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Theme Park World (PS2)

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  • boring after a while
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    8 Reviews
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      15.11.2008 23:47
      Very helpful



      Great game, using pakr rides and you to make a great theme park.

      Do you like theme parks? Do you wish you could run your own and choose your staff, choose your rides, chose your ticket price, choose your own trees and things, also ads your side shows and shops?

      Try theme park world. You first start with one park and you need to use golden tokens to work your way up to bigger and better parks to own.

      Rules: you can only have 3 parks open at any one time, you can collect about 4 tokens in each park, when you close a park you lose everything you have done in that park.

      You hire your staff to make your park better, by adding security to it, entertainment, new rides, cleanliness, and rides to keep working.
      These staff are: security guards, entertainers, researchers, cleaners and mechanics. You can have upto 5 staff and you pay them monthly, you can also train them to make them work better and have a better park overall.

      You can earn money from ticket sales to the park, the shops and also the sideshows that you can alter the steaks on.

      I think this is a great came and you can do what you want with, I also love the feature you can buy with your tokens, as you can act like you are in the park as a customer and going on rides, and using the side shows.


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      07.02.2007 12:19
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great Buy!!!!

      Theme Park World

      Well where do you start with a game like this. It’s totally wicked. I’ve loved this game for so long I used to be totally addicted to it. I just used to love making money on games like this it become a total addiction. There have been so many versions of this game that has been created for the different platforms. I have two different versions for my PS1 this version for my PS2 and I also have another version that works on my pc. I just become so embraced in this game I found it quite incredible.

      The aim of the game is to make money by building a great, fun packed well built theme park. Within the game there are four different parks that you have to build parks in. in the first park called “The Lost Kingdom: Prehistoric World” where you are given a budget of £50000.00. this is more than enough to build a good small park that will get the customers flowing in. you can change the ticket prices that the customers have to pay, but be careful if you put these to high then people wont enter your park.

      It is quite simple to build on the parks just a few little buttons and selections to make and you can place it wherever you want, providing it’s actually in the park. As well as rides you can build food and drink stored as well as other little games etc. these all help to make the theme park more like, well a theme park. Once you have created a small successful park the money will start to flow in with the ever growing population of customers and you will be able to hire scientist so that they can research new things for the park making it even better. Be careful when hiring staff because it can be expensive.

      There are loads of rides and stalls to be discovered when you are playing the game. As you progress through the game you will complete key tasks that will give you keys so that you can enter the next ark etc. once you have collected all of the relevant keys and made a ever changing exciting theme park you can move on to the next land. Each new level has new tasks, new budgets, new rides and a total new theme that will help you along the way to designing your park. As with the first level you have to complete key tasks and make sure that the park runs smoothly with security in place etc.

      The game lasts forever and I totally love it. I still play the game after maybe 4 years of having it, I find it so thrilling and entertaining. I purchased the game for around £10.00 but can be purchased a lot cheaper these days because it is quite an old game. I would say the cheapest place to get the game would be either amazon.co.uk or ebay.co.uk and is available in all good games stores as it’s always in stock because it’s such a great game. Everyone I know loves it and I truly do.

      Another great feature of the game is that when you actually build a ride you can go into your camera mode and ride the ride it’s so amazing. You get the full perspective of the people in the game. You can wander around your park to see how it looks from the customer’s point of view, play side shows and then play on the rides. I thought what an excellent piece of programming.

      To get a great help along the way you have a little man at the side of the screen that shouts out messages reminding you what you have to do for example, “your park is getting messy, get a cleaner on it straight away” another common one is “look out she’s gunna blow……or I suppose you could fix it”. These little lines do help you along the way to maintaining your park and making it better than ever.

      When you purchase the game you have the standard PlayStation 2 box and then inside a slot for your memory card and a booklet with instructions on how to use the buttons of the game but no-one ever reads these do they so it’s pretty worthless. And most importantly the game is stored there as well. The game was created by EA Games in 2002 and has been ever-changing since.

      The games graphic are pretty standard considering it was made so long ago. Games have been created since and the graphics are a total load better and the same goes for the sound really. There are theme tunes that get played throughout the game and if you zoom into the theme park then you are able to hear all of the people screaming on the rides and features as such. I thought that this was quite a neat feature of the game.

