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Turbo Pizza (PC)

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Manufacturer: Playfirst / Genre: Kids Games

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    1 Review
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      24.04.2012 21:18
      Very helpful



      Great time management game for those looking for an introduction into the genre

      Turbo Pizza is one of the first in the Turbo series, and is developed by Playfirst who have made games like Diner Dash and Wedding Dash. I quite like the format of games like this where you have to manage things such as cafes and restaurants, and found Turbo Pizza to be a great addition to this style of game.

      I bought this game from BigFishGames a while back, and I think it is around the price range of £3. However, it can also be found in other places such as Yahoo Games or Sky Games. Many of these websites also let you play an hour free trial of the game to see if you'd like it, and I found this a decent amount of time to know whether I wanted to purchase Turbo Pizza. Even if you don't want to purchase a game, I think that downloading Turbo Pizza for this short time is actually enough to keep people interested and it serves as a great break type game.

      In Turbo Pizza, you follow the storyline of friends Rebecca and Robert who open up a pizza place in a castle. Throughout the story, you are taken through various levels and areas where their pizza business expands and they are faced with the usual time management game issue of having various enemies try and overtake them.

      The gameplay itself is really simple, as the game only requires you to click and ensure everything is done within the time limit and you reach the end level goal. Customers will place their orders at the counter, and then you must control Rebecca to take and deliver the orders while making Robert make the pizza for the customer. It is very simple and the opening levels you play through are really great at helping you understand how to play.

      Aside from the regular gameplay of doing stuff like this, it is split up also into smaller sections with minigames dotted about around it. They make a nice change from the levels of the game itself and are around 2 minutes long, where you get a chance to gain money to upgrade your cafe. The most common is where you have to select ingredients off a line and make the pizza as shown in the design above it.

      There was a great variety in the game as the levels are not too repetitive and there is a lot of different customers that come in and you have to deal with such as knights, students, golfers and bookworms. As the levels go on, it does get quite hard and you have to make sure that you know how to organise yourself and do everything well, as I found it harder and harder to get that goal at the end of the level.

      There aren't any trophies or things like that to keep you motivated when playing, however they do have the opportunity to upgrade your cafe with the money you earn through the levels. I found this was quite a nice addition and did keep me wanting to play to upgrade the entire cafe.

      The graphics used are great as usual for Playfirst, as they are always quite detailed and sharp. The customers designed look great and the little animations they do really add to the overall affect of the game. The music used also fits in and I would say that it didn't ever get annoying for me and matched the pace you play at well.

      Overall, I would recommend this game to those who aren't that familiar with time management games, as it is one of the easier ones when you compare it with other popular ones like Diner Dash. It's a great introduction into time management games, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a fun game to play whether its an hour or 15 minutes.


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  • Product Details

    Open a pizza palace in a refurbished rundown castle and wow your guests with secret family recipes. Rebecca and Robert set out to build a successful pizzeria franchise and improve on their management skills. Save money to spend on new appliances, better menu items or developing their skills. Accumulate enough to open a second location in an even more unique setting.

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