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Worms 4 - Mayhem (PC)

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2010 12:06
      Very helpful



      A great worms game and the best 3d one in the series.

      Worms 4 mayhem is the 3rd 3d game in the worms series. It was released in 2005 for the pc,ps2 and xbox. Worms 4 is a 3d turn based action/strategy game.

      In this game there is a maximum of 4 players, human or ai. Each player takes it in turns to move one worm in there team, which usually comprises of 4 worms. In most modes there is a maximum of 60 seconds in your turn though this can be changed as the modes are fully customisable. To navigate your worm around quickly there are certain tools such as the jetpack, parachute, ninja ropes etc. In a 3d world the ninja ropes are more difficult to use but can still be helpful when trying to go through high up windows into buildings.

      The graphics of the game are cartoony but still good and the terrain is fully destructable. Though like in all worms games if you destroy the bottom part of a wall the top part will still float in mid air.

      After you have got your worm into a suitable position then you choose your weapon. There are 29 offensive weapons in the game, not including the weapons you can make yourself in the weapons factory, and 12 tools which include icarus potion, jetpack, low gravity, bubble trouble, surrender etc. The most used weapon in the game as it has infinity ammo in almost all modes is the bazooka. When firing this weapons you hold down the 'Q' key to enter the first person firing mode. Then you aim with the mouse and hold down the fire button to choose the power of which you will fire it. The longer you hold down the fire button the further it will go.

      As said earlier there is a weapons factory on the main menu that allows players to create there own weapons. The weapons that are created can only be set as team specific weapons though more than one team can have the same weapon. Each team can only have one player made weapon in there arsenal. The weapon can be either a grenade, bazooka or airstrike type weapon. You can select its worm damage, terrain destruction and blast power. As well as choosing between many styles of grenades, missiles, bombs. My personal weapon is the penguin plopper which is an airstrike that drops explosive penguins on my enemy.

      Worms are also fully customisable. You can choose there voices such as scottish and irish accents. They can also have gimmicky voices like double-oh-seven and crazy. You can change there hair give them helmets, gloves, jackets, glasses and many other things.

      Game modes can be created. In this you select what weapons are available, how much ammo they have, how long each turn lasts, how many weapon/health/utility crates drop, each can be modified seperatley.
      There are is a slot section for playing games which can be pulled to give a random gameplay experience or set yourself. There are options such as heavy wind, low gravity, sudden death and many more.

      Worms 4 mayhem has much more in depth story mode compared to previous games in the series. There are introductory cutscenes and a continuing story throughout the game. After the fifth mission professor worminkle, you and your team of worms travel back in time to the middle ages in the professor's machine. The time machine becomes damaged and they are attacked by wizards and knights. After fixing the time machine they then appear in the wild west. The professor's time machine just so happens to run on gold which they need more of from the fearsome boggy the kid. They then travel to arabia where they have to stop a gang of theives who have stolen the queens jewels. Worminkle then drops a letter which is from the government stating that they wish to replace worminkle university with a research laboratory. Worminkle quickly snatches the letter back. Then they go back to the preherstoric times and worminkle says that the only used the player to stop the governments plans he then betrays them and leaves and tries to escape in the time machine. Fortunatley he crashes into a mountain. giving enough time for the player to catch him. After battling with many caveworms, the player gets to the Professor, takes the time machine, and flies away, leaving Professor Worminkle to the history.

      By completing missions in story mode the player gains coins which can then be used in the store to buy more clothing, maps, weapons and game modes. There are also many challenges to complete that have you flying and collecting things with jetpacks in the fastest time possible, Sniping and extremley hard battles.

      There is multiplayer for up to 4 players. The internet servers are still supported and there is also an lan option and hotseat mode on one computer. In multiplayer mode there all of the features of single player apart from the story mode and challenges. Player made weapons and modes can still be used. There is also an unlimited number of maps as you can switch between pre-made maps and randomly generated maps. In randomly generated maps you can select the theme, such as preherstoric or camelot, and then right click on the picture of the map to generate it. If you are unhappy with the outcome you can keep clicking till something which is to your taste appears.

      This is a great game for the whole family though if you were looking for co-operative missions then worms world party is the way to go as it has multiplaer missions and a downloadable map/mission creator.

      Worms 4 is a fun game for people of all ages but will get tedious after an hour or two of gameplay so should be played in short bursts and is not realy an endurance game.


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