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Antec High Current Gamer HCG-400

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2012 23:22
      Very helpful



      Antec have really impressed me with this power supply.

      I recently built a budget gaming computer for a friend and he was adamant that he wanted a modular PSU, after trying to get him to change his mind because this would be hard under a budget I finally caved and decided to try and find a cheap one. I came across this little beauty by Antec which cost me £45 for 400 Watts of power, that's not a massive amount of power and that was a little concerning but my friend knew the risks.

      This came in a box and everything was very neatly packaged and wrapped, the power supply was held firmly by pieces of hard cardboard and it was also wrapped in a polystyrene sheet. All of the outputs were in plastic bags. Here is a list of the connectors that you get.

      * 1 x 20+4 pin.
      * 1 x 6 Pin PCI-E
      * 5 x SATA.
      * 4 x Molex.
      * 1 x Floppy.
      * 1 x 4+4 Pin.

      That is a good amount of connectors for the power supply and of course you only need to plug in the ones that you need. Be warned here though guys if you are using a modern graphics card you may need 2 6 pin connectors and you only get one here.

      Installing this device was really easy; it screwed into the bottom of the case and stayed there firmly. Plugging the connectors wasn't a difficult challenge either as it was quite clear where they had to be plugged in, they clicked in and felt quite stiff which was a good thing because it meant they wouldn't be falling out any time soon. This was fantastic for cable management and meant the whole case looked cleaner and a lot smarter than if there were cables everywhere.

      --How it tested--
      When the whole system was built I was slightly worried that this wouldn't be enough power to run everything that I had placed into the computer. What I found out was that I should of given this little device a little more faith, it ran everything in the computer excellently and nothing in the computer was being bottlenecked from power.

      --Peace of mind--
      I can never stress enough the importance of a good power supply, partially because this is providing all of the voltage to your system if anything goes wrong it has the power to fry everything as well. This system has the following.

      * Over Current Protection.
      * Over Voltage Protection.
      * Short Circuit Protection.
      * Over Power Protection.

      That is a lot of protection there so you can sleep in peace knowing that whatever happens you should be protected from losing any components in your computer.

      Overall I have tested this product for over a week before passing the computer on to its current owner. The whole system is still running great and I now feel confident with the Antec power supply range because this has impressed me with everything it has to offer. I would recommend this power supply to anyone looking to build a cheap computer; if you can afford a higher wattage one then I would upgrade a bit more just to ensure that you can power your whole computer.


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