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World of Warcraft: The Wrath of the Lich King Expansion Pack (PC)

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18 Reviews

Genre: Strategy - Fantasy / Video Game for Windows / Suitable for 12 years and over / Release Date: 2008-11-13 / Published by Activision

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    18 Reviews
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      08.11.2010 12:57
      Very helpful



      Buy it if you want to get into a new game!

      World of Warcraft is a physically enthralling, highly addictive video game
      series which has lasted more than 5-years and hopes to continue on into
      the future with the latest expansion pack release, 'Cataclysm' coming
      this winter!

      After having lots of fun over the years, playing and talking about this
      game with friends - even receiving my first Dooyoo crown from a
      review of the original game release - I have so far never got round to
      expressing in detail the illuminating ice-world of the Wrath of the Lich
      King (the expansion between 'The Burning Crusade' and
      upcoming 'Cataclysm' release).

      ~ So who is the Lich King? ~

      In essence, the Lich King is an undead human death knight who
      rules the scourge (an evil race) telepathically from the Frozen Throne
      of the Icecrown Glacier in the arctic (new) region of Northrend.
      Basically, he's the most powerful NPC (non-player-character) to enter
      the world of Warcraft since its creation.

      The Lich King features heavily in and around the main quest lines,
      instances and raids of the expansion pack, which ultimately culminate
      in the inhalation of his being in the final raid of the game - Icecrown.
      His appearance is not dissimilar to that of a giant (about 3-times the
      size of man) age-less human, iced in silver body armour, and wielding
      a humongous magic infused two-handed sword as old as the ground
      he engulfs.

      His presences is truly terrifying, and when you do finally face him
      along-side a band of 25 allies, defeating this monster is as emotional
      as any film, game or TV series I have witnessed. You see, the Lich King's
      character dates back to Blizzard's (the makers) pre-world of Warcraft
      days, with the Warcraft series. His story evolved him from, Arthas a
      Prince of Lorderon, to the evil king he becomes in the expansion.
      People who played the original Warcraft games in the past are
      extremely critical of this particular Warcraft story development, but
      most are accepting of how blizzard handled the Lich King and his end.

      ~ What new player features does the Lich King and his land bring? ~

      A new class, the Death Knight, which can only be activated and played
      if a person has a character over level 50, plus new class-to-race
      combinations have been released since the last expansion (The
      Burning Crusade) with the WOTLK (Wrath of the Lich King).
      This new class combines magic influenced physics (the ability to drag
      enemies from a distance to your exact location before attacking them
      with fist weapons, swords and axes) with basic weapon moves and
      further magical spells and auras to create a ferocious character
      which can be recruited by both the Horde and Alliance (Bad and Good
      factions in the game).

      When you first start your Death Knight character it begins at level 55
      and is born in the shadow of the Lich King himself. This gives players
      a chance to look up close at the king and test out his ghostly voice,
      commanding walks and stance as he parades around the fortress.
      You then begin an opening (and highly interactive) quest line which
      sends you all around the Lich King's place of invasion, and the region he
      has descended upon. Quests here include turning humans to plagued
      undead, and finding key objects throughout the several villages at your
      disposal. There are also a few culminating cinematics played at the end
      of this quest line and many others throughout the expansion. I feel
      Blizzard have finished off this opening sequence to the game very well
      indeed, with a lot of new content being shown off in the first 5-hours
      of initial play.

      Along with the expansion comes many new armour, weapon, trinket
      and material items previously not in the game. With a recorded item
      amount in excess of 10,000 prior to WOTLK's release, the total will
      most probably raise to near enough to the 15,000 mark as character
      customisation reaches a whole new and exciting level. There really is
      no other game with the same amount of contrast available.

      As well as item improvements, a new profession, inscription, and
      new reputation tabs (areas in the world which you can become hated
      or loved by after performing certain actions) have been included in the
      new game to much avail. The more depth added in these sort of areas,
      the better, and more addictive the game becomes with so much to
      collect and improve upon - hours of fun!

      ~ What about the landscapes, villages, towns and cities? ~

      Well, for a start the actual graphical level within the game has been
      improved, with added effects and detail which alone increases the
      appearance of Northrend. However, experimentation with new terrains
      and terrain colourings, better looking buildings, roads and bridges,
      as well as higher detailed NPC's and player characters has made WOTLK's
      landscapes, villages, towns and cities a lot more appealing.