      I think that this game is great and I would recommend it to anyone who likes playing games which involve building, making money and having fun. It has all three with its great features and abilities to the game. Excellent game, 10/10.

      Thank you for reading this review and I hope to be hearing from you soon.


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        15.09.2004 21:43
        Very helpful



        • "boring after a while"

        Theme Park World for the PS2 was released into the UK in May 2002. Based on the highly popular PC version, this classic simulation game has been updated with better 3D graphics, different islands and slightly different rides. But does it cut the mustard?

        *** Getting started ***

        What attracts me to PS2 games is the fact that nothing has to be installed. You just put the game in and off you go. You obviously need a controller and memory card because these allow you to firstly play the game, and secondly to save it.

        At the beginning you first see video clips as an introduction like with most games. I personally find these boring so you can skip them by pressing the 'start' button on your controller. That's another difference to the PC version; everything is played using a controller not keypad (an obvious fact but still one to point out).

        Then you choose what language you want to play in. There are three languages to choose from, English is the obvious choice here in Britain so you click on that. Next you are presented with a screen asking you whether you want to load a game, start a new game or options. The options aren't anything special though so they aren't worth going on.

        Once in a new game you will find that it tells you everything and at the top right hand side of the screen you will find a picture that looks like the controls on your controller. It then shows which button to press for each option. This is there all the time no matter how experienced you are at the game.

        *** Controls and ease of use ***

        The controls for the game are simple enough. The game guides you through the controls as soon as you start so that's extremely helpful and makes it really easy to play. I didn't find any difficulty with the controls all throughout the game. If you do get stuck however, the instruction manual is really helpful.

        *** Object of the game ***

        The object of the game is to make your park as popular as possible. You have three goals on each island, when you pass one island the goals get a little more difficult. The goals are:

        1) To get a certain amount of money
        2) To get a certain amount of visitors
        3) To keep the park running well for a certain amount of time.

        The goals stay the same on each island but the amount of money and visitors that are needed tends to go up the higher the level/island you are on. There is a message section in the game that shows up in the bottom left hand side of the screen that reminds you what your goals are and also gives vital information about your park. Below you will find more information on the messages function.

        *** Messages ***

        As mentioned above, the messages you get are vital clues as to what you have to do to improve your park and whether or not your visitors are happy. Don't get this confused with the stats section though! It tells you the important vital information, not overall statistics.

        Your park guide sends the messages. I've found they can be extremely annoying especially when they come up saying the same things all the time. It gets annoying not being able to turn them off too and although they are there to help, I feel after a certain amount of experience with the game, the messages just aren't needed. Also you have to remember to delete messages. If you don't, you are left with quite a lot in your message inbox and not enough time to delete them and see which ones are important etc. Some message examples are:

        1) Your park is getting messy; you need to get your cleaners to tidy it up.
        2) Your visitors think your entry price is too low
        3) Your visitors are getting hungrier, build some more shops

        So the messages can be helpful as you can see but after a while you'll figure everything out without them. The main three messages you need to really look at are the goals so you can see how far you've got to go before you meet them.

        *** Goals equal golden tickets ***

        So I've mentioned about the goals of the game but what exactly happens once you have met them? Well you get a golden ticket.

        You need the golden tickets to move on to the next island. At the beginning of the game you get the chance to choose which island you want to do. At the beginning there is just one island to choose from. However when you move along the map you will see more islands but these need more golden tickets to be able to access them. Therefore it is vital that you complete the earlier level goals in order to be able to progress.

        It's not just goals that gain you gold tickets however as you can also get them by winning awards for your park. Winning awards for the bets kept park for example, will boost your reputation and also gain you a golden ticket.

        *** Islands ***

        There are four different islands I have found so far and they are:

        * Prehistoric
        * Halloween World
        * Space Zone
        * Wonderland

        Each has a different theme and different rides and shops. Not all rides and shops are different though but they have new ones in each level to fit the theme.
        The islands are a great addition to the game I think and it adds to the excitement of the game.

