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Worms Forts Under Siege (PC)

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Prepare your garrison of worms to join three other machines in four player clashes. Wage war online, over epic landscapes never seen before in a Worms game with the option to tailor battles through Quickmatch and Optimatch matchmaking. Pit fort against fort and worm against worm, with a choice of over 30 different weapons, such as the 50-Stone Canary and Homing Pigeon Launcher.

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2009 16:38
      Very helpful



      A good game for a small price, but can get tedious and boring if you play it for a long time.

      I have mixed views on this game, in a way I think the good old Worms was enough and making this game, they have taken it a bit too far. Even if it has been taken a bit too far, the game itself is very good, the graphics are excellent and the idea seems pretty good too.

      The basic game concept is the same as it was before. Teams of belly crawling worms, wiping each other out with exotic and humerous weapons, ranging from the measly shotgun, to the rocket powered Super sheeps. Some of the new weapons even beat the hilarious ideas of the previous games. The 50 Stone Canary, waddling accross the battle feild towards your castle is one scary thing. If a 50 stone canary wasn't enough, what about a giant Fridge Launcher throwing clusters of what you would usually find in a fridge, on impact. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a 50 Stone Canary? No! It's a Super Hippo. For those who don't know what a Super Hippo consists of, it's a Hippo with a Massive rocket strapped to it's back, enough to scare even the new Trojan Donkey, that's if the Trojan Donkey ever strikes, which it does whenever it wants to, maybe this go, maybe next go, noone really knows.

      With the weapons out of the way, what is the game really about? The general idea is to build your Fort. Each worm has a Go of 1minute and each of the worms in their 1 minute go has the chance to build one building and fire one weapon. Building has to be done first. From a Main building you can build a Tower, Keep, Castle and then a Citadel. These are the 4 assault buildings which you can fire the bigger weapons from. The terrain is split up into squares and every few squares you will find a Gold star. When you build a building on a gold star, it unlocks more building for you to build. With no stars you can build a tower but when you collect enough stars you can build the spine chilling Citadel.

      The winner of the game is the person who destroys either all of the oponants worms or all of the oponants buildings. Taking out the oponants main building will destroy all of the other buildings. Each of the buildings has to be linked in some way to the Main building, otherwise it will blow itself up! Having to be close to your base to build, this encourages a lot of long ranged attacks on the oponants. The individual worms can attack but with very limited supplies and to do any real damage you need to be on an attack building.

      There is a wide variety of different terrains to fight in, each with it's unique theme and ground objects. You can play a multiplayer game, with up to four players or you can play the computer in the traditional way, a single player campaign! There is also an online multiplayer option, which I can't comment on because I havn't tried it! I don't see why it wouldn't work the same as the rest of the game.

      Overall I think the game is a very good idea on paper, but in graphics it may not seem as good. It is a very difficult task of taking the 2D Belly crawling worms and turning them 3D. The game has it's downsides, hard to get used to controls, hard to aim weapons and a not so hard to get Giant Laser, which lays waist to your enemies base in seonds.

      The game is fun when you get used to playing, but like the other Worms games, it can get a bit boring after a while and I for certain know that I wouldn't spend more than two or three games without having to take a break. But in the end, at the budget price which it is being sold, I think that the game is very well worth it. Just a warning for those who don't comply with the 3+ catagory, there is a lot of violence in the game and please don't try this at home!

      Now, some of the boring stuff you might not need to read. Just some of the system requirments.
      Atleast 1GHz Processor. (1.5 recommended)
      Windows 200/XP. (WARNING 95/98/ME/NT are all NOT supported)
      Miniumum of 256Mb RAM (512Mb recommended)
      Direct X 9 compatible Sound Card
      800MB Disc Space
      8x CdRom Drive, (16x Recommended)
      For gamepads, must support Direct X 9.


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