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Turbo Subs (PC)

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Manufacturer: Playfirst / Genre: Kids Games

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2012 19:14
      Very helpful



      A decent time management game for new players in Turbo series

      Turbo Subs is the latest within the series of Turbo games, a second after the release of Turbo Pizza. I love both time management games and Turbo Pizza, so thought that Turbo Subs would be a great addition to this genre. While it was designed well and fun at many of the aspects, I did not find it as good as the previous and thought it could have been better.

      I bought this game from Big Fish Games, however it also is available from websites such as Yahoo or Sky games. However, I find that Big Fish Games are one of the better companies and they allow you to download the game again if you ever are to delete it by accident. It cost around £3 if I recall, and I think it is at the same price now still. You can also trial it from these websites for an hour which is definitely enough time to know if you'll like it or not.

      The story still revolves around two friends Rebecca and Robert, who go on a vacation to New York. While there, they open up a subway store, and begin yet another food business. The story goes to many locations, and we see how both friends deal with problems in their locations and the enemies they face who are determined to stop them succeeding.

      The main aim of the game is to finish with a specific amount of money and pass the goals that the levels are set at. The way in which it was laid out really reminded me of Turbo Pizza, and it pretty much was the same aside from the fact that now they are making different products. Thinking about it, the restaurants had the exact same layout to each other and both the characters had the same role - Robert making sandwiches while Rebecca serves the customers and picking up tips left behind.

      There's quite a lot of variety in the 60 levels and it does get harder if it is your first time playing the Turbo series due to all the new additions they throw in. This could vary from serving more of the different products like fizzy drinks, crisps, cotton candy and then toasting some of the sandwiches.

      Also, between the levels, they have a hidden object mini game which was quite a nice addition as it didn't make the other levels seem very repetitive and like they were going on forever. In these levels, you just had to find objects around the shop to clean it up, and usually this was quite easy, however it gives you a nice bonus at the end.

      Aside from just trying to progress to the next level within the game, there is also the motivation to purchase upgrades for your shops ranging from faster working machines that make your product, snacks that give you more money when you serve them, things to make Rebecca and Robert work faster and prettier insides to the shop.

      The graphics are great in the game and really detailed, those who have played the series before will be used to them. There was a great mix of customers and they each were designed really well with nice quirks and details making them different from one another. All of the animations were very sharp and crisp to. The music fit in well with the overall game experience and I didn't think it got annoying at any point really.

      I found this game quite easy, but I think it was just due to the fact I had played Turbo Pizza so much before. For those who have never played a game within the Turbo series, I would think they would find this game very enjoyable as it is high paced and one of the best time management games out there. But for those who have played Turbo Pizza, I would not recommend it, as it is way too similar to Turbo Subs and is basically the same just with some minor changes.

      Overall, I found this to be an enjoyable game, however much it was deja vu from the previous games I played in the series. It is well designed with a lot to do, and I would definitely recommend it to those interested in the time management genre


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  • Product Details

    Sequel to Turbo Pizza. Build the best sub franchise in town!

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