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World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Expansion Pack (PC)

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10 Reviews

Genre: Strategy - Fantasy / Video Game for Windows XP / Mac OS X / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2007-01-16 / Published by Activision

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    10 Reviews
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      05.12.2011 06:38
      Very helpful



      an expansion for world of warcraft

      World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (Expansion):

      Being and avid World of Warcraft (WoW) player I have all of the currently available expansions and I awaiting the next (Mists of Pandria) with bated breath. In the mean-time I decided to review the three expansions that have been released.

      The Burning Crusade (as mentioned above) is an expansion for the Massively-Multi-Player-Online-Role-playing-Game (MMORPG), World of Warcraft. I won't go into much detail about WoW here but there are plenty of reviews about it if you'd like to start off with one of those.

      I also want to avoid this becoming too much of game-guide and try to stick to reviewing as opposed to explaining the game!

      The Burning Crusade (henceforth referred to as TBC, acronyms will abound in this review) brings a whole new world for players to explore and raises the maximum level from 60 to 70. You get 2 new playable races, the cloven-hooved, blue skinned Draenai and the slightly emaciated Blood-Elves. No new classes were added in TBC but the expansion did allow Alliance (one of the factions in WoW) to play Shamans and Horde (the other faction) to play Paladins. If that wasn't enough you get new gear, new professions, new quests, a new battleground, new dungeons and new raids! One of the best additions to the game in my opinion was flying mounts (animals/machines that you can summon and ride to make getting around faster) although at the time these could only be used in Outland (the name given to the new world) and were shockingly expensive. Now you can fly anywhere and it's much much cheaper.

      The over-all plot of TBC revolves around "The Burning Legion". This faction consists mainly of demons and comes from one of the Warcraft games which are the forerunners of WoW. The main bad guys in TBC are this legion and it allies which you can defeat by completing the raids in Outland.

      For me TBC and Outland in general are very hit and miss, some things seem really well thought out but others seem umm ... maybe over-thought.

      The 2 races seem well designed and both feature "attractive" character models which is good as previously horde characters were well, ugly whereas the Alliance had good-looking races. Before you get you knickers in a bunch I know beauty is subjective but I really believe that is how they were viewed and not as many people want to play an ugly character.

      The dungeons are raids in TBC are perhaps my favourite in all the game so far. This is for a variety of reasons; They are quicker than the original game (vanilla) and they tend to follow a simple, linear path as opposed to the often meandering offerings in Vanilla that could go on and on till you lost the will to continue. I also like the way they tended to be in little groups which makes doing several in a row easier and much less time consuming than having to run all over the world!

      More choice is always better in my opinion so I like the fact they opened up Shamans and Paladins to the opposing factions and added new professions.

      The general scenery of TBC is not to my taste, there are a couple of areas I love (Nagrand for instance) but in the main the colours seem wrong and dreary to the point where I really don't like spending time there.

      The outdoor PvP (player versus player, where players fight each other instead of game-controlled characters/monsters, known as non-player characters or NPCs) didn't work for long as when the initial glut of players levelling through Outland had dissipated not enough people were around to make it viable so now they are very frustrating and should, in my opinion, be removed altogether.

      At the time TBC was refreshing and manage to make players re-engage with game but now I feel Outland gets over-looked as players strive to get to level 68 as fast as possible and move onto the content provided by Wrath of the Lich King (the next expansion).

      For me I think TBC was an important part of WoW's history but now there are other expansions I would rather be playing in so Outland for me is now merely a quick stop to get those all important 8 levels!

      If you want to move onto the next 2 expansions you will need to have TBC but I believe Blizzard now give it free when you purchase the original game.


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      09.02.2011 11:24
      Very helpful



      Just play it :)

      World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is sion to the massively successful World of Warcraft MMORPG game. If you would like to know about the first part please read (http://members.dooyoo.co.uk/pc-game/world-of-warcraft-pc/1536289/) which is my review or there are many others. Its large online world hosts 11 million players from all over the world playing for many hours a day. It's the largest online game available and is created by Blizzard Entertainment.

      World of Warcraft is set in a world called Azeroth home to 2 factions, Alliance and the Horde. In the first part we saw the 2 factions at war with each other battling it out for control of the world. But everything wasn't as it seams as the Burning Legion opened the Dark portal to Outlands threatening to control the world. Players find themselves travelling to the other realm fighting more strange and wonderful things increasing their level up to 70.