      Blizzard has got the balance between urbanisation and rural woodland,
      frozen waste and grass land areas spot on. There are many new towns
      and general settlements with new species of neutral being and aggressive
      humanoid alike, which only adds to the depth of the game as a whole!

      Within these new towns are new styles of building and road to suit the
      specific settler which belongs there. You can then perform quests
      for that race and earn their respect (linked to the reputation improve-
      ments mentioned earlier).

      The forests of the Grizzly Hills, a region within Northrend, are tall and
      vast, expanding across several settlements controlled by both the
      horde and alliance who have united in certain areas to take down their
      common enemy, the Scourge and the Lich King himself. Lumberjacks
      are in operation foresting for the building of siege weaponry needed
      in the war effort, and rock elementals are searching for lost secrets
      beneath the surface! All of these events and places come together
      to form the fantastic environment you can explore and aid freely.

      ~ Do I need the other expansions and original game to play? ~

      You can only enter into the continent of Northrend after you achieve
      level 68, so there's not much point buying the WOTLK until you have
      reached this level. The Burning Crusade's region (which is actually a
      separate planet you have to teleport to) can only be accessed after
      level 58, so basically, buy the original and wait until you've progressed.

      However, Cataclysm when released is going to transform the starting
      environment (levels 1-60) and add new areas to the original two
      continents, Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom's. So if you wait till
      Christmas you can experience new content as you progress through
      every level of the game!

      ~ Anything else? ~

      Just buy this game and you won't regret it, though you may regret
      having a little less time out of the house! That really is the only downside
      though - The monthly subscription of £8.99 should not put anyone off
      (even though Blizzard could easily lower it and still make billions)
      because the game is really, really worth it!



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        30.09.2010 23:48
        Very helpful



        Any avid WOW player should be upgrading to this expansion.

        Compared to other MMORPGS, World of warcraft is a very exicting expansion filled with many new objects and features, such as now being able to level your character up to level 80. There are many new raids and instances to choose from, aswell as a new array of gear. I personally enjoyed the leveling process from 70 to 80, it was alot diffrent from the other expansions and I enjoyed it alot more. I also found after level to 80 the "gearing up" process was alot more fun than previously, alot of the classes have had more class abilities added which makes the game more interesting. Blizzard also implemented a start to the new Player Verus Player area of the game, consisting of either Battlegrounds, which is a larger scale Alliance Vs Horde battle, or the less popular variant which is know as Arena. I believe that Blizzard have added many new interesting and exillerating features to keep the series of this games running and I believe that there should be many more to come.


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        07.06.2010 04:02
        Very helpful



        There is a time to rise up and fight and that time is now

        A cold and chilling expansion to the ever insanely popular Blizzard game, World of Warcraft, continuing from the previously released Burning Crusade, welcome to the Wrath of the Lich King.

        If you are new to World of Warcraft...what are you doing reading this review? Get off this review and search for my previous reviews for World of Warcraft and its first expansion The Burning Crusade! This review is not a review for newbies, noobs, nabs, nubs, or people who don't know what a Night Elf Mohawk is! Begone! Get out of my face, or prepare to have it melted!

        Now that we have had a little 'disclaimer' I shall continue where the mighty Illidan Stormrage failed on epic scales of not being prepared!

        First of all, if you're familiar with World of Warcraft, that shall now be referred to as 'WoW', you will be aware that this expansion came out in November of 2008! So what on earth am I doing reviewing it now? Simply because - when this expansion got released the evil presence behind the expansion couldn't be killed...until recently! Hell, the guy wasn't even an actual part of the game until recent months! So who am I referring to? The Lich King, of course! Now, the entire expansion and all its 'free content patches' containing multiple additional features and dungeons got added. Behold, dwellers of Azeroth - the Wrath of the Lich King is now complete and here for those who have yet to venture outside Outlands, and low and behold, those who have never gained a percent above level 60...your time is now!

        Upon defeating Illidan Stormrage in Outland, a new-found enemy rises from the ashes. It is now time to rise up once more with your friends and challenge the all-powerful Lich King himself!

        It is time to saddle up and venture into the all-new content of Northrend, where the Lich King currently resides, thus enabling the ability to level your characters to the end-game cap from 70 to 80. That's right! Ten more levels to gain strength and adventure into the strange new worlds of Northrend, located 'north' of both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms in Azeroth. Within the provinces of Northrend, you will find eight new zones, that are aimed at characters above the level of 68. Both Horde and Alliance factions are able to access Northrend via their factions shipping ports and balloon towers once accounts have been upgraded with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion authenticated.

