit and their name, their age - whether they are adult or child - and you can create up to eight people to be in one family)
        Design Their Homes (you design the layout and what their house looks like, then you can add in furniture etc)
        Run, or Ruin Their Lives (you choose when they eat, sleep, who their friends, lovers and enemies are, what job they have, how they spend their free time etc)

        I fast became addicted to this new and exciting game, I was always playing on it, creating new sims and homes everyday. I discovered new cheats about how to get more money etc. I thought it was the most fun game I had ever played on!
        Sadly though, after playing on it so much it started to became a little bit worn. It was becoming scratched and after a while it stopped working properly. It froze a few times and then it wouldn't save, and after about two years the disc was broken.


        About a year later I realised I was starting to miss playing on The Sims, and I wanted to buy a new CD rom of it exactly the same. I searched the shelves in the supermarkets for it, but couldn't find it, I searched everywhere but it was either too expensive at around £25 or over, or they just didn't sell it. So, I decided it was time to look online. I went on eBay looking for it and there it was.
        But as I was about to click on it, I saw 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' from the corner of my eye at a lower price. I had heard of this version; my friend had it and she had told me about it being just like the original The Sims except even better.
        I clicked onto the 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' and read all about it.
        What it is:
        Basically 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' is a combination of 'The Sims' and 'The Sims 'Livin It Up'. It also includes 'The Sims Creator' which is an added feature where you can customise every detail of how you want your sims to look, it is a little bit like Paint on Windows and you can colour in their hair, eyes, clothes and style and then save new outfits which are then added to your sim's wardrobes.
        This also includes exclusive deluxe content: 25+ new objects for their houses and 50+ new clothing styles for their wardrobes.

        Before you think about buying the game, make sure your computer has the right system requirements.

        Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows XP (Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows NT are not supported)
        233 MHz Intel Pentium II processor
        64 MB RAM (128 MB required for Windows XP or if using other expansion packs for The Sims)
        4x CD/DVD-ROM drive
        1.4 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games
        High colour (800x 600 resolution) capable 2 MB video card with DirectX 7.0 compatible driver
        DirectXPictures of The Sims: Deluxe Edition (PC)
        The Sims: Deluxe Edition (PC) 7.0 compatible sound card
        Keyboard, mouse

        Installing the game is important to get right as otherwise you can have problems later on when trying to play the game. Installing doesn't usually take too long, but I suppose it depends on the age of your computer and how fast it is. Here are the instructions for installing the game which I think is relatively easy to do:

        To install 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' you do not need to have the origianl 'The Sims' already installed, but if you do already have 'The Sims' installed there is no need to uninstall it before installing this one. Before you install the game you must first clean up your system to clear space on your computer. You can do this by running Disk Cleanup, ScanDisk or Disk Defragmenter. The reason you should do this is so that there is enough space on your computer to install 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition'.To install 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition':
        Start the Windows operating system
        Close all programmes and background tasks, including virus scanners
        Put 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' CD 1 into the CD drive. The Autorun meno should appear, if it does not go to 'My Computer' from Start menu, or 'Run' on the start menu and type: "D:\start.exe"
        Click the Install button to install the game
        Read the general information and then click NEXT
        Enter the serial number. All games have individual ones and if you don't have one then you cannot play on the game. Don't put your serial number online. Once you have typed in the serial number, click NEXT
        You will be prompted to put Disc 2 into the CD drive and then Disc 1 in again, so I would recommend to stay around your computer during install to do this
        Click FINISH to exit the installer. You are ready to play!

        If, once you have installed 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition', you want to install other games from 'The Sims' such as: House Party, Hot Date and/or On Holiday then it is recommended that you uninstall 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition', then install House Party and/or Hot Date and/or On Holiday first then reinstall 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' before you can play on them.

        Since 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' already includes 'The Sims 'Livin It Up' you won't need to install this after 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition'.


        Once the game is installed you can start playing. If you are on Windows XP 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' will only work if you are logged in as the administrator
        To start 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition':
        Start the Windows operating system
        If the disc (must be Disc 1) is already in the CD drive, click START and then select Programmes>Maxis>The Sims> The Sims 800x600 or Programmes>Maxis>The Sims>1024x768. The introductory screen will appear and the game will begin.
        If Disc 1 isn't already in the CD drive then put it in, and the Autorun menu will appear. Click PLAY to start the game.

