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Worms Armageddon (PC)

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    4 Reviews
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      30.05.2011 14:42
      Very helpful



      This is the best Worms game for network play, as it has received numerous patches for it.

      Wormx Armageddon is the 3rd game in the long and successful series. It came after Worms and Worms 2, and is often sold in a bundle pack with the latter.

      The focus of Worms games, is to defeat all the enemy worms, using your available arsenal. Which is quite formidable. You can use conventional weapons, such as Bazookas and Grenades, to completely crazy ones, such as explosive old Women and super sheep (flying sheep).

      If you're unfamiliar with Worms games, then you should know that it is played from a side view (except Worms 3d, Forts and Worms 4), weapons are affected by the wind, which changes each turn, requiring the player to accurately aim and determine the correct power with which to fire/throw his weapon in order to hit his enemy.

      The games strong point is it's multiplayer side, it supports up to 6 players offline, if my memory serves. It also supports up to 6 in an online game, also allowing a combination of local and online players, so you can have 2 computers on a network, with 3 players on each PC. Networking in Worm's games is often a problem however. There are countless issues with the newer Worms games, especially the 3d ones, which constantly go out of sync, also the DS and PSP versions have awful multiplayer. Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party are the 2 best Worms games to choose if you want networking mayhem! (In a good way) It generally stays in sync, especially on LAN games. And although the player doing the actions is always a few seconds ahead of the other players, it still stays in sync.

      Key points in all Worms games are the terrain deformation and the random terrain generation. The generator can come up with literally millions of different maps for you to play on. All capable of being destroyed by your beautiful arsenal of weaponry.

      This is probably my favourite Worms game out there, it is still supported by 2 Team17 employees, who update it periodically with new bug fixes. Latest being November 2010 (As of May 2011). These updates probably play a large part in why the networking in Armageddon is better than other Worms games, a lot of the updates released for it, involve patching network issues.

      I can report that this game is fully compatible with all Windows from 95 through 7, including 64-bit Windows 7. Some new GFX cards may see irregularities, if so, i recommend patching to the latest version, there's a good chance it'll fix it.

      The most common way to find Worms Armageddon is to find the SoldOut bundle pack of Worms 2 and Worms Armageddon, almost all shops will sell this for £5 (as all SoldOut titles sell for £5) and this version is compatible with the latest patches released by the Team17 employees. The Trymedia version is not compatible with the Team17 updates.


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      01.06.2007 13:11
      Very helpful



      This is a good fun game worth a try

      Worms Armageddon (PC)
      Great Worming Fun

      I first played this when I went to town into a gaming shop and came across this on the shelf. It was fairly old at the time but it cheap so I thought might as well give it ago. It looked good from the box, good pictures and good makers. It certainly had potential to be a great game. Got home and played it straight away. I was loving it. I went on the options and went on unlimited weapons and turned the cheat system on, so I could get a grip of the game. Such a good game to just play to beat boredom. I was so please I got it, as it wasn't planned and on any other day I might have missed this game in the shops.

      This game is very popular and for any video gamer you would of heard of the series. I know a lot of people who have got this I they haven't been let down with the game. It is one of those addictive games and it is likely that if you have bought one in the series you will go on to buy the newest addition. Team 17 are the makers of this and never fail to produce the goods they have already made games such as Amiga Age which was such a good game at the time when I played it.

      The aim of the game is you are a team of worms which you can make your own team name and names for each worm. There is a piece of land which all your worms and the opposing worms are on. The objective of the game to try and kill the other team worm. There are many ways you can kill them. There around 25 weapons for a start. So you can blast them to death, you could push them in the water (which will result in death) and you can go for a defence system at the same time so they can not get you. There are many defence systems one being the Digger. The digger digs underground for shelter from the opposing teams bombs and guns. Having one person defending is always a good option.