        In the Lich King expansion, players who have a level 55+ character can now unlock the games very first hero class - the Death Knight. These plate wearing, ghoul summoning Tank and DPS classes start in an additional area added to Eastern Plaguelands in Azeroth and come kitted out with blue items that don't need to be upgraded until you set foot in Northrend! A class that has been under much speculation and intense nerfing throughout the first year of release - which can be created at level 55, saving the player time on having to start at level 1. You will be up against a tutorial based learning curve in the Death Knights starting area of Ebon Hold, where you must complete various quests before gaining access to your level 55 talent points, skills and very nice starting kit.

        With the introduction to both the Death Knight class that can be played by all races, limiting players to one per domain, there is a huge 'Outland-sized' continent of Norththrend, plus, a new profession, known as Inscription, which requires the Herbalism gathering skill to supplement its growth. Inscription allows players to create Glyphs, which are similar to player-traded talent skill additions, which boost your classes skills and abilities that little bit more, which makes characters more unique and personalized.

        Deep within Northrend, you will find a brand new 'Warhammer Online' style fortress, where players of both factions battle over every couple of hours known as Wintergrasp. The fortress includes a new aspect to player-v-player conflicts, as players can now operate siege vehicles, wall mounted cannons and destroy and defend a fortress, which comes complete with destructible walls and towers. The faction that controls Wintergrasp gain access to the dungeons within the fortress, thus encouraging players to compete in world PvP for PvE benefits and bonuses in the Northrend region.

        If player-vs-player aspects of WoW excites you, then you'll be pleased to see additional battlegrounds that come complete with vehicle and strategic elements never before seen, along with various arena sets releases and honor reward, including daily and random PvP quests.

        In addition, you'll find new features in cities such as hairdressers, which allow you to customise your characters hair style, colour and body piercing. Great if you're bored with how your character looks, or just fancy a change. The website also offers similar features such as race, sex and faction transfers, as well as your traditional server transfer, that most of you are familiar with.

        Since Burning Crusade burned out a transition between the fall of Illidan and the fall of the Lich King sparked a lot of game-changing free content expansions and features that most game reviews leave out. Below are just of the major ones to note of how advanced the game has progressed and changed since Illidan's last stand in Black Temple and people went to the Sunwell instead of sunny Spain, for their summer vacation and holidays!

        Random Dungeons - allows players to queue for dungeons best suited for their level that will be matched up against players on your server and other servers. This change is by far the most 'casual' and userfriendly gaming environment change in the history of WoW. No longer are players required and forced to find groups to go to instances of their choice, they can no join a queue sytem, that often takens about five minutes to allocate a group and teleport everyone inside. A very powerful addition for endgame players to farm items and badges, along with making new characters more appealing due to them being able to go to instances for their level on a regular basis, without leaving their current gaming location.

        The Achievement System - this aspect of the game alone (even if it was somewhat sniped from Warhammer Online the Age of Reckoning) made World of Warcraft an entire different game. It allows players to track, record and boast their previous achievements gained in-game. Not only can you compare your character to others based on items alone, enter stage the achievement system, which can prove that a player has done what they claim to of done and are skilled in areas of interest.

        Dual Specialization - if you ever got tired of resetting your talents on a regular basis, from DPS to Tank, or from Tank to Healer, or from Healer to DPS, this addition at only 1k gold allows you to have two sets of talents at once! All it takes is a simple click when out of combat to switch between two sets of talents allowing you to get the most out of your characters! An excellent addition for everyone! Switch from a Solo spec to PvP spec, or group spec to PvP, or raid spec to solo spec. The possibilities are endless!

        Battleground Experience - as like World of Warcraft's biggest rival Warhammer Online's best 'selling point' was gaining experience points when in PvP battlegrounds. Now you can earn similar rewards in WoW - plus the option to turn on and off experience gain, allowing players who like to focus characters on 'twinks' extra possibilities.

        Quest Interface Improvements - taking inspiration from Warhammer Online, again, World of Warcraft rob their closest rival of another of their most popular features of including in-game map highlights of quest locations and assistance to speed up the general questing process for new and existing players alike.

        Player Calendar - allows players to see dungeon and raid lock-out times, when weekly events start and finish, along with Warcraft in-game seasonal events and battleground honor weekends. Not only this, but it allows guilds and groups of friends to plan their time on World of Warcraft much easier than ever before by enabling players to create their own raids, invite friends, and keep everyone up-to-date with 'their game'.