      The Burning Crusade brings 2 new races into the game, Draenei for the Alliance and Blood Elves for the Horde along with two new professions of Jewel crafting and Inscription. New dungeons and end game raids become available highly boosting the games end content.

      You do not have to have the expansion to play the game but you will not have access to all the new content and it makes questing with other people very hard. The monthly fee to play the game still holds at £8.99 a month making it an expensive game to play all year but at the cost £40 a game for the Xbox it's cheaper then you think.

      The game itself is very easy to understand and play with a wide range of help tips from players and customer support. The social side to the game is very welcoming and everyone is playing to have fun, and if you come across someone annoying you then simply ignore them.

      Hope my brief review helps anyone understand and little but this game is so large it wouldn't be possible to explain everything until you take the dive and become addicted like the other 11 million out there :)


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      13.05.2010 00:00
      Very helpful



      A necessity to continue enjoying the World of Warcraft

      This is the first expansion to the game World of Warcraft (commonly known as WoW), released in 2007 (staged across the world it seems). If you don't already know about WoW I recommend either reading mine (http://members.dooyoo.co.uk/pc-game/world-of-warcraft-pc/1443695/) or someone else's' - I'm just going to sum it up as a MMORPG and leave it at that.

      This expansion saw the addition of two new races, Draenei for the Alliance and Blood Elves for the Horde and additionally allowing both factions to now created Shamans and Paladins (was previously faction specific). Along with these new races came the addition of a new continent to discover (Outland) and the introduction of flying mounts. It also includes over twenty new raids and instances to explore and defeat. Also the level cap was increased to level 70s with this expansion, however many have and still find it far too easy to get from level 60-70.

      Buying the expansion isn't really an option if you wish to continue playing World of Warcraft as very few people you meet will not have the latest, which makes grouping for quests, Dungeons and Raids incredibly hard, limiting your game time enjoyment and experience.

      Towards the end of this expansion they included two new profession (Jewelcrafting and Inscription) in preparation of Wrath of the Lich King's release and have since made it possible to turn off a characters experience so they can remain in the original WoW's level bracket for those that wish to experience the old 'end game raiding experience'.
      It can be purchased new for as little as £6.50 or £5 from the Amazon new (however its essential you do get a genuinely new copy as it can't be used to upgrade more than one account) or as part of the 'battle chest' for £9.36 (alternatively can be downloaded straight from Blizzard's website for the impatient - however the site fails to produce prices but know from experience you can pick up any of the expansions cheaper off Amazon).

      If you have the original WoW you can try out Burning Crusade for a 10 day free trial - however there isn't any information to what that entails (would assume 5 levels or so to prevent you trialling all the way through to the third expansion).


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      15.06.2009 22:14
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A world class expansion for a world in warcraft

      Following on from my World of Warcraft review comes forth the first major expansion - World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade! An epic adventure awaits bundled with lots of new content.

      Within the Burning Crusade add-on you are able to unlock a number of additional extras in order to progress within the Warcraft world. Being able to play as two new races, the Blood Elves and the Draenei, which included various racial, class additions, most notably the Blood Elf Paladin and the Draenei Shaman. Both of which helped balance out the Horde and Alliance factions when compared to the original version of the game.

      Jewelcrafting was also added to the list of jobs a character could learn. But the biggest of all added extras came in the form of the Outland areas, which contained multiple new maps, dungeons, quests, pvp instances, monsters, items and flying mounts!

      Once installed, a character is allowed to continue to level up from 60 to 70 in the Outland zones. The Outland consisted of a lot of major changes which left some players angry about, due to their older items and equipment that they spent months collecting instantly obsolete upon the release of The Burning Crusade. After a short time the players grew to accept the advancements, yet some players have still chosen to boycott the game because of such. This factor should be taken into consideration when playing World of Warcraft, as the hours you invest into the game to achieve the current item rewards can be instantly become irrelevant upon a forthcoming expansion.

      If you do not own the original version of the game, you will need to in order to run this add-on, but you do not need this add-on in order to play the original game, yet you lose the features listed above if this expansion is not purchased - feel free to check out my review of the original World of Warcraft here if you are considering playing the game for the very first time http://members.dooyoo.co.uk/pc-game/world-of-warcraft-pc/1260163/


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        21.05.2009 21:37
        Very helpful



        Needed to progress from the old World of Warcraft

        WoW the Burning Crusade is the 1st add on released for the original game WoW where several changes have been changed in the game play, mainly for the better.