      So its just a full on battle between two teams but there can be more. I would advise you if you have just started it to go on training mode first. There are a lot of aiming tasks to help you. You will need to do this first as you won't be very good in the real mission or battles with your friends. There are many missions to keep this game going for a long time. But it's all about the battles. You will get so much fun and laughs out of just one match.

      Before you start the battles there are plenty of option to get a battle of your satisfaction. If you won't a long cold blooded battle you might want to make the starting HP (life) up to 200 as apposed to the standard 100. To all the weapons to start of with there will be a limit. But you can make the weapon count as many as want or unlimed. There are certain options like Sudden death which is after a certain amount of time all still surviving worms will all get the life of 1HP so it's a real race for the winners spot. One little prod from anything and the worm will die. You can also change the rate of how often the boxes fall from the air with special prizes in to win the battle. There are just so many things for you to do and play with. You will be having endless fun with your friends.

      Worms Armageddon has a online feature now so your mates won't have to go to the bother of coming round they can just stay at home and still play each other. But you don't just have to play with your mates you can play with many people from several countries. You can make friends and make your team together sounds good doesn't it. This is possibly the best game ever to have online play on it. Just one of those perfect arcade video games which will never boar you. But the games come out regularly anyway. You might find network play a bit hard to start with but you shouldn't do it is all easy to use and pretty obvious.

      For me this is my favourite worms. There are now worms which is 3-D instead of 2-D like this one. You might think that sounds good, well it probably is. But for me this is the best one. It is like sonic. The original 2-D one was so much better then that of the latest 3-D ones. Worms Armageddon was at its peak it wasn't going to get better than this. It loses its arcady effect when games turn 3-D unfortunately. But you can't blame the makers of the games because you have try and move on to bigger and better things.

      I really love this game as I said my favourite weapon is the holy bomb as it gives off such a big explosion. Does so much that half the land blows up. Which result in ones falling in the sea and dying. It is quite funny as well because it you have the sound on you will hear the word 'Halleluiah' sung in a high pitched voice very quickly followed by the explosion. I would advise you to limit this weapon to around 3 at the most as they are just to good and will spoil the game.

      So overall I would defiantly advise you to buy this as this still remains to be one of my best games on the PC obviously your not all going to like it so don't be surprise if you don't but for most gamers you should enjoy this extremely especially playing against your friends or on network play.

      Buy this off www.amazon.co.uk


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        28.06.2005 00:17
        Very helpful



        I first played Worms on the PlayStation several years ago, and instantly knew that Team 17, stalwarts of the Amiga age, had produced yet another classic. What could be simpler than teams of worms blowing each other up? And yet, what could be more fun? Erm… within reason, obviously.

        First Impressions

        Worms Armageddon is an obvious improvement on both the original Worms and the later Worms United (which was basically Worms with a few bells and whistles attached). The increased number of options and playing modes, along with the greatly enhanced graphics and extra weapons, mean that even though the integral gameplay is exactly the same, Worms Armageddon is on a completely different echelon top its predecessors.


        For all of you who have been living on Neptune for the past decades, let me tell you a little about Worms and its sequels...

        Worms (and all of its sequels, including this one) is a turn-based strategy war game. Two or more teams of worms battle it out over a randomly-generated terrain, and have a limited time each turn to select a weapon and then use it - hopefully well (against the enemy) and not foolishly (against your own team... whoooooops...). Obviously, the last team left standing wins the round (in Worms Armageddon you can play a tournament where up to 9 victories are needed to win the tournament). Each worm has life points (100-200, user-set), and may not be killed with a single shot of whatever weapon, though falling into the sea means instant death. Action replays are available, which can be truly hysterical!

        Some of the more bizarre (and most destructive) weapons include the banana bomb, sheep (yep you read that right), and mad cows. Yes, it really is that strange...)



        The menus are all mouse-driven and are both attractive and clearly presented. Everything you could possibly want to customise is customisable.