        *** How to achieve the goals ***

        In order to achieve the goals to reach the islands you must be aware of what the visitors to your park want. The messages section helps you out here and so does the visitor section in the laptop (more on that shortly). Basically though I've found the main ways to keep visitors happy is to:

        1) Build as many rides as possible
        2) Build as many shops as possible
        3) Have plenty of toilets around
        4) Research more things for your park
        5) Have a couple of entertainers hired in your park

        If you follow those tips you will probably still go wrong, but you'll keep your visitors happier than they would be if you didn't do them!

        I've found visitors are extremely hard to keep happy. It's quite a tough game in that respect but if you do follow the above steps I've found I manage to pull through just about and earn profit too which goes towards your other goal.

        Now as I mentioned earlier, the laptop option on the main screen can be extremely helpful. So now, here's a little rundown of the laptop.

        *** The Laptop ***

        This is where you will find all the information you need to play the game. You will find it on the top right hand side of the screen. It even tells you which button to press to get to it.

        Once on the screen you will find options to:

        1) Build and Hire
        2) Research
        3) Park statistics
        4) Financial information
        5) Game options
        6) Close Park

        ** Build and Hire **

        There are two options available here and those are items and staff.

        Under items you get to see how many rides, shops, sideshows and features you have left in stock. This is useful information because if you run out of anything you have to first delete an older one before you can get another in stock.

        In the staff menu you get to see how many staff you have hired and if you click on each sub category you will see the staff individually and how much you are paying them. From here you can choose to rain them up, give them a pay rise/reduction or to sack them.

        ** Research **

        Research is a very important part of the game if you want to improve your park. I've always loved the research section, it stems back to when I used to play it on the PC.

        You can research new rides, shops, sideshows, features and upgrades. Each will be explained later.

        I have to say I am disappointed with the research in this game. I find you can't research as many things as you could on the PC version. I don't find it as exciting and I keep getting to the point where I have researched everything there is to research which either means to me means the game is too easy and there aren't enough research options.

        ** Park Statistics **

        I mentioned earlier not to get confused between the messages and the park statistics. The actual statistics are a really important part of the game. They tell you visitor information, statistics, park finance and awards.

        The main important feature here is the visitor information. It tells you how many people are happy in your park, how many people are unhappy and how many people are undecided. Your aim is obviously to make visitors happy and personally I've found this extremely hard to do.
        It also tells you what the visitors main thoughts are and looking at my screen right now, they are mainly hungry and thirsty. There are god knows how many food and drink shops there but that doesn't seem to make them happy!

        There's also information on how many people have visited your park (you'll need to know that for one of the goals), and from here you can change your ticket prices.

        ** Financial Information **

        This gives you a rundown on your current financial situation compared to last year's financial information (depending on how long your park has been open). It seems this year my park is doing worse than last year. This is useful information because it lets you know whether you are doing anything wrong and if so you know you then need to change it.

        It also shows you an overall balance, which shows you how much you have earned and paid out on everything.

        ** Game options **

        Here you'll find usual options such as music volume, sfx, Save game, and quit game. You can also turn off the tutorial from here too, which is handy if you get sick of it when you are an experienced player. It doesn't seem to stop the advisor popping up though!

        So a lot of options there that cover most of the game. There are still loads of things to mention but in order to keep this review to a suitable length I've decided to just mention a couple of points about the most important things I have left out. The rest of the information you will find in the manual.

        *** Rides and Shops ***

        There are three types of rides; track rides, tour rides and normal rides. Under track rides you will find roller coasters and kart racing etc. I'm not sure what the tour rides are yet as I haven't come across any but there are quite a few normal rides that can be researched. Speaking of research, there's also ride upgrades you can get that will make the rides safer and more exciting. You can change the settings on the rides once you have placed them to make them faster and to hold more people. This can make the ride more dangerous though so be careful!

        The shops I wasn't too impressed with. This was because when you have placed a shop, you can choose few options for them. My favourite shops with the better options are the food shops. You can choose how much salt the visitors get on their fries for example. The more salt you add the less money you have to pay for the stock. There aren't as many shops as there are rides, which is a little disappointing. Another disadvantage with the shops is that on the PC version you had to reorder stock when it got low. On here that doesn't happen, stock never seems to get low. I preferred that option though and would have liked to have seen it on this game to make it slightly more challenging.