        To me playing on 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' is exactly like playing on the original version of The Sims, except that I think it is better because there are so many more items and objects for the house hold which means there is much more for the sims to do.
        You can have more families on 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' than you can on the original version of The Sims, because there are seven more neighbourhoods. At the top of the screen in neighbourhood view you will see in the left hand corner there is a number between two arrows. This is telling you which neighbourhood you are in. You can click each of the arrows to move between neighbourhoods. All the neighbourhoods are exactly the same as each other. You can put up to ten houses in each neighbourhood. As there are eight different neighbourhoods this means that when you only had the chance to make ten different houses on the original version of The Sims, you have the chance to make up to eighty different saved houses on 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' . Of course you can delete them and make more if you wanted them deleted so really you can make infinite families but on 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' you are given the chance for seventy more saved families. This is just one of the reasons why I think 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' is a million times better than the original version of The Sims.

        25+ exclusive new deluxe objects
        There are over twenty five new objects that come with 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' and these include:
        New furniture incuding a vibrating love bed: this is a heart shaped, pink and red bed which you can either put either one or two your sims to sleep in, or you can put two of them in to vibrate, and click 'play' where you can make them ahem play under the covers and sometimes a baby pops up after you have done this. There is a cloud over the sims when they are under the covers so fortunately you don't get to see what goes on under there!
        New paintings for the walls of your sim's houses, including a painting of a miserable clown - if you have this painting in your sim's house then when your sim becomes upset the clown comes to visit them in their house and follows them everywhere until they become happy again
        New mats for the floors including a tiger skin and a white bear skin
        Other random objects, such as a genie bottle which you can get your sim to rub and when they do so a genie comes out and asks them a question which you answer for them by clicking on the two answers which come up on the screen in a blue box. Sometimes good things happen out of having a genie bottle but sometimes I have had my sims rub it and then after I've answered my house will set on fire or something equally disastrous!

        To create a family from neighbourhood screen (which will be what automatically comes up when you start the game) click the blue button at the top of the screen which has a picture of two adult figures and a child in it. It is called 'import family'. This takes you onto another screen where you are able to click 'create family'. From here, the first thing you have to do would be type into the box at the top of the screen a family name. This name will be the surname of everyone you create in the family.
        For example lets say you typed in 'Jones'.
        Then you would click 'add new family member'. This takes you onto another screen where you type in their first name at the top. You then click 'male' or 'female', then 'adult' or 'child' then you choose their starsign by adding 'personality points' for how tidy, nice etc that you want them to be. You can then choose what you want their face and hair to look like, and then you choose what body shape and outfit you want them to have. Remember that after you have chosen an outfit if you later add a wardrobe to their house they can change this outfit for another one designed for their body shape.

        You can add up to eight people in a single family. Once you have made the whole family (if you wanted to you could even create your own family) you then move them into an already made house in the neighbourhood, or just an empty space of land which you can then build them a house on. The family starts off with $20,000 and the lots of land all cost different amounts depending where they are. The highest a lot of land costs is $14,000 so if you chose this one, for example, you would then only have $6,000 to build the house with.


        To start building your sims a house, when you move in go to 'build mode' which is at the bottom of the screen and you either click the logo or press F3 on the keyboard.
        You start building the house with the 'wall' tool. It costs $70 for each square of wall down so start building a small house and once your sims have earned money from their jobs you can add an extension.
        Then you add doors and windows and you can choose from a selection of different ones, at all different prices.
        Then you add the floor tiles which again you can choose from a selection of different ones, all at different prices.
        Building and designing the house is really fun and easy to get into.


        I have selected under Specific Criteria that the graphics in 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' are visually stunning. This is because I think the graphics are really good on most things, for example the actual sims themselves look realistic enough not to look cartoony and they are believable. Also I think there is so much in this that it is amazing that is has all been designed by computer technologies and I really think it is absolutely brilliant the way the designers have done it.


        As you are on the game there is music playing in the background which you have the option of keeping on or turning off. I mostly leave this on but sometimes I turn it off as it can get really annoying after about half an hour. The music was written by Jerry Martin and Marc Russo. I have no idea what genre it is but it is quite nice and relaxing, a bit cheerful and sounds like a piano playing. In 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' the soundtrack music is only music and there is no voices singing in it.
        You can also hear sounds from inside your sim's house; such as them talking to each other, fire alarms going off, the radio or TV if they are turned on, etc. When you build a house I would recommend getting a fire alarm and a burgalar alarm. These also make sounds when they are set off.