        The Argent Tournament - this allows a fresh new challenge on horseback combat, with great rewards and access to multiple daily quests and a sign of how WoW is progressing as a whole, including the Crusaders' Coliseum and the introduction of the Monty Pyhton inspired Black Knight..

        The Lich King - with all the installments unlocking all instances of the Icecrown Citadel, the King himself hasn't left the building...he's not long entered! It's been a long wait for Arthas to enter the gameplay. Now is your chance to end the Lich King once and for all!

        With the third World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm, just around the corner, due to arrive at some point late this year, or early next year if things go wrong - the World known as Warcraft is just going to get better and better, as it marks the return to Azeroth to protect what will be a changed and shattered homeland from Deathwing and his minions. With the inclusion of two additional player races -the Horde's Goblins and the Alliance Worgen's, there is plenty more gas left in the World of Warcraft tank to keep ticking away for at least another five long years!

        If you are still stuck with your old school level 60, or still living in Outland pondering over the thought of renewing and killing some time with some old friends, now is the best time to do so.


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          13.05.2010 00:32
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Another expansion making up for the dissapointment that was Burning Crusade.

          This is the current expansion of World of Warcraft (commonly known as WoW), you need both the original game and Burning Crusade (BC) to be able to use this. Without a basic understanding of WoW this review is pretty useless (check out http://members.dooyoo.co.uk/ pc-game/world-of-warcraft-the-burning-crusade-add-on-pc/ 1443727/ or other people's reviews). Basically to sum it up it's a MMORPG, a very popular and successful one at that! Released November 2008 and sold a staggering 2.8 million copies in its first 24 hours, there are an estimated 11 million subscribers to this ever growing game.

          With the release of WotLK (Wrath of the Lich King) we saw the release of a new continent, the cold and dreary shores of Northrend, full of huge beasts, giants and packs of undead. It also contains the first constant battle ground in the form of Wintergrasp forcing even the cowards who reside on PvE realms to face up to each other and fight to the death (or hope you can run faster than the other player!).

          Throughout this expansion a lot of the content available today was staggered on being release - ensuring that people who enjoyed PvE (Player vs. Environment) didn't burn out and get bored, the three main Raids released later where Ulduar, Trial of the Champions and Icecrown Citadel, each included a normal and a hard mode (to ensure the content was accessible to even the most 'casual' player but also challenging enough to keep the 'hardcores' interested, with each raid being released the 5 man Heroics gave out better 'emblems' to ensure people could keep up and buy the gear they needed to realistically gain access to the content.

          Also much to the delight (and dismay of many) with WotLK came a new 'Hero' class - a Death Knight (DK). You can only created one DK per realm once you have a character above level 55 (this is the level a DK starts at, also there was restrictions, which have later been removed, where you could only created one on the realm you currently had a level 55 on). DK's are rather 'over powered' and incredibly easy to level so you tend to see a lot of people playing them and often rather badly - which gives them quite a bad reputation in the WoW community.

          Wow is often described as being more addictive than crack cocaine, and can often cause a love hate relationship, would recommend thinking twice before purchasing the game and expansions if you are prone to an addictive personality. I'm rather glad to say however since I've achieved an awful lot PvE wise and have a huge stock pile of gold to tide me over I'm trying to take a break from WoW and get into much healthier habits so when the upcoming expansion comes out (Cataclysm) I won't let it be so self destructive!

          Cost wise this will set you back £18 from most retailers and online so for the really impatient might just be worth popping into your nearest game store! However if you don't have the first two games Amazon are doing them as a package for less than £30 - only saves a few pound but every little helps.


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            08.03.2010 01:09
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Well worth your pennies, as addictive as ever.

            The second expansion pack for the infamous and addictive World of Warcraft MMORPG computer game. After a slightly disappointing first expansion in the Burning Crusade, I was hoping for better from this release, and I was pleased with the resulting product.

            It is a "must buy" if you are at all serious about playing this game, as you need this pack to keep up with other players and access the new content.

            With this expansion, the level cap is raised to 80 and a new class is introduced - the "Hero Class" of Death Knight, a.k.a. Easy Mode. I have played one of these and find it to be a bit too simple for my tastes, it is one of those classes which anyone can play but I guess it takes a bit more effort to play it well. I think I will stick to my druid, though it is nice to have something new to fiddle with after years of messing with the same spells and moves.

            You can't fly any more though, until you have learned the new skill of "Cold Weather Flying", which is a bit of a bummer after all the hard work saving for your mount in Outlands!