        The in-game controls are the same mix of keyboard and mouse commands that worked so well in the old games. You more your worm around with the cursor keys and angle of the weapon, jump with the return key, and shoot with the spacebar (holding it down for a particular length of time to determine the strength of the shot (depending what weapon you're using), and the mouse for accessing the weapons available and selecting the target of homing missiles. The interface was perfect to begin with and has not been tampered with, thus it is still perfect (QED).


        Unlike Worms United, the AI worms can sometimes make silly mistakes - though they often display deadly accuracy, too… With the different modes single player modes there is a lot more variety and challenge (as opposed to simply being wiped out without a chance), and the training levels, missions, and deathmatches are all great fun. There is also an option to play a quick game against the computer, though I prefer to set up a multiplayer game (with the computer controlling one or more opposing teams), as you tend to develop grudges against particular teams (and even individual worms) after a while!!

        The long-term playability and challenge as a single player game is very much in evidence - something that was sadly lacking in Worms United. Of course, as a multiplayer game it still can't be beaten!


        The graphics are greatly improved over the original, being higher definition, more detailed, and having a very nice cartoon quality to them. There also seem to be even more animations, though I can't quite be certain of this.

        The sound sets are as hysterical as ever, with a few new ones thrown in for good measure. (There's even a Brummie sound set! - though my personal favourites are Geezer (real cockney gangster voices, classic!), and Rastafarian (with lines like: "It's not happening, man!", and "You'll stare into the eyes of a demon!").

        Will You Still Be Playing it in 6 Months' Time?

        The question that's really more pertinent is, will you ever stop playing it?!?!?!? And the answer is: NO.

        Is it Worth the Money?

        Even if it were still full price it'd be worth every penny and more, but now it's out on budget, it could very well be the bargain of the century!

        Final Ratings

        (Ratings from Worms United in parentheses.)

        Graphics: - 92% - very cartoon-like and animated, the graphics have truly been updated with style. (64%)

        Sound: - 91% - some of the sound sets aren't really as funny as they should be, but the one or two hysterical ones more than make up for that. (84%)

        Playability: - 97% - just as playable but with a better menu system and more weapons, added of course to the superior AI and graphics… just perfect.(90%)

        Longevity: - 98% - you could get bored of it… in a few years, maybe… (10-90% - depending on whether you have friends to play against!)

        Replay Value: - 96% - even if you play two games against the same team on the same backdrop, they'll be completely different games. (10-90%)

        Value For Money: - 100% - if I could give it more than 100%, I would. (Well I suppose I could, but you'd probably complain…) (10-90%)

        Overall Rating: - 96% - as near to gaming perfection as has ever been achieved. (66%)


        Additional Information

        You can download a demo from:


        You can also download a Weapons & Tactics Guide from:


        Note for XP Users

        Though there's a patch that comes with the Sold Out release, it doesn't address all of the problems. Point your browser at:

        Personally, I still find that the colours sometimes go screwy on the Mission mode, and have had very occasional crashes, even after installing the patch. There's bug reporting information on the update web page.

        Minimum System Requirements

        Pentium 100
        32 MB RAM, 50 MB Hard Drive free
        SVGA, 2MB Video RAM
        2X CD ROM
        16-bit soundcard


        Available as a budget release from Sold Out Software (£4.99 or 3 titles for £10), commonly seen at Game / MVC / Blockbuster stores or available from online stores including Sold Out Software's own website, www.sold-out.co.uk.


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          18.12.2003 15:13
          Very helpful



