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WLR: Hotel Giant (PC)

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: GSP / Genre: Simualation

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    4 Reviews
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      29.05.2009 20:43
      Very helpful



      A fantastic business simulation game that really is very fun!

      Hotel Giant is a business simulation game that as the title suggests allows you to build, design and manage your very own hotel in up to 23 of the locations available to choose from. I bought this game for just £5 from Game in a 2 for 10 deal and so I was not expecting this game to be very good. The game was released in May 2007 and so has been around for a long time now.

      What I loved about the game is that it had a Sims approach in that not only do you get to design and manage your hotel but you can also follow your guests around and find out from them what they liked and hated about the whole experience of being at your hotel! The graphics are actually very impressive especially considering that it was released in 2002.

      I found the game overall to be very easy to install and considering it required a minimal PC spec and required little hard drive space I was pleased. The interface and controls of the game are very good at it really does improve the overall enjoyment of the game. Considering this game is just £5 I really would recommend this game especially if you have tried and liked any of the Tycoon game series before.

      I must admit I didn't like how long the tutorial was because it just lasted too long and consdiering I could work out the controls quite easily on my own I quickly became bored. I love how the game really does with features such as over 400 interior designs being available allow you too make the hotel yours and have it very personalised. There is 3 different camera angles avvailable to choose from which I found very useful, helping to enrich the gaming experience.

      The game for £5 really is a gem and is well worth the money, it does not compare with modern day simulation games such as Aiport Tycoon 3 however, it really is a great deal of fun and I would really recommend it. The whole concept of building a hotel by yourself from start to finish I really think is an excellent one. On that fron the game really does deliver and I would really recommend it. Despite there being no multiplayer and the game being slightly out dated now I really did find this game to be very enjoyable. I hope you found this useful and thank you very much for reading this!


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      22.05.2009 21:11
      Very helpful



      A good fun game - if a little frustrating.

      In this game you run a hotel, the main purpose of the game is to keep the customers happy whilst also meeting the requirements for each level.

      I began the game by playing the tutorial which I found was a bit long winded and went on for too long. Once I had finished this I had forgotten lots of the things it told me first.

      You begin with an empty hotel, you have to build everything, from the rooms to the lights. This gives you a lot of ownership over the hotel as you start from scratch. I found it was very hard to make the customers happy, they would often complain saying the room was too big there wasnt a restaurant, there wasnt a sofa in there room. But of course if you do all of these things you run out of money!

      There is then the added frustration of getting the guests in the first place, there is lots of different type of room you can build and I never seem to be able to build the right rooms to attract customers!

      Overall a very enjoyable game, however a bit frustrating.


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      28.11.2008 18:52
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good value for money

      Hotel Giant is very much like the Sims games that are about. The graphics are not great but adequate for the purpose of the game.

      When you load the game, you have the option of the tutorial, i chose this as i had no idea what to do. However, it was very tiresome and long winded, it wanted you to try out all of the actions before moving on to learn the next one. I got bored and quit to the main menu and opted to start a proper game instead.

      The idea of the game is that you start with an empty building. You have to buy fixtures and fittings to build the lobby, restaurant, bar, bedrooms etc. Once you have a reasonable looking hotel, you can open for business and welcome the throng of customers. Well... of course it starts very slowly, advertising will help but if you get bored you can fast forward a week.

      The next part of the game is keeping your customers happy. This is so much harder than i thought. "The rooms are not big enough", "the conference centre is not big enough", "my room doesnt have a tv" etc. etc. You soon learn how to accommodate.

      Overall, this game had me glued to my pc for many hours (until my eyes hurt!) trying to keep my guests happy and make lots of money! For £3.99 i thought it very good value for money.


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        11.11.2008 14:39
        Very helpful



        Outstanding value for money, worth a go but dont expect too much

        Hotel Giant developed by JoWooD needs these system requirements:

        Windows® 95/98/ME/2000/XP
        Pentium® II 350 MHz or higher
        128 MB RAM
        700 MB free hard disk space
        4x CD-ROM drive
        16MB 3D video card
        Win-compatible sound card
        DirectX® 8.0a
        Keyboard, Mouse

        I have also successfully loaded it onto my PC which has Vista, im sure the newer versions of this out on sale have adapted to include Vista, but maybe its worth double checking before you buy. I bought this game about a year ago now and its still a firm favourite! The back of the case reads :

        Enter the challenging tourism industry and test your skills by building, designing and managing a top hotel in any of the 23 exotic locations. As guests go about their lives you can follow them around and find out exactly what they like and dislike about your hotel. You can then use the information to improve your customers stay and to earn more money.