        The most obvious changes being the layout. A whole new continent has been included, called the Outland, which is divided into sub areas like the 1st game.
        There are several new cities which are now all neutral territory so both horde and alliance can be in these places without attacking each other. The landscape is huge and very variable like the 1st game. In fact it's so big that you can now purchase flying mounts to control yourself to access otherwise unable to reach places. This is a very cool aspect to the new addition.

        Secondly, 2 new races have been included, Blood elves for horde and drenai for Alliance. Blood elves as it suggests are red elves but unlike night elves, they are with the horde. Drenai are strange looking creatures, big, blue and with long tails, similar to a cross between a small dinosaur and a muscly human. Also Horde can now use paladins as can alliance use Shamans. This does make it fairer in my opinion especially during pvp.

        Next thing which has changed is that players can now level up to 70, a whole extra 10 levels from the previous game. This adds new quests, challanges, dungeons and creatures to help you level, which can take quite a while. A bit annoying though if you are making a new character as it takes alot longer now to level to the top. A new skill has been included ie jewelcrafting allowing you make make gems to add stats to your armour and weapons. There are newer more powerful resources for the old professions aswell as new recipies and patterns.

        There is obviously new armour, weapons and items running into the thousands most likely. There are many new instances and dungeons to raid aswell.

        Poor point: Not so much poor but perhaps annoying is that the area is very large and vast, and without a flying mount or epic mount it takes a very long time to get to where you want. Also the game has probably got a little more complicated with the addition of so many new moves, items, skills and instances to raid. Also the new map isn't quite as nice as the original Azeroth as you dont meet many players outside cities due to its vastness.
        One other very crucial point is, that yet another expansion has been made which you can buy which makes alot of the raiding and items in this expansion a bit pointless to obtain.

        All in all the new expansion is a must have for any WoW fan and is needed to progress into the game. It adds yet more variety and fun and will not disappoint.


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        08.08.2008 21:40
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great game and a definate for people who are addicted to the original

        After buying the original world of warcraft i just had to get burning crusade and havent stoped playing since unlike the original your character level has raised to 70 instead of the old level of 60 and the addition of 2 new races the blood elves for the horde and draenei for the alliance giving a whole new experience and 2 new major cities to make up for these there is also the outlands which is the new land for burning crusade you have to be 58 or higher to enter and is where the horde and alliance tries to push back the scourge from coming through the portal there is a new city shattarath in outlands for both alliance and horde.
        there is also the addition of new flying mounts to get around but only usable in outlands but you have to make an insane amount of gold (in game money) to buy it and also a new profession jewelcrafting.
        the best part in my opinion is the pvp (player vs player) aspect which is different battlegrounds and conditions that pitch the horde and alliance against each other the bad thing about these is when you reach 61-69 you will be put against level 70 people who have been playing much longer and maxed out their characters and have very decent equipment which will end up you being totally slaughtered the point in these is to get get honour and combat medals to spend on getting decent gear.
        overall this is a great addition to WoW but still has the pinch of the monthly fee of £8.99 and like the original is ONLINE ONLY so people without internet connections are unable to play


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          07.05.2008 16:51
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A wonderful expansion full of goodies catered towards any gamer: casual or hardcore, young or old.

          This review assumes you know what the original World of Warcraft is, or that you've played it before!

          World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is the first highly addictive expansion to the original game. It raises the level cap to 70, has two new classes, one for each race, new profession, and an entire new continent which houses a slew of new zones and dungeons, for party or raid.

          First of all: the two new races are Draenei and Blood Elves for the Alliance and Horde, respectively. Obviously there are new starting zones, Azuremyst Isle for the peace-loving draenei and the Eversong Woods for the anime character lookalikes, the blood elves. Both of these races have a remodeled quality to them: their character models are definitely a step up from the older races of the humans, taurens, etc.

          In Outlands, the new continent, there are plenty of new zones and dungeons that await your fancy. Don't be fooled by the "mere" 10 level increase, though; it's said to take as long as levels 1-40 did, so don't hold your breath! Experience is significantly increased in Outland and you can step through the Dark Portal at 58, so your levels up to 60 and beyond won't take too long.