        *** Sideshows ***

        The sideshows are worth a little mention because I have found these make the most profit. They don't lose you anything apart from the price to buy them at first and the more popular they get you'll find you can higher their price. They have definitely been my main income earner!

        *** Staff ***

        It is vital to hire staff to keep your park going. Cleaners, security guards, entertainers and mechanics are all needed. This does use up quite a lot of wages though so it's best to hire around one of each at first until you start raking in the profits.

        When hiring look through the list carefully so that you can see which staff will cost you the least amount of money for example the staff expect a certain minimum wage. Some will expect more than others so look carefully!

        The thing I tend to do with the staff is just plonk them anywhere. The advisor doesn't really like this though and I am forever being told to set patrol areas for my staff. That way they each do a different part and it all gets covered evenly. I still don't bother with it as much as I should though!

        The final point about the staff is that they need a staff room. They need to be able to rest when they get tired otherwise they will quit. After all, when you're at work don't you need a break? Put one there for them and they'll be generally happy (until they want a pay rise or they threaten to quit!).

        *** Graphics ***

        The graphics I find are quite good. I like the 3d graphics instead of the flat ones as in the pc version. I also love the fact that you can now go into visitor mode where you can ride on the rides and go around your park seeing things from a visitors point of view. It can be quite fun!

        *** My overall opinion of the game ***

        I feel this game is mainly for younger players even though all ages do enjoy it. This is due to the fact that the game gets very repetitive and quite boring after a while. The music is also a little on the young side and I tend to turn it off because otherwise it gets on my nerves.

        All in all for the following I'd give the game:

        Controls: *****

        The controls are extremely easy and there's no complication there whatsoever like I mentioned before. So they get 5 stars from me.

        Playability: *****

        The game is really easy to play and suitable for most age groups. No problems here so 5 stars from me.

        Sound **

        The sound wasn't really my thing. It annoyed me and it seems to be aimed more towards the younger audience so it's great for kids. 2 stars out of 5.

        Enjoyability ***

        Before getting bored of the game I actually found it really enjoyable. This didn't last for too long though so 3 stars out of 5 from me.

        Options available ****

        Although there weren't as many options as I'd have liked, I still feel there is plenty to do so 4 stars out of 5 here.

        Well there you have it. I hope this review has helped you make up your mind whether or not to buy the game. I feel it was a little disappointing compared to the PC version but it's still ok to have in to play every now and again. If you do fancy picking up a copy you can buy it new from game shops for around £15 or you can buy second hand from ebay or amazon (like I did) for £4. As with all things, prices vary depending on where you shop!

        Aimee xxx


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          01.03.2004 20:56
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Full review ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- I bought this game a few years back now and have just recently started playing it again, It does get boring after a couple of weeks, bbut it is a game you can go back to and start over. I cant remember how much i bought the game for originally but you can get on ebay for £5 - £10 now which is quite cheap. The game was developed by Bullfrog, and was published by EA. Theme Park Roller Coaster is the PS2 adaptation of (And more commonly known as) the PSX game Theme Park World, which was originally called Sim Theme Park on the PC, gotta love constant renaming of games. The goal in each and every Theme Park game has remained constant; make your theme park succeed at any cost. While the methods required to achieve this goal have changed from game to game, the principle goal remains the same. For example, in the original Theme Park, success was determined entirely by business success and financial power. You also had to crush all of your competitors in every ranking category before you could move on to another park. This particular goal has become much easier to attain in Theme Park World. Now all you have to do is earn enough golden tickets to move on to a particular park. You acquire golden tickets by reaching a certain goal, like having X number of ticket sales. This new method is easier, but it takes a lot of the fun out of the game. You really felt a sense of accomplishment when you were able to move on to a new park, now, it's just a regular occurrence. Visually speaking, the game is pretty much flawless, with several instances of special effects and moving parts being used and seen throughout the game. You have to play attention to the visuals and all aspects of your parks because you have to be able to read the signs over the rides and the people in general to know just what it is that they want or need! What the signs are, you can find
          in the instruction book and then make the necessary adjustments until you have nothing but smiling faces everywhere. Different parks all have a different theme, where one will be based on a jungle; another will be based on a horror theme. This adds more variety to the game in what you see, and all of the parks have there own unique style that is immediate apparent from the start! One of the coolest features of the visuals is the roller coaster view in which you can ride one of your own creations and experience the highs and lows for yourself. The game has plenty of great features, and not many flaws. If you place a bunch of bad, early parts at the front of your amusement park, then when you get a little more money, you're forced to place the better rides or coasters in the back of the park, which will get little to no attention. Hey, if you cannot see it, how can you ride it? It is simple, basic-minded street smarts that can make you a huge success in this game, which makes it a marvelous masterpiece in it's own. This game, in a word, is ''Drug.'' Because much like a drug, it is addicting and will dethrone your outside life. Truly a great simulation game. Buy or Rent ? If you were going to buy or rent this game I would say rent it first, and then if you like it a lot, just buy it at your local store. This game is not very rare to find or at least where I live. But I would say to rent before you buy this game.


