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Antec NeoHE 500 EC

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2008 20:49
      Very helpful



      Great PSU for all but the most expensive systems.

      Power supplies for computers are surrounded by a myth. This is that many people think you need 1kw+ power supplies for almost every PC that is made for gaming. This is wrong, to use up more than 1kw you would need ot be spending £2k+ on a PC. I chose the Antec NeoHE 500w as it was cheap, modular and 500w is perfect for a decent gaming PC. I bought mine from www.specialtech.co.uk for £50 about 6 months ago.

      The power supply comes in a sturdy box. The box is covered in information that might make you purchase the PSU if you were browsing in a shop. Inside the box you will find the PSU itself, the modular cables and some papers. It is good packaging, better than what I have seen from Corsair and Thermaltake.

      The PSU itself looks fairly old and basic. It has a 80mm outtake fan which is unusual for a hefty PSU like this. It is shiny and gold in colouring and the PC side is just one big vent with 5 modular connectors available. The modular design is great and is what sold this PSU for me. The ATX 24pin and CPU power connectors (one 8 pin and one 4 pin) are hardwired. The rest of the required cables can be connected to these 5 connectors. In the box you get 2 sata cables with 3 connectors on each cable, 2 molex again with 3 connectors (one has a floppy connector on the end) and 2 6-pin PCI-E connectors.

      The installation was dead easy, as would the installation of any PSU. The modular design made tidying up the case very simple as you didn't have a large clump of unused wires to hide.

      The PSU is very quiet, especially considering it has an 80mm fan. I have no hardware to measure its power etc but I have been running it for 6 months and it is rock-stable. My PC is also a fairly capable one but I would be happy with adding more and more components. With the kind of money I spend on my PC I would expect this PSU to last for years before I need an upgrade.

      The Antec NeoHE 500w is a great, cheap and modular PSU. It comes with a 3 