          Stamina is a new favoured stat in the expansion; you'll find lots of it on just about any TBC weapon or armour upgrade. The new city, Shattrah City, has portals to Azeroth; set your hearth to Shattrah and never shall you have to take half an hour to get to your destination again! (Warlocks can also summon people into instances now.) Now, is there any reason to be in Azeroth again, you ask? Yes, definitely. This is one reason why the Outlands has no Auction House, partly to avoid massive lag, and partly to keep Azeroth alive.

          Karazhan, the new 10-man entry level raid is also set in Azeroth, giving players another reason to step foot into older lands. It's a really wonderful instance that now gives you Badges of Justice for every boss dropped, so even if you don't need any more gear from Kara you can still go for a badge run (22 badges per full run).

          For the PvPers, there is an arena system available which allows you to make 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5 tournaments against other players within the same battlegroup. You get two ratings, a team rating and a personal rating. In order to get certain pieces of Season 3 gear and all Season 4 gear, you need to have surpassed a certain level of personal rating AND have the required arena points which you get based on your rating. You must have played 10 games in a week in order to get any points, regardless of whether the other people in your team have played.

          The new profession, Jewelcrafting, goes well with mining. There is the chance to prospect new gems from mining and gems are in high demand in the endgame, where hardcore raiders need gems to fill out their epics. Unfortunately it is a bit of a money sink just like Enchanting was (and still is), but given the amount of people who need to gem their gear, you should at least break even.

          And where does all that newfound gold go towards? Your flying mount, of course. As with ground mounts, you get flying mounts and epic flying mounts, although druids get flight form at level 68. For your epic flying mount, you'll need at least 5000g alone for the epic riding skill, so start saving up now. Fortunately, to help those of us with multiple 70s, Blizzard has implemented daily quests to help us along (and to abolish gold sellers). These are quests which you can do once a day each in order to earn gold and they can range from bombing quests to killing 10 of x to gathering 10 of x and so on.

          The newest event so far, the Isle of Quel'Danis, has opened up yet another slew of daily quests. However, if you are on a PvP server, watch out for the ganking!

          If you haven't gotten The Burning Crusade yet but have an itch to try it, do buy it now before it's too late! Soon enough there will be another expansion, The Wrath of the Lich King which will raise the level cap to 80; don't wait to catch up! Have fun, and see you in Azeroth!


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            13.04.2008 12:17
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Great game to follow on to the original reccomend it to everyone who is a fan of mmorpg gaming.

            This is a long awaited expansion pack to the original world of warcraft. The game is online play only meaning you need a stable broadband connection to play the game well, the base specification of your computer dosent have to be perfect to run the game either as it can run on most computers with the video options at the lowest possible settings.

            Assuming you have and played the original world of warcraft then i will stick to the facts about the expansion only and not the original game, The burning crusade (tbc for short) allows the opening of outland a rather massive island split up into seven sections, and with the opening of outland allows the level cap to be increased to 70 from the original which was 60.

            Also added into the game are two new races (one for each faction) The alliance got the mighty draeni and the hord got the evil blood elf. With these two new races unlocked the one class each faction didnt have the alliance being shaman and the horde being paladin. There is also a new flying mount allowing you to fly to your destinations rather than run there however they wont come cheap.

            As the players increased in skill and strength blizzard being the mad cats they are added new party and raid instaces into the game, they have recently opened up a new raid instance in a recent patch so they are always working on new things to keep the players interested. In these new places comes new challenges and new items to get.

            The PvP side of the game brought a new battleground which mixed two original battlegrounds into one to increase difficulty on winning and focusing as a team. The most exciting part of PvP in the burning crusade though has to be arena in which you can make a team of 2,3 or 5 and go head to head against other teams and increase your team rating and recieve arena points to get the gladiator armor set. nearly every player is in an arena team because you really get to show off your skill in a small team and prove that your better than some players, recently blizzard have announced a global arena tournament with the prize money being $120,000!! you have to pay to enter the tournament but nearly everyone has a chance of winning it depends on your skill and your determination to win.

            I have been an avid world of warcraft player for a few years now and i still love the game as much as i did when i first played it there is so much to do in the game it keeps you going for a long time. I enjoy the full round of the game having 1 level 70 character for doing raids and 1 level 70 character for PvP. I also find that the world of wracraft community is the best you can find in any game, i have spoke to lots of different people in the game and have even formed friendships because of the game i highly recommend the game to anyone even if your just a casual player you can still expierience so much fun in the game. however i would get moving fast as there is a new expansion due out soon making it harder to level from 1 - 80.