            I also find the new Sanctuary area of Dalaran massively laggy, as is the new PVP battle area of Winterspring. That said, I have a fairly old PC which needs an update, so other people may not have this problem.

            There is more to do for the casual gamer, which is excellent news as this was one of my main disappointments in the last expansion. And there are now "Achievements" in the game, which is ideal for sad sacks like me. I have spent hours collecting as many companion pets as I can find and now have a big bag stuffed full of rats, skunks and dragon babies :o)


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              02.03.2010 14:15



              Great expansion to a great game

              Warcraft Expands further with the addition of Northrend. A huge new area........... Excellent!! with the exception of a few slight drawbacks. All the days and weeks of building up to level 70 to take to the skies has sorta been undone, now you need to wait until level 77 to use it in Northrend. But as far as i can see this is the only issue. This time around the areas feel good and the mobs are well places so you dont find yourself pulling like 4-5 at a time. PLenty of quests are available in good little clusters so leveling up is easy peasy. Good few additions this time around too like being able to search for players for instances accross the realms so no more waiting for hours to get those players that you need. Another plus is that in the starting areas from what i have seen on a few realms is'nt full of ganking its actually been quite quiet. Hopefully this wee brief summary of the best points brings back the players who fought through all the rubbish to get to 60 then felt like it was starting over to get to 70.....this time it's different, much more organised and loads of cooler more interesting quests. Its a changed world.


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              03.08.2009 22:35



              A great addon to a great game!

              This expansion pack makes a great game even better, adding a lot more variety to the game play as well as a whole new continent to explore.

              As well as increasing the level cap to 80, with all the new abilities and powers that includes, this expansion introduces the first Hero Class - the Death Knight.

              When you start a Death Knight character, you play through a brilliant "Death Knight only" starting section, set mostly in the Plaguelands as they were some years ago, and you are initially a servant of the evil Lich King himself.

              The quests and development in this Death Knight section are great fun, and you really do feel your actions leave a lasting effect on the world, partly due to the improved "phasing" technology introduced.

              As well as that, there's the new profession, Inscription, which lets you further customise your abilities. There's also vehicles, and new battlegrounds in which to use them.

              Overall, this adds a lot to the game, avoids some of the weaknesses of the Burning Crusade addon and is really a must for any WoW player


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                05.07.2009 18:26



                A new expansion pack which is a must for any WoW fan.

                Wrath of the Lich King or WOTLK brings many new features to Blizzards already successfully World of Warcraft Series. These new features include a new Hero class called the Death Knights, a whole new continent, level cap raised to 80, new instances and raid encounters and a new PVP zone, Lake Wintergrasp.

                So more about the death knight. Players must first have a character of level 55 to unlock a deathknight. You can only have one per realm and they must be on the same realm as the character which is level 55+. Any race can be a deathknight and they all share the same starting area. The starting area is the Eastern Plaguelands and has a dedicated area and new quests for the Death Knights. These quests are extremely well made and ease you into your new class. Incase you were wondering about talent points, you dont get them all at once but you get x amount per quest you complete which helps you to ease into it.

                The new content is massive but you can only use your flying mounts at level 77 when you have paid for cold weather flying trainging. Untill 77 you can get by on your land mount and can explore these vasts new zones.

                WOTLK introduces vehicles into the game including tanks in Lake Wintergrasp and the new battleround, strand of the anchients. You are also able to pilot other vehicles in certain quests, these include planes, tanks and giants.

                All in all this is a very good expansion which contains a lot of new features. This is definately a must for any WoW fan. I havn't mentioned every new feature because there are simply too many to talk about.

                Note: you must have the other expansion pack(The burning Crusade) installed to be able to install and play WOTLK.


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                21.05.2009 12:33



                WoW goes from strength to strength.

                An essential expansion for WoW addicts! This builds upon the success of the most popular MMORPG of all time, allowing players with a character of level 55 or over to create a new "Hero Class" character - the Death Knight. The starting zone for this new class is well thought out and implimented. Using "phasing" technology it allows for the story to unfold as the player completes various tasks for the Lich King and his followers until they finally make the break from his clutches to join the "resistance". Improved graphics make the new continent of Northrend a wonderful, breathtaking place to explore and adventure in. There have been several times where I've stopped to admire the scenery before continuing the merciless slaughter! ;)

                The quest lines are well thought out and don't seem to have as much running around as in previous content. The only thing that I found irksome is the inability to use your flying mount until level 77. It took a great deal of money to obtain my Gryphon and now it's useless until I progress further!