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            11.05.2002 06:24
            Very helpful



            This game is an absolutely brilliant game and is a must for anyone that likes simulations. Having originally owned the Playstation version of Theme Park World I was unsure whether or not I should buy the game for the playstation 2. After viewing screen shots etc. I decided to buy the game and have not regretted it at all. The graphics have been updated and the gameplay is much smoother. Basically the idea of the game is to build your own theme park... You set all of the prices and make all the decisions (even down to the amount of salt on your fries)... Whilst building your park you will earn Golden Tickets for completing various tasks (some of which you are set to do and some are hidden). Once you have gained enough Golden tickets you can move on to open a new park elsewhere. Each new park you open has a completely different set of rides and shops to build so the fun starts all over again with each park opened. You can also return to any of your old parks at any time to update them.. or start them from scratch. This game is an absolute must for people that are into simulation games. Your visitors get unhappy, and hungry if there aren't enough food outlets and every detail has been thought out in this game. Although the parks do take some time to load (not too long considering the amount of data contained in one park) it is well worth the wait and after the intial loading of the park there is absolutely no lag during the creation/running of the park whatsoever. I would also recommend the playstation 2 version for anyone with a PS2 that has already played the original playstation version as the graphics and gameplay have been greatly improved. Great game to sit and play when your mates come round for a drink... you'll be on it for hours arguing over who to employ and how much to charge for things etc. Overall a top (very addictive!) game.


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              01.02.2002 15:53
              Very helpful



