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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory (PC)

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Manufacturer: Ubi Soft / Genre: Adventure / Platform: Windows / Distribution Media: CD-ROM / Release Date: Q1, 2005

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2009 14:46
      Very helpful
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      Third one that you must play.

      I finished this game les than 24 hours ago, full of impressions I have decided to write a review.

      Now story is typical Clancy like. Again you play a role of Sam Fisher NSA agent / ninja that has to find out who has launch an attacked on USA Ship. Was in North Korea? Japan? South Korea? You will have to hack computers, brake in the most heavily guarded building and eliminate treats. As for the story goes a have nothing against it. Its interesting and complex, fun to follow it.
      There is a lot of location that you will have to "visit" to end the game. Location are very different so game play is interesting. A little indoors, outdoors, roof, canalization,...
      Missions are interesting to play, but I didn't like that there was a few time limited missions. If I have to complete a mission in a specific time that sort of ruins a game for me. I like splinter cell just because I can think and plan and use all sort of gadgets to slowly come to the goal of the mission, not being spotted. If I have limited time I can't do the way I like it.
      As for the game play there isn't much difference. I have missed some movies from the previous ones. There was some new moves, but u can't use them very often. Now the only thing that I didn't like it was the fact that the enemies don't die when u shot them in the head. I empty the whole clip in them but they just don't die. And that happen several time, making me fail the mission. This happen to several of people that I know that they played the game.
      Gadgets are cooler. Maybe there should be some better sniper mode, because this one is pretty lame.
      Voices are again great. The complete sound is excellent, graphic are also excellent. Moment is the best from the third person games out there.

      All in all this is an excellent game.

      -:Enemy don't die when shoot in the head
      Sum: Third one that you must play.


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