                That aside - it's a wonderful addition to the franchise and well worth the money!


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                16.05.2009 10:28



                I love WoW, you get what you put in and enjoy as you like, shame about some of the community.

                I have played WoW since release and have always been a big supporter of new content. Lich King has so many new things that I though would make the game more awesome. I am a raid leader in fairly casual guild, in TBC we cleared most of Hyjal so we got further than most casual folks, the announcement of 10 and 25 man versions of raids were met with glee from myself and my guildmates.

                Sadly they dumbed the game down far too much for my liking. Maybe its the old school in me, when at 60 if you seen someone in full blues they were considered well geared given the effort and strat/scholo runs involved, then at 70 in TBC Kara was a nice intro to raiding for alot of folk, while it was great for casual guilds to start on as it was a 10 man, it was still tough enough to provide a challange to clear through. Now in WOTLK i'm sorry to say they made the entry level raid (the remodelled Nax) a complete joke. Heroics use to be a big challange for many in TBC also now as soon as someone dings 80, straight into LFG for group to heroic wherever.

                Now everyone is running around at 80 in near full epics thinking they are awesome etc because they cleared Naxx and the other basic raids, the maturity level of the 80 community dropped massivley and it made the game a lot less fun for me. I went back to doing guild runs of places only, while pugging heroics is easier than it was, some morons can still make it a painful, drawn out experience.

                That's most of the negative out the way, the light at the end of the tunnel is the new raid they have added in Ulduar. It is extremely hard for most and is a real reality check for most of the 80 community. It has pretty innovative boss fights and the mounted battle at the start is nothing short of awesome. Now there is a real challange in the game it has become more enjoyable again. They have also introduced a nice acheivement system where you gain titles, pets and items, thsi is great when you want to come on and talk to your guildies and do something fun. The levelling from 70-80 is a bit of a drag and can seem very slow but hey....what's the point in rushing through new content, there is nice (though somewhat large) areas with a variety of different quests with different novalties.

                All in all if you are new to WoW I would recomend it and I imagine you will enjoy it thoroughly as it is a deep immersive world with so much to do you won't know where to start. If you raided classic and TBC and are thinking of coming back you may be disappointed. It all depends what you are looking for from WoW and your guild/community will be a massive part of that and will directly affect how much you will get from the game.


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                19.01.2009 22:20



                The latest expansion has arrived and it has made the game more enjoyable again

                Well I've played World of Warcraft since it was launched. I was a little reluctant to move from City of Heroes which I was playing at the time but once I started playing, I was hooked.
                I'd played the original game, bought the first expansion and leveled my main characters to level 70. Then what. I started doing daily quests just to gain loads of cash but the game started to lose it's appeal.
                Then came along Wrath of the Lich King. The opportunity to level existing characters to level 80 and create the all powerful Death Knight.
                This game is a must for all hard-core World of Warcraft fans - it opens up a whole new world in which to level so the quests are all new and nothing is boring. The race to reach level 80 first was over within a few days but it's really enjoyable to play the game again and have a purpose.


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                14.01.2009 15:31
                Very helpful



                It's an MMORPG expansion pack.

                First up, this is probably going to turn into quite a long review so I'll quickly sum it up here for the people who just want the gist of it:

                If you play World of Warcraft already, then Wrath of the Lich King is pretty much compulsory. If you're thinking of joining the legion of players already online, then Wrath of the Lich King makes the game much more accessible to new players due to the continued dumbing down, but with World of Warcraft 2 in the pipeline and many other, similar games out there that are just starting out, you may be better off shopping around elsewhere for your MMORPG cravings. If you don't have said cravings, then steer clear of Wrath of the Lich King because that's all it's going to satisfy.

                Okay, the actual review. World of Warcraft is everywhere, so for those of you who have never heard of it then welcome to Earth, and I hope your stay on Posytron VII was comfortable. What we have here is a game played online amongst literally millions of other players. So on one hand you have the game itself, on the other you have the opportunity to delve into the social sides, making friends, the occasional enemy, and basically being privy to a social network of like-minded geeks. You take your character and go a-questin', killing things and levelling up. Eventually you'll reach the maximum level (which in Wrath has been raised to 80) and it's at this point that I believe the game really starts.