        To be able to type in a cheat you have to first open the cheat box which is a grey box that appears in the top right hand corner of the page. Press Ctrl + Shift + C to get this up.
        Some cheats I have found for 'The Sims: Deluxe Edition' are:
        If you want more money type into the box: rosebud;; then press enter and hold down until you have as much money as you want. It will say 'no such cheat' put hold enter down and it adds money anyway.
        Sometimes you get nasty bugs buzzing around your house, just click to go onto 'buy mode' or 'build mode', then select them and you can sell them for around $500!
        When you first move into the neighbourhood and you want to make new friends, (or enemies) all you have to do is put some balloons and a cake outside your house. Soon, loads of people come round and then just greet them all and then get talking. After a while you get a smiley face above their head and they become your friend. The more you talk to them the more actions are available to do to them and the closer you become.

        The best tip I can probably give you would be to make sure you have a fire alarm, which is only $50 from 'buy mode' and also a burgular alarm which is $250. The fire alarm will go off automatically if your sim's cause a fire (usually from being a bad cook) and a fireman will run round to the house straight away to put it out. Otherwise the fire will spread and your sims will eventually die.
        Sometimes at night when all your sims are asleep, or if they are all at work or school, a burgular comes round to the house. He will take as many things as he wants unless you have an alarm. If you do have an alarm the police come round automatically and will arrest him. You can earn money if he is arrested as the police usually give a reward of around $1000 for catching 'wanted burgular'. A burgular alarm is a good investment in this case because if you didn't have one you would lose money as you would need to spend to replace the items which were stolen.
        I think the game is really easy to get into. The best way to learn how to play, I think, would be by just playing around on it and see what buttons do what. I really enjoy playing on this game and think most people will too. The playability is simple but you can make it more complicated by if you have a career on this etc so really anyone can play on this.

        This game is 15+ and so not suitable for anyone younger. Although I was about twelve when I got this game, as I didn't realise the age rating until it was too late. I don't think there is anything too unsuitable or inappropriate in this game. You are controlling the lives of adults so for someone younger than twelve I wouldn't recommend this.
        You have to make your sims go to the toilet and bath or shower but whenever they are naked in this game, bubbles go over them so you don't see anything inappropriate.
        However there is a vibrating love bed in this which I mentioned before and even though you don't see anything it is obvious what the sims are up to under the covers.

        This game is unfortunatelty not available to buy from GAME or HMV. It has been around for a while now so the only places I'd expect it to be sold at would be auction sites like eBay and I wouldn't expect it to be found brand new from anywhere.
        It is on Amazon right now starting from £1.68 which is a huge bargain!

        Overall I think this is a really good game and I would recommend it to anyone who is older than fifteen years old because that is the recommended age for people to play on this. I think it is a really good simulation game, probably the best ever made. I really enjoy playing on it and think it is easy once you get into playing it. The whole point of this game is to make a family (or you could make just one person) and then you control their lives. You can do with your sims whatever you want. In this game, you are God. This game is for one player only which is why in Specific Criteria I have selected under Multiplayer 'very poor multiplayer functions'.
        The only disadvantage for me is that the disc doesn't last a very long time and gets worn out very quickly compared to other computer games.

        The Sims: Deluxe Edition is my favourite PC game of all time and I think most people will enjoy it.


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          12.08.2009 00:00



          A great simulation game that will have you working hard!

          The Sims is a great, addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours!
          You are basically God, the creator and controller of everything, from what colour hair a certain Sim has, to whether they make enough money to feed themselves!
          Sims can be children or adults, rich or poor, ugly or pretty, tidy or nasty, fat or thin! You can give your Sim a job, or build a tiny house and let it live off the rest of the 20,000 Simoleans you are given.
          The Sims Double Deluxe includes the expansion pack Livin' It Up and House Party, as well as The Sims Creator and Bonus Double Deluxe content, which all give you more items and customisations than ever before.
          I highly recommend this game, for you or your children! It is rated 7+ though, perhaps for the mild violence (when a Sim gets angry at another, there is the option ot have a fight, although the most you see is a few flailing arms and legs, with the bodies hidden under masses of smoke!), and the often passionate kissing some Sims may encounter. Sims can also be homosexual, which could possibly lead to a few awkward questions from a 7 year old!


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          28.09.2008 00:13
          Very helpful



          must have

          An excellent buy for those who's computers cant support the massive amount of needs the Sims 2 needs.

          It contains the sims originional game, living it large, house party and special content including special sets of furniture and clothes.

          For the price you can pick this up for now its an absolute bargain for the children. Will give them hours of entertainment, making families, building houses, playing them through their lives, getting promotions, falling in love etc. It is very addictive! Once you get into it dont expect to leave the computer for a week!

          Slight dissadvantage is as it takes up alot of room on the computer and needs alot to run it can be quite slow which can be frustrating.

          Also with this set you get a program where you can create clothes and people fromk scratch then import them into the main game. Its great fun for all the family!


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