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              29.01.2008 17:14
              Very helpful



              An absolute must have for all WoW fans

              I will assume that if you are reading this then you have already played the original WoW, if not then please read my review on that as I won't cover the basics in this review.

              The Burning Crusade or TBC to WoW fans was an eagerly awaited expansion to an incredibly popular game. You must have WoW installed on your pc to be able to use this expansion. TBC opens up a whole new map in your game and you can now visit Outland where you will find new quests, new items/armour and of course new dungeons.

              The level cap has also been increased from 60 to 70 and at level 70 a new flying mount is opened up for you to use and enjoy. There are many places in Outland that you cannot reach without a flying mount so this is an absolute must for any serious WoW player.

              Another new feature is the addition of two new races to the game, Blood elves for Horde players and Draenei for alliance. These new races open up classes never before playable on each faction, for the first time Alliance players can experience the game as a Shaman and Horde can play as a Paladin.

              Raids have been evaluated for this expansion and there are no new 40 man raids. The focus has been on 10 man and 25 man raids which makes it easier for the smaller guilds to build their members up and makes content more accessible for all.

              Dungeons have also seen a small improvement and there are many 60-70 5 man dungeons added into Outland. When you reach level 70 you also have the option of doing these dungeons on Heroic difficulty. Heroic mode is simply the same dungeon but with harder mobs and bosses to contend with, the rewards for killing these monsters is much higher though.

              PVP players should not worry as the addition of a new battleground (Eye Of The Storm) and the new Arena option means that there is enough new content and equipment for you also.

              A new profession, JewelCrafting now means that players can learn how to turn precious stones into gems to socket into their or other players armour. Gems offer an increase in various stats and mean you can tweak your character to make them even more powerful.

              If you own the original version of WoW then TBC is an absolute must have. It extends the game and gives you new targets to achieve while still playing on the original storyline. The graphics are as breathtaking as the original version and old WoW fans will appreciate seeing characters from Azeroth visiting Outland.


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              18.12.2007 16:32
              Very helpful



              Ruined PVP, an unecessary 10 levels, yet still made well and addictive. A must try for gamers.

              It's hard to talk about TBC (The Burning Crusade) without talking in depth about World of Warcraft, however I will try my best.

              Firstly a few important things you should know about WoW and TBC:

              1. Its online only, no offline at all and you will have to download A LOT of updates you will definatley need a broadband connection. Even if you did spend days downloading on a slow connection playing the game well would be near impossible.

              2. You have to have the original wow subscribed and installed to install and play TBC.

              3. You have to pay a monthly subscription, however, this is the same wether you have only WoW or both WoW and TBC. Currently its £8.99 a month.

              4. Currently there have been no new servers opened for 10 months, this means on every server you will be playing catch up and starting a new character wont be as much fun or the same experience as what it used to be. However a patch has recently been released that makes leveling from lv 20-60 faster which can be seen as a good thing, if you want to catch up, or a bad thing if you really wanted the true WoW experience.

              5. TBC is now really a must buy if you want to continue playing WoW. Because of the raising of the level and the new gear, staying at 60 will make you inferior (a hell of a lot inferior) and also you will have noone to play the game with. This is a very clever ploy by Blizzard, buy TBC or you cant play our game.

              6. A new expansion is comin gout next year, rumoured around june/july, this will again raise the level cap and add new features, it is more likely new servers will be opened then, so you might want to wait. However if you do you willl have even further to catch up.

              7. This game is VERY addictive, once you get hooked you will be spending a lot of time on it and wasting a lot of your social time if you are not carefull. It can get very expensive. I have now been playing since launch of world of warcraft its been over two years thats a lot of monthly pay.

              8. Time consuming, kind of linked to addictiveness you really need a lot of time to play you have to lv from 1-70 which can take 11 days gametime, thats SOLID playing for 11 days to reach. An average dungeon takes between 1-2 hours to play and a raid can take (over a week) up to 10 hours to play. This is time consuming dont play if you dont have much time.

              Now I've labled the important facts its down to the main part of the review. This is heavily leaned towards TBC only, although I've added a bit at the end about how WoW is now from 1-60.

              The new features that TBC gives you are:

              1. An increase of the level cap to 70 (it used to be 60).
              2. New spells for each class.
              3.Two new playable races blood elves and draenei.
              4. An entire new continent, Outland.
              5. Many new zones and high level dungeons.
              6. A new profession jewlecrafting.
              7. Flying mounts.