                Once again for the unaware, Wrath of the Lich King picks up the story of Arthas, a former Paladin and prince of Lordaeron. In Warcraft 3, we witnessed Arthas begin his journey on the slippery path of corruption when he had every single citizen of Stratholme butchered, in order to prevent them becoming members of the Scourge (a kind of zombie army). Infected or not, the peasants were rounded up and ended. Shortly after this massacre, Arthas came across the Runeblade Frostmourne in the frozen continent of Northrend, and this signalled his transformation from Paladin of the light, to Death Knight of the Lich King.

                A lot has happened since then. The Frozen Throne expansion to Warcraft 3 showed us how Arthas became trapped in an icy tomb (called the Frozen Throne, oddly enough) and introduced characters like Illidan the Betrayer and Prince Kael'thas of the Blood Elves. In The Burning Crusade expansion to WoW, we raided their citadels and took them down for phat lewts (that's equipment). Now, however, in the icy reaches of Northrend, Arthas is free and is back in command of the Scourge horde. Something must be done!

                The first major thing you'll notice about this expansion (other than the fact that your level cap has been increased to 80) is the whole new continent of Northrend. It's an interesting place, and a lot of effort has gone into the quest chains and stories taking place in the frozen lands. And yeah, they mostly consist of ice and snow - though there's a curiosity in the bizarrely tropical zone of Scholazar Basin, but this anomaly is explained through questing (I won't give it away).

                So, most of the landscape in Northrend looks very cold. Not that it's samey though, because Blizzard have done quite a lot with the concept of "snow". Unfortunately, while the quests have decent narrative and tell many smaller stories in the overhanging battle for Northrend, they're still just the same old quests. Kill X amount of Y. Talk to Z. Collect this many of that. They're the same quests you were doing at level 10, but every so often you'll be hit with something awesome. You may be given command of a bomber aircraft, and tasked with decimating the Scourge army amassed below while fending off attacks from airborne Gargoyles and Frost Drakes. Or you may befriend a huge giant, who invites you sit on his shoulders and direct him to stomp around the landscape killing anything that moves. These awesome quests are well woven in - often you'll find yourself tiring of the slog up to 80, despite the driven storyline, and the appearance of these sequences gives you the drive you need to continue.

                There is one amazing sequence in Wrath, which is a first for WoW, having no precedent. The Wrath Gate is a huge fortress that connects Dragonblight with Arthas's new command centre in Ice Crown. After performing a series of quests you're treated to a cinematic sequence showing Arthas emerging from this gate, while the Horde and Alliance armies assault it. What happens next is something that rumours were being circulated about two years ago, but for it to finally happen had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. And that isn't something I'd ever have expected World of Warcraft to be capable of.

                Other than the heightened sense of story, the slog from levels 70 to 80 is really just the same as it was from 1 to 70. Where I've always believed the true game really is, is in the raids and instanced dungeons designed for groups of players, and in player verus player action.

                The instances are okay. 5-man dungeons become steadily available as you level up, and range from Nerubian infested Ajzol'Nerub to yet MORE trolls in Gundrak. None of these instances are truly inspired, but they are all interesting and present different challenges. Heroic modes are available for all once you're level 80, and they do breathe some extra life back into the instances, especially since Blizzard's implementation of the achievements tab in the 3.0 patch. One stand-out instance is The Culling of Stratholme, which is located of course in the Caverns of Time area of the game. This gives you the opportunity to go back in time to actually stand by Arthas's side as he faces Mal'ganis, and ensure that history isn't changed by the Time Lords. Sweet!

                Raids, my preferred way of spending time in WoW, are slightly disappointing. First off, Blizzard have resurrected Naxxramas, a raid originally released just a few months before The Burning Crusade was released. Naxxramas is basically a huge floating citadel filled with various minions of the Scourge, with the final boss being Kelthuzad himself (you'll remember him from Warcraft 3). The first time around, Naxxramas was quite interesting, and was praised by the entire community. After the horrors of the Burning Crusade raid game's steep difficulty curve, however, Naxx is really showing its age. The new raids aren't amazing either, and all of the content is very, very easy - even on heroic mode. The achievements do go some way to instilling more life into these raids, but after struggling to kill Kael and Vashj in Tier 5 content for weeks, the fact that Tier 7 is so underwhelming is a small let down for the hardcore. For casual players however, I can appreciate that it may be something of a godsend, as a very small percentage of players raided past Karazhan in TBC, and much less than 1% saw Sunwell Plateau which is possibly the best, most finely tuned raid instance in the game.

                There isn't a whole lot to say about the PvP aspects. It's still just WoW PvP, they promised great things but you quickly realise that they're just novelties, and they all quickly wear off.