        Innovative game play, an intuitive interface, superbly detailed graphics and incredible depth combine superbly to make this a hugely enjoyable and entertaining game.

        You will be required to build you hotel, manage your business and observe your guests to achieve success.

        13 Vastly different hotels to manager providing huge variety to game play

        23 International cities to establish yourself including London, Toronto, Tokyo and Sydney.

        8 completely configurable room styles to design, and decorate including guest rooms, restaurants, bars and libraries.

        Over 400 interior décor items including lights, wallpaper and tables to provide almost limitless design opportunities.

        3 different camera angles take you deep into the experience.

        Im a big fan of The Sims and so I thought this sounded like a game I might enjoy as I also love the various Tycoon games. It didn't take long to install and you are directed simply with an install wizard, so im sure even a 5 year old could do it. Ok so all loaded and ready to go.

        You are greeted with the main menu, an attractive display of a big fancy hotel in the background that I hoped I might achieve by the end of this game. The following options are on the menu: Campaign, Random Game, Load, Hall of Fame, Credits and Exit.

        This is what you will find if you click on the campaign option.

        Campaign (A structured campaign route through the game) - click on this and you are given a smaller menu to choose from. One of which is the learning campaign, which I strongly suggest you do, I know you men like to do things without the instructions first, but with this you wont get far if you don't. You are taken to a small hotel and a screen appears in the right hand corner of the screen, which has all the information you need step by step. You go through the tutorial and design room, add and move furniture, learn how to watch the customers and to assess their likes and dislikes. You are shown how to remove unwanted rooms and furniture and finally how to hire/ fire staff.

        There are lots more elements of the game that I thought weren't covered in this tutorial and I found just by chance but I will get to that in a bit.

        So once you have completed the tutorial you can go back to the mini menu where your other 2 options are:

        Random Campaign (no particular order in which you are given hotels) Clicking on this you are presented with a screen that asks at what difficulty you would like the game set at. Choose easy for first timers I would say. The screen tells you that this hotel is one of 4 chapters and lists your main goals and side goals. There are usually 3 of each.

        Hotel Giant Campaign (the proper structured game which is the option I would recommend until you get a feel for the game). Upon clicking a screen appears telling you that you have started chapter 1, there is a large hotel in the background, this is your hotel! Your goals are to improve the conference and exercise facilities and to increase customer happiness in one year. You click ok and off you go!

        Random, you are presented with random challenges, I would say this is if you are playing this as something to just pass some time rather than being part of a large game. Again you are offered a choice in how tough the game is, ive only done it in easy so far!

        Ok so you start the game, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the graphics, I found it very blocky (if that is such a word) and not the superb graphics I was sold on. I was expecting something similar to the quality of The Sims looking at the pictures on the box of the screenplay. Oh well, I will give it a go still. Once I started the proper game I discovered that at the top of the screen you have a menu that drops down and within this menu you have all the graphs of your progress, you are able to take bank loans, who is staying in your hotel and why some people arnt, create advertising opportunities, send staff for traning and see how far world domination is from your grasp.

        I completed the first couple of hotels in the Hotel Giant Campaign and actually I was finding it awfully addictive and decided to refurbish all the hotels instead of what I had to do just for fun. Although there was another reason for this. There are looooooooooong gaps where you aren't actually doing anything because either you don't have enough guests in your hotel, there aren't that many if there are some, or you have provided them with what they needed and they are happy little chappies, goodo but it gets a bit dull. So I think if you are someone with not a lot of patience, I wouldn't bother here, you will be bored within an hour or so.

        The other thing I found a little confusing was that you need to offer a variety of different standard rooms (suites, suite deluxe, twin, twin deluxe, etc). However I had no information as to what differentiated a double standard to a double deluxe? Was it extra space, a different type of bed...I had no idea. Unfortunately again this is where I got frustrated as I wasn't keeping guests because I couldn't work this out and they got the hump and left. I tried googling for some help but I couldn't find any, not a sausage. So even though I think this game is very good potentially I do struggle and it's a bit of a trial and error escapade at the moment, im a determined person so I hang in there, but again if your not this way, forget it.

        Im still ploughing through this game and for me its enjoyable and very addictive, but I do get annoyed sometimes and close it down and have a good old strop. I go back for more though eventually! And so this is why its standing the test of time so far, how long for I don't know. You can get this game from Amazon for £1.99 which is excellent value I assure you. I would definatly recommend it, but just not perhaps for people that like fast moving games. Still for £2 you cant go wrong.


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        As guests go about their lives, you can follow them around and find out exactly what they like and dislike about your hotel. You can then use this information to improve your customers' stay to earn more money.

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