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UEFA Champions League 2004-2005 (PC)

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Genre: Sports / Manufacturer: Electronic Arts

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2005 20:23
      Very helpful



      Everybody loves football right? There are certainly some exceptions of individuals (mostly of female nature) who just cant stand hearing this word.Football for them would mean ..."oh christ , he's gonna call all his friends and they will start drinking beers , make funny noises (the most common one is this "goooaaaaal" thing) , throw stuff on tv...etc etc.But except from watching football we (i mean football fans) also like to play football.People with the supernatural ability to keep running and kicking the ball for more than 5 minutes will likely to prefer doing this activity outdoors , while people like me with the ability to smoke and drink more often than getting fresh air would prefer to "run" the installation , kick the keyboard and start scoring goals simply by clicking some buttons.Cool eh?
      Now lets get to the point.Computer based football simulation games...Uefa champions league 2004-2005 hit the stores.So what?Who needs another football simulation when fifa and evolution pro are already there?Well the point is that EA sports is trying to get some more attention after Evo pro dominated in the battle for the best football game.They just released another fifa based game with some minor changes(the name of the game).Lets see what have they done there.
      The first thing that really impressed me was the soundtrack.Yeah...bonobo , LCD soundsystem , Swayzak etc.Its the first ever soundtrack for a football game that didnt include mainstream looking guys like Tiesto.I really liked that so i proceded to the start new game thing hoping to be impressed there too.
      The main part of this "another EA game" is the season mode.You are able to create your manager (face , clothes ...yeap barbie stuff).I really get bored by things like that and i am not a fan of sims....so i just pressed the "ok i'm done , get me to the game" button.And then...it gets even more complicated.This mode isnt just about picking up your team and getting ready to celebrate another european cup in your virtual life.You get tasks by your boss and these tasks include : changing formations , buying/selling players,scoring certain amount of goals(yeahh he might just come to you and say...dude you have to score 3 goals in this match).If you just got scared by this , dont be.If you dont complete the task you just wont be getting some bonus points.This points are used for buying some hidden surprises like stadiums,players,balls and other "shocking" updates this game have to offer.Seriously...who needs all these?Nevermind.Before i take you to the game i will remind you that there are other game modes as well.Play now(quick match) , My champions league (you could make some variations to your squads and players),Tournament , Practice ...Impressed?No?ok.
      Rich graphics.Very very good sound , the commentaries in and after the match (especially those after) were quite impressing.The atmosphere on the pitch with fans screaming and shouting gets you excited,the slow motion replays were also of a good value.After playing the first game a sense of deja vu got me.Am i playing Fifa 2005 again?Everything is so the same..the movement , the passing ...all the same.Was i drunk again?I pressed the eject button on my cd-rom , i looked again , nope it was Uefa champions league.Although it is not a bad game , it just gets boring for those who played Fifa2005.
      My advice is :dont get bothered bying this one.Keep your money buy some beers , call your friends and start a tournament in Evolution Pro.


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