                So, new zones, new instances, new accessibility. Not bad, but there's more. The new Inscription profession allows players to create, sell, and purchase Glyphs, which basically enhance existing abilities available to you. It's another nice way of customising your character in addition to the talent trees but, like the talent trees themselves, there is still always the "best way". Blizzard have made extensive use of their phasing technology in Wrath of the Lich King, which in laymans terms means that once you've completed something that changes the way an area might look, it will look that way to you from now on. In more technical terms, it basically slips you into a semi-instance that is seamless with the real game world and so it allows different people, at different points in the stories, different views of the world.

                I bet some of you thought I'd forgotten. This is the part where I'll talk about Death Knights. These are the first Hero Class that Blizzard have offered us, and are available to create once you have another character at level 55. They can fulfill the roles of tank or damage dealer, but in my experience the vast majority of Death Knight players aren't very good at either role. And I know, because I was levelling a new character up through Outland when the Death Knight became available, and they were EVERYWHERE. In many cases, I'd go to an instance and there'd be 4 Death Knights and me, muggins here, healing them. The class itself is probably right up there with the Shaman and Druid in terms of feel and self-contained atmosphere, and Blizzard have done a very good job of balancing it against other classes in both PvE and PvP environments. Once the initial novelty wears off and the numbers thin out a little bit more, leaving dedicated players to the class will be valuable additions to any raidforce. On the flip side, the class itself is a lot of fun to play, saturated with lore, and can summon ghouls! Ghouls!

                All in all, this is typical Blizzard expansion pack fare. I'll give it 3 out of 5, because it's the same old same old... only easier. It boils down to this: If you play WoW already, you will want this. If you don't play, but it interests you, then you should check out the free trial available from their website before you consider buying the game itself, much less the two expansions, because it could be weeks - even months - before you see any real content from either expansion pack once starting to play. If this all sounds like it's crap, then it's probably best you don't buy it.


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                  08.01.2009 18:00
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                  Worth the time and effort!

                  Ok here's the deal.

                  If you have played any online games before you will know what to expect, but with this expansion of warcraft there is a shift away from hardcore raiding to casual gamer friendly. Gone are they days of 40 man raids where you need to raid everynight to see the high end contant. Most small guilds can plug away and visit any of the new content in groups of 10. Excellent for those of us that do not wish to play everynight and for hours on end.

                  The new zones are amazing to explore and quest in. They have really worked on the quests so you will find yourself flying planes, controlling large NPC mobs, morphing into strange creatures, the list goes on and on. Yes there are still plenty of collect and kill quests but much much more now.

                  Level 70-80 was an enjoyable experiance and took more casual players around 2 weeks to complete. Along the way you do around 1000+ quests and can make 5k gold.

                  I would recommend this to new and old WoW players alike. Much more variety in quests, a dedicated pvp zone with seige weapons, another BG, a number of new 5-10-25 man instances, 10+ new zones with 2000+ quests.


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                    03.01.2009 19:34
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                    A excellent expansion to an already excellent game

                    After hours of waiting around, sick of doing the level 70 instances, the new expansion has finally arrived! and what an expansion it is!

                    A whole new continent has been unlocked and the level cap raised to 80, giving room to hours more fun with my guildmates! The layout of the new continent is also very impressive as there is multiple areas of the same level meaning you can take a different route with different characters and it wont get boring so quickly. There are some awesome new quest types now, including driving round in tanks and flying on griffins rescusing people! They have made the game much more accessable for the more casual players with an overhall of how reputation works. You can simply wear a tabbard for whoever you want rep with, and do any heroic!

                    Overall, WOTLK is a great new addition and im sure i, and many other people will be having hours of fun playing it.


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                      22.11.2008 13:21
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                      The next chapter for World of Warcraft

                      Finally it has arrived!
                      The eagerly awaited expansion for WOW has been launched and all I can say is IT IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      It has a whole new area to explore, a new bad guy (The Lich King) and best of all the introduction of the first Hero class.
                      The Death Knight Is the first hero class that has been launched by Blizzard and as long as you have a level 55 character on a server you will be able to start a Death Knight character.
                      These Death Knight characters are limited to 1 per account on a server and they start at level 55 from a new area floating above the Eastern Plague lands.
                      At lvl 68+ journey to Northrend and face the Lich King and his army of undead called the Scourge.
                      This is a great expansion for an already excellent game and in my opinion still the best mmorpg out there.

                      Its well worth a buy and the monthly subscription


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