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Virtual Snooker (PC)

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    1 Review
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      28.05.2001 07:23
      Very helpful
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      Virtual Snooker, despite it's simplicity, is nevertheless a fun, challenge, and addictive game to play. Naturally, it doesn't offer a great deal of variance, purely snooker based, yet this game is such that it can improve your actual playing of the game as you learn to judge your shots. The game is endorsed by Steve Davis and Ronnie O'Sullivan. Davis, a 6 times world champion, presents the game, and offers a series of short video clips to demonstrate various techniques and shots, which I have found brilliant to watch. These include the break off shot, to effective safety play, playing snookers, reading the score, swerving the ball, playing with side. If you're a snooker fan, there's even included a video of the first televised 147 break from the 80s, with Steve's own personal commentary included, which, again, is a joy to watch. The game itself is as good as a snooker simulation will ever get. The graphics, angles, physics of the game, as far as I'm concerned, are spot-on. It really does simulate the playing of the game. The only discrepancy I have, is that other balls and the cushions aren't considered to be an obstruction when lining up for any particular shot; for example, meaning your cue, when one may have to bridge or play over the top of a ball, could play straight through it, as though it were invisible, or if the white ball were tight on the cushion, you could hit the ball at the bottom, as though the cushion wasn't there. However, Interplay have corrected this in further ball game simulations (Virtual Pool 2 & 3). With regards to playing the game, you have the options of two human players, playing the computer (about 12 players, from very easy to very difficult - the mighty Steve Davis himself), playing over the net, and practising. The graphics are simple and effective. The only options here are the inclusion of a background, and the colour of the table, yet where it counts, it's importan
      t. Likewise, the sounds are basic, yet the video clips are clear and potting sounds aren't too bad, depending on your sound card. You can alter various factors, including mouse sensitivity, restoring positions, and you have options to move the view freely around the table and zooming in and out by holding down the mouse buttons. This game is essential for snooker fans, not only because of the wonderful video clips offered, but because it far exceeds any competetors when it comes to the playing of the game, even Jimmy White's endorsed game. This comes with a sizable manual of clear instructions. Amazingly additive for such a genre, this game is the best around with regards to snooker.


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