          (apologies to those that have already read this review, I had a few compalints about it being in the dreamcast section so I've moved it here.) for those people who have never played any worms games, here's a quick guide to the basic workings of the game: in the basic game (the one played the most often), each player (either human or computer) starts off with a number of small cartoon worms belonging to his/her team, arranged randomly on a two-dimensional landscape. using various weapons (e.g. grenades, bazookas and other more comical varieties) and utilities (ninja ropes, parachutes), the objective is to kill the other teams' worms. the worms start off with a number of energy points (usually 100, but this is customisable), and different weapons will take off a certain amount of these, depending on how well the shot is aimed. a worm dies when it gets to 0. worms games in general: there are few computer games around with such a strong mix of playability and lifespan. puzzle games that you can keep coming back to tend to get boring after a while, and ones which are actually fun to play always seem to be over too soon. worms games however have none of these drawbacks. their strength lies in the different ways in which you can play. socially, the game is great fun. you can name your own worms, so that you can identify with them, getting justifiably annoyed when someone kills them, and triumphantly shouting when your team is victorious! it makes a change from the nerdy lan-networked games such as unreal which separate people rather than bringing them together for multiplayer gaming. alone, worms can be fun too, with earlier games offering battles versus varying skill levels of pc opponents, and single player missions offering something with a bit more strategy involved. the graphics have always been cartoony, never complex, which can make the games look a little cutesy, but also means that they aren
          9;t heavy on system resources. Worms Armageddon: So, if worms is such a simple concept, how can so many versions be justified? And what does this version have that the others don't? Quite simply, in my opinion, Worms Armageddon is the pinnacle of the Worms concept. It extends the basic concept to become more challenging, and varied, without taking away the factors that made it so enjoyable in the first place. Modes: Multiplayer: This is basically the same as all the other versions of worms. With a few features added. There are new weapons (the homing pigeon being my favourite), new options (e.g. the water level rising and worms becoming "sick" in sudden death mode and it does look a little slicker. You are still limited in the number of worms you can play with at once, but this can make things more challenging. The landscape editor is a lot easier to use than earlier versions too. Mission mode: This mode has various missions which you have to complete (duh!), with various goals. Goals range from collecting particular crates, to killing particular worms, and the missions go form fairly easy to very hard quite quickly. I couldn't do these missions without a walkthrough from the internet, but I'm sure that there are people out there who could. Anyway, they are a great deal of fun when you do do them, and completing them can unlock secret options like more ammo for certain weapons, or making the worms bleed when they are hurt (Yuk!) Deathmatch: This mode is where you face harder and harder matches against computer teams to improve your rank. It starts off very easy, with eight of your worms against eight low-skilled PC opponent worms, but the number of your worms goes down, while the number of opponents and their skill level goes up. At the moment I'm ranked Hero, but I can't seem to win the match with just 2 of my worms and 12 worms of the h
          ighest skill level! Anyway, it?s great fun watching your rank go up, and winning against all the odds. Training: This single player mode starts off with what it calls "basic training" which is basically an introduction to the game. It shows you some of the cool things you can do with the various weapons and utilities you might not otherwise have found out, and is required to be completed before you can get access to all of the missions. It's fairly easy though. Once basic training is completed, you can access the advanced training modes. These are; sheep racing, rifle range, artillery range, ninja rope training, and euthanasia. Sheep racing is fun to start with, but it's really hard. Getting a gold medal will get you a new weapon to play with, but this will only come with lots of practice. The idea is to fly a sheep around the screen collecting crates to accumulate time on the clock. The ore time, the better the medal. Rifle range, ninja rope training and artillery range are the same sort of idea, with gold medals getting you secret options. Euthanasia though is great fun. The idea is to kill as many little old ladies as possible with the various weapons at your disposal. While it might sound a bit bad taste, it's very funny and quite easy. I really liked this training mode as it made me laugh. A lot. Overall: As I?ve said, in my opinion worms games are some of the best games to be created for the PC, and Worms: Armageddon is the best of the lot. The customisable aspects of the game lend it an individual edge (you should check out my ?Withnail and I? sound scheme!) and the fact that the multiplayer version is just on the one PC makes it very playable as a social game. The only drawbacks I can think of are potentially the online multiplayer mode, which may have been superceded by other versions (e.g. worms world party, which I haven?t played), and the fact
          that the graphics, being 2d aren?t what many modern gamers might expect. However, I just don?t see how worms 3d can be as much fun. For me, the cartoony Worms is the classic favourite, and they couldn?t really improve on it if they tried. And they have. All hail the concrete donkey!


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