              Theme Park World is brought to you by EA and Bullfrog, both companies have had successful titles such as the original Theme Park, and the EA Sports Series. Theme Park World is the third instalment in the "theme" series following on from Theme Park and Theme Hospital. Theme Park World is currently available for both the PC and the PSONE but as expected the PS2 version features superior graphics than either version. GRAPHICS It is fair to say that when it comes to graphics the team behind TPW have opted for bright coloured cartoon-like images. Every Theme Park you visit is splashed in colour including the dull Halloween Park. The gamer is treated to an aerial view of the park or once they have completed the park (or when in the process) they can wander around passing other visitors in the park in a first person mode. The characters that you pass are nothing special at all - in fact they are rather ugly, blocky characters. Although it would be fair to say that the graphics are a huge step forward from the PSONE version one can't help but think how much better the game would look with smooth graphics. The rides, shops, and accessories are al displayed in 3D, but it is very basic 3D. Displayed in the corner of the gamers screen are four buttons - there function is to tell you what the cross, square, circle, and triangle button does so you will never be lost when playing the game. Although the graphics aren't revolutionary they are bright and colourful ideal for children - let's face it TPW is a children's game. 12/20 SOUND TPW provides the usual clicks and sound effects expected in a theme park game. Background music is minimal, when you do hear it the music is very typical of what you would expect to hear at a typical Theme Park or funfair. The sounds are atmospheric; you hear the rollercoaster chugging along on the tracks, the screams of children as they experience the thrills of rides, and the general chit-c
              hatter in the background (no surprises here then). Unfortunately ignoring the rollercoaster chugging nothing stands out as being particularly special sound wise. 13/20 GAMEPLAY The concept of TPW is simple. The gamer starts with $30,000, an expansive plot of land, and an annoying tutor to guide the gamer throughout the course of the game. You must transform your empty plot of land into a state of the art theme park. General aims in the game are; earn money, win awards, keep your park in business, and keep you visitors happy. The main is to receive gold tickets, the more gold tickets you get the more theme parks you unlock (think Tony Hawks, collect tapes - open skate parks etc). Each park has a different theme, and over the top title such as "Halloween World: Realm Of Terror". The main difference between each park is the theme, aside from differently themed rides each park is practically identical - it is not possible to pick a park and say "that is unique" because the aims and features from level to level don't vary much. There is a lot to do in TPW tactically to stay in business, and if you are short of cash (which you will be at some stage) then you can take out a loan that will undoubtedly bring you into the cycle of debt. To ensure business is good using tactics you can alter various things; the entrance fee, the rides, the shops, the sideshows, the fat in burgers, the salt on the fries, and other tiny little details including the hiring and firing of your staff that you will get to know and love. If you like the concept of building a theme park then it is well worth a look at this title, but when you have titles such as Silent Hill 2, and Metal Gear Solid 2 on the horizon you have to wonder if a game that lets you alter how much ice is put in coke is really for you? 16/25 LIFESPAN With a selection of parks and various rides in theory Theme Park World should last you for a couple of days - h
              owever with TPW it is more of a question of how quickly can I complete this and see the ending of this tedious repetitive game. If you are a small child (which you probably are not) then this will keep you going for hours, you will try to make your rollercoaster better than your mates, and you will be determined to build the most elaborate theme park ever (regardless of any sort of budget or finance), however if you are not a small child (most likely) then this game will bore you after a while - sure the idea of building a theme park will appeal but trust me the novelty will wear off after a few hours or days. Theme Park World doesn't last a great amount of time but is not one of the shortest of games either. 13/25 ORIGINALITY When Theme Park first came around it was an original concept, the only real difference between TPW and the original is the graphics are in 3D. It has to be said that there are not too many games like TPW even today - but if you have played the original don't expect a massive change. 6/10 OVERALL This is a game that you should only buy if the genre really appeals to you, if not then you shouldn't really look at it twice. If a small child who is PS2 inept wants a game to bring them into the gaming world then this is the game - it is user friendly and self-explanatory providing the child will listen. Let me just emphasise who this game is for one last time - CHILDREN! 60%


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                03.03.2001 09:11
                Very helpful



                Hi my name is Igor and here is my opinion about very popular game: Theme Park. I think that it is very good, nice, interesting and it really famous game. All people in all countries and in all cities like to enjoy of parks. More famous parks are situated in: France, Los Angeles, Spain, Florida and others different places of the world. But of course there is no the park of your dream all over the world it is always something come short. And now appeared the new game where you cannot only build the park of your dream else you can earn money in your theme park. This game is call Theme Park. If you want to build the best park in the world and have very big population you should do the following: At first you should choose the country where you want to begin your great construction of park. At the beginning of the game you have not much money to build your park in others regions except Great Britain because the price for the territory is $ 0. But if you want to build it in others countries you must pay money for the territory. But I recommend building your park in others countries only after you will sell on auction your first park. OK, when you will buy the territory you should build shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and of course attractions. At first time when you will not understand something in prices use the advices of helpman. He always give you a lot of advices about the prices, admission charge, about what the visitors of your park like what not and others. Of course if you want your park to be popular and interesting for visitors you should to hire on work some clowns and guards. Every year you will receive new kinds of restaurants, bars and attractions. And of course new kinds of buses they will be change from little bus to big bus with two floors in it. Else I can tell that there are very good graphic and sound effects. And I am sure on 100% that if you like economic strategy you will play this game all of your freet


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                  07.02.2001 00:41



                  In Japan this games sound track has hit the top-spot in the music charts, with weeklong queues queuing for it, so the sound track ent half bad. But also in Japan the developers of this game are named Gods. The visual of this game is excellent and lavish appearances all the way through startle you, also the gameplay runs as a gem flowing from one to another, this game will last you for weeks and weeks apon end. This game is 10 times better then Final Fantasy 8, and overall these fine elements add up to one of the best value-for-money packages around, exceptional, 9/10.


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                • Product Details

                  A simulation game developed by Bullfrog and published by Electronics Arts. In Theme Park World you can build the roller coaster. With improved graphics and improved sound

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