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The Weakest Link (PC)

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    1 Review
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      16.01.2005 15:23
      Very helpful



      • "Multiple Choice"

      The Weakest Link

      I am sure everyone has heard of the Weakest Link. Hosted by Anne Robinson - she is depicted as the scariest host on TV. Due to the overwhelming success of the programme, the programme has been put onto a video game.

      This game was released shortly after Who Wants To Be A Millionaire did - and it had a lot to live up to. You start off in the game with a menu with four options - Single Player, Multiplayer, Championship, and Bend the Rules.

      I think you can understand what the first two are about. Both of these have a total prize moeny of £20,000 (shame it isn't real). In championship mode, you have to play as a single player. There are four levels of the game, each having more money to be one, and tougher opponents. Those at home who think the Weakest Link is easy, you will be wrong.

      The game has an overwhelming 100,000 questions in its database. This seems a lot and it is, but you still often find repeats and it doesn't take long until you think "where are the other 90,000 questions?!).

      In bend the rules, you can change who banks the money - you or whoever is answering the question. The opponents do bank sensibly which is a good thing to see - so I personally recommend you keep the setting as it is. You also see the genres of the questions (ie sport, entertainment, etc) and you can change the frequeny of how often the question is asked.

      There are 24 players to choose from - all from different backgrounds and strengths, varying from the Scouse, Computer Geek, West Indian, Indian, Londoner, etc. You cannot create a character and you cannot rename them either.

      The sounds in the game are very realistic - and you can hear all the music in the background. However, when Anne asks a question - she doesn't say the question, she will say something like "In sport, which one of these are correct?" This leads me to say that the answers are multiple choice - but in normal mode - only the first one or two questions are entered.

      The computer players can be very annoying. When they answer a question you always hear "Erm, ooh, aah" etc, and this wastes time and becomes easy irritating. In the background you can see the audience but they are not moving and you can see audience members repeated several times around the studio.

      The visuals are not stunning. You never see Anne's face unless it is a video clip, and the characters are block looking - they always are animated the same as well. What I mean by this is that every character looks away before looking at Anne or holds his hands on his hips. This may not seem bad, but I didn't like this as their movements looked limited.

      A good feature of this game is that you do not need a memory card. If you complete a round in the championship - you are presented with a password-type code you need to write down - which you can then enter on the main menu easily. The passwords are the same on other consoles as well - just a little hint there!!

      Control is very easy. You just simply have to click a button to select an answer or vote for a player.
      In terms of longetivity - it perhaps isn't massively long - and it is not the type of game that can be played over and over again as you will simply get bored. Each game takes roughly 40 minutes - and the best thing is it is incredibly hard to win a game - it took me roughly 20 times to complete one level and I am not exactly a dumb person.

      If you are playing with others - the game can be very fun so you can vote your mates off - or keep them in the game. However, I am only giving this 3 out of 5 because I find it distinctly average and there are plenty of improvements to be made.


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