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Xtension (PC)

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Upgrade to X Beyond the Frontier

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2010 14:08
      Very helpful



      A really good game, you'll probably spend most of your time building your huge empire by trading.

      Well i recently wrote a review on the prequel of this game, X-Beyond The Frontier, and i mentioned that it was far better to buy the sequel, this game.

      X-Tension is a vast improvement on its predecessor, although the game was created in the view as an 'expansion(or extension)' to X-BTF, its such a massive expansion it might as well be another game.

      Graphics are improved in the sequel, adding new effects to the game, especially on the game's ship's.

      The games universe was x-panded and now contains a total of ninety systems. A big improvement over X-BTF's 50 systems.

      Players can now eject from their ship, this was an added feature in order to allow players to eject from one ship and take command of another ship that they own, this can be done in a station without ejecting, but sometimes its faster to be impatient.

      The player can now take command of all the fighters and small transports of each race, as well as capturing pirate ships. The 2.0 patch update also added the ability to command Large Transporter vessels, capable of carrying stations and up to 30 ships.

      X-tension is the most unique game in the series, it being the only X game to not feature a main storyline, the game is entirely open-ended, the player can choose to do some minor side quest missions, however these are generally used to generate small amounts of income, not as profitable as trading.

      As as you can see, the game did add a lot of new improvements to the game, and the best part is, its about the same price. But you can buy X-Gold which includes X-BTF, X-Tension and the patches for X-tension all on 1 cd, and that will probably cost you the same as X-tension on its own, i definitely recommend this buy.


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