              A brief overview of each feature:

              1. Dont be fooled by it only being an increase of 10 levels, leveling from 60-70 takes just as long as leveling from 1-60 does. This can be seen as a good thing if you enjoy leveling or as many people felt just an stupid stepping stone to get over which blizzard added to take up more of peoples time and more of peoples money.
              2. New spells for each class, this amounts to a "massive" two or three per class as well as two or three talent spells per class. It really doesnt make much of a difference to the game or create much more excitement. Something that would and could have been included in a free patch.
              3. Two new playable races does add another dimension to the game and with them came two new starting zones Ghostlands and Azuremyst Isle, they are both enjoyable to play and add a unique scope to the game. However you do have to start from level 1, which may not appeal to someone who already has a lv 60.
              4. You must be level 58 to go into outlands. There are 7 new zones in Outlands each with there own merits and down fall it depends on opinion, but overall I feel that they are worse than azeroth. (see gameplay for more details)
              5. There are many new 5 man instances and some good 25 man instances, sadly I feel that they are not as fun as Azeroth 40 man instances, however there are lots of them to keep you entertained.
              6. Adds a whole new dimension to the game, you socket gems into your armour and as a result get added stats, its a good profession to be and is just as fun as any other profession. However most proffessions are something to make money and not fun to level up. If you are learning a profession make sure you level it up as you level from 1-70 and not just at the end.
              7. Flying mounts everyone dream when playing the original WoW and they dont disappoint they can only be used in outland and you must be lv 70 but they are incredibly fun to ride, free roaming around the whole of Outlands and they look good too. They do come at a price though, first mount is 1000 gold which isnt too bad, but epic is 5000 gold and takes a long itme to get.

              Thats a brief overview of what you get for your money. I highly recommend you look at an original WoW review as well as this one before you decide the game, you cannot have one without the other.


              The Burning Crusade is a vast war of destruction with the goal of razing every world that had been ordered and shaped by the ancient Titans. It is a great war that rages beyond the ken of normal mortals. All who fight this secret war know that, despite the posturing and ambition of individual demon lords, Kil'jaeden was always Sargeras' second. He is the Legion's true leader. Out in the Great Dark Beyond, Kil'jaeden waits as demons and mortals die, biding his time for his minions to grow strong once again. You end up raidiing and fighting many bosses to fight back the evil legion and defeat the self proclaimed leader of outland Illidan.

              Magtheridon's Lair - Magtheridon.
              Serpentshrine Cavern - Lady Vashj.
              The Eye - Kael'thas Sunstrider
              Gruul's Lair - Gruul.
              Black Temple - Illidan Stormrage

              The Blood Elves:

              The blood elves you play live in Quel'Thalas. You seek to reclaim your lost homeland and destroy the Scourge at any cost. Rommath was sent back to Azeroth with a message of hope for the blood elves that one day Kael'thas would return to lead his people to paradise. The blood elves have learned advanced techniques to manipulate arcane energies. With renewed purpose, the blood elves have now rebuilt the city of Silvermoon, though it is powered by volatile magics. Emboldened by the promise of Kael'thas' return, the weary citizens of Quel'Thalas now focus on regaining their strength.

              This is roughly the story line that Blizzard provide and makes for a good lore story. However apart from when you are leveling from 1-25 you really dont end up fighting for your town or trying to take over the land, you join the Horde in their fight to help stop the demons take over Azeroth.

              The Draenei:

              You play the untainted Draenei who have crashed onto Azeroth in a dimensional traveling ship sabotaged by the malicious blood elves of Outland (not the blood elves that joined the horde). This is rather a far fetched and ridiculous story line. However your main aim is to get rid of the demons in Outland and so you do end up following hteir story line and seem to fit more in TBC apart from the space ship.

              OVERVIEW: Overall the story definatley depends on if you are a dedicated warcraft fan or not. To me the story is great, its exciting and is fresh compared to the genereally horde vs alliance take and it feels like as you are leveling from 60-70 that it is building you up and you are all the time working to take downt he legion. Other people say they are disappointed as they dont feel the lore keeps to warcraft as well as it should.

              Storyline: 9/10

              -------------------------GRAPHICS and SOUND------------------------------

              The graphics have a slight cartoon style to them and because of this you dont feel like you need to see outstanding graphics. It also helps it so it can run on a lot of people pcs. The lands are VERY vast and some of the buildings and forests do look awesome, not in breathtaking graphics power but in the style they have done them.

              As for sound, its outstanding the music is amazing from level 1-70 which plays in the background and the noise of attacks, deaths, NPCs voices are all amazingly done. You definatley wont be let down by the sound. Very few games, I feel, sound matters that much, but on WoW it definatley lifts the game up.

              OVERVIEW: This game isnt about graphics, but the cartoon style is good enough for most people and you dont hear any complaints. The sound is awesome and really takes the game up to a new level.

              SOUND and GRAPHICS: 9/10


              Really this section could go on forever, I'll just add what I feel is the most important factors of the game.

              ~~~~PVE (Player Vs Environment)~~~~

              The Combat System: This is no difference to the first WoW, you have an interface with all your skills on it, which you get as you level. There are a VERY wide range of skill and attacks, and each has there own cooldown (how long you can use again after first using it), cast time (how long it takes to do the attack) and cost, wether this be Rage(warriors), mana (most classes) or energy (rogues). Basicaly when you go into combat you click the interface to do your skills. This is the style that most MMO's take and is very effective at first it can be fairly boring when yo have few skills, but you soon build them up and using them at the right time and in the right order can be challenging although in my opinion its very easy to learn and the game in whole is very easy.

              Leveling: At first a major part of the game, there are 70 levels and each level you have to gain certain amount of xp to get to the next level, every 2 levels you get skills. The best way to level is to do the quests and there are thousands of them. Each level takes more xp to get and it general takes around 4 to 5 days gametime to get from 60-70. One good thing is that if you dont play you get rested xp which will double the xp you get from killing mobs.

              For the next part im gonna list each zone, and give a little discription and a rating for Quests, 5 man Dungeons, looks and zone overall.

              Hellfire Peninsula: The first zone you head into, my first impressions WOW (not WoW :P). You go through the portal and you see a gigantic boss being fought off by alliance and horde. The zone itself looks awesome and really makes you feel like you are headed into a demon infested, war ridden realm. It makes you fly across the map to your post, and you get great views of the zone. The quests link well and are fun ranging from a bombing run where you fly on a mount and bomb people below to killing mobs, to helping take down a fel reaver, a gigantic mechanical monster. The 5 man dugeons are Hellfire Ramparts, Blood Furnace and The Shattered Halls, in each you fight burning legion orcs. Each in my opinion is fun to play and shattered halls has a cool part where constant streams are running at you. The bosses arnt as good as they could have been with recycled attacks from the first WoW.

              Quests: 10/10 ~~ 5 Man Dungeones: 8/10 ~~ Looks: 10/10 ~~ Overall: 9/10.

              Zangermarsh: The second zone and its still looking good, its a big bog occupied by Zaga and Cenarion Expedition (who you help). It looks impressive still, tall trees, vast lakes and the enemies look great with War of the world style enemies to weird bat things. However sadly the quests even though fairly linked drag you everywhere and in my opinion are boring they are mostly kill certain amount of mob quests and dont have anyhting to surprise or entertain you such as the bombing quests in Hellfire, after doing hellfire it really is a let down. The 5 man dungones are Slave Pens, Underbog, Steam Vaults mainly fighting against naga and weird animals. Apart from Steam vaults however they are fairly boring, SP and Ubog are just like eachother and you just end up killing naga who you have fought for the most of the zone earlier.

              Quests: 7/10 ~~ 5 Man Dungeones: 7/10 ~~ Looks: 9/10 ~~ Overall: 7/10

              Terokkar Forest: This contains the main base of outland, Shattrah where both horde and alliance can go, it contains portals to every azeroth main city and is generaly the new IF/Oggrimar of outlands. Its not very impressive a circular building followed by circular walk way and a circular lower city for common NPCs, I was really let down by this city. The zone quests are quit fun, you get to fight a mixture of undead, humanoids and beasts. The 5 man dungeons are Auchenai Crypts, Shadow Labyrinth, Sethekk Halls and Mana-Tombs. They are a step up from Zangermarsh you fight again a mix of undead, humanoids and beasts and the bosses are mostly interesting and different enough to make you not seem like Blizzard has lazily repeated bosses.

              Quests: 9/10 ~~ 5 Man Dungeones: 8/10 ~~ Looks: 6/10 ~~ Overall: 7/10

              Nagrand: Also known as STV 2.0 to WoW players. Its really just a boring version STV (a zone in original WoW) its starts off by having to kill 180 mobs, you then have to continue on with more boring quests that follow on like this, the only exciting part about htis zone is the middle PVP bit where you fight to control a small stronghold. There are no 5 man dungeones here and its prett yplain boring look of lots of grass and a tree here and there. The only good part is that you can skip the zone and still get to 70 by the time you finish quests.

              Quests: 5/10 ~~ Looks: 6/10 ~~ Overall: 5/10 .

              Blade's Edge Mountain: This zone is a mixture of ogres, humanoids and weird new monsters such as flayers. Its a very harsh land in terms of looks, but is well down. The quests are great fun and you get to go to a goblin stronghold and mess around with gadgets and fun missisions which fire you half way across the map. After nagrand you really do feel like you are in heaven. There isn't any 5 man dungeons again, but the quests are fun enough to keep you going.

              Quests: 9/10 ~~ Looks: 8/10 ~~ Overall: 8/10

              Netherstorm: By now you will be getting close to 70 and maybe this will help you push through this zone. THeres a wide variety of quests but after spending time doing around 500 other quests it starts to get old. If you count the zone by itself though the quests are varied, undead, the legion, humanoids, beasts pretty much a bit of everything, you even shut down some big machines and buildings. It looks good as well with big buildings rough land and a ghost feel to it. The 5 man dungones are The Mechanar, The Botanica, The Arcatraz. You mainly fight mana machines and some weird inventive bosses such as a gigantic tree. It provides more of a challenge than other 5 man instances and is great fun.

              Quests: 9/10 ~~ Looks: 8/10 ~~ 5 man dungeons: 9/10 Overall: 9/10

              Shadowmooon Valley: This is the last Zone and by now you should be 70 and really only doing htis zone for money, sadly because you arnt getting xp it makes it even more boring than usual and this zone isnt anything special in the first place. Nothing new, boring mob killing quests and nothing really special. Its more of a challenge than the other places but the looks arnt anything new either. Pretty much boring, but stilll not as bad as nagrand. There are no 5 man instances.

              Quests: 6/10 ~~ Looks: 7/10 ~~ Overall: 6/10

              Overall in terms of PVE the game is excellent, once you get past leveling there are 25 man dungeon raids which will keep you entertained forever. This game is really more PVE than it is PVP.

              ~~~~PVP(player vs player)~~~~

              With this game Blizzard added a new PVP system, pretty much ALL the pvp is involved in instance based pvp. There are 4 different types, Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, Warson Gulch and Eye of the storm (new with TBC). There is some world PVP which is outside instances but its mainly just capturing towers. Except in Nagrand where you have to kill guards and occupy the town this is the greatest part of the game in terms of PVP.

              Eye of the Storm: You have to capture towers, as well as a flag in the middle. Its 15 v 15 and games can last up to 20 mins. In my opinion its boring and repetitive and really blizzard just mixed Arathi Basin and Warson Gulch together. Very boring and inoriginal idea.

              The pvp gives you honor points which you spend for armour, it takes no skill to get as even if you lose you still get points. This has really ruined the game as everyone is walking around in epic gear ( gear with amazing stats) and doesnt differentiate the skill between the people. PVE gear suffers as a result as its a lot harder to get yet of the same standard.

              Overall PVP is very boring.

              OVERVIEW: PVE is the main extent of the game, it takes dedication and time, once you get past leveling its an amazing experience but some of the zones used to level are boring and repetitive and dont look that great. PvP is disapointing its not hard and not original and is INCREDIBLY boring and repetitive.

              GAMEPLAY: PVE: 9/10 PVP: 5/10


              This game will last forever, the blizzard team continously update the game fixing bugs, adding new content. The only downside is that TBC itself really is only going to last until the new expansion. Then it will only be something you buy to level from 60-70

              WoW in general : 10/10 TBC: 7/10

              -----------------------FINAL WORDS -------------------------------------

              A long review I know, but it really is a big game and a big addition. Its hard to reccommend it as it will take over your life if you get addicted. However if you like games and you havnt experience it you are missing out. If you already have WoW TBC is a must buy, you cant play without it anymore else you will be left behind. Its a good addition, but I dont think it was needed, they could have just kept adding content but not forced you to level another 10 levels and waste even more time. They are doing it again as well for the next expansion. On top of this PVP is ruined and this is why i am only giving the expansion a 7/10. If you count it as apart of WoW as a whole its still a 9/10 wow probably being a 10/10 before this.

              OVERALL RATING: As an expansion, 7/10 As a whole with WoW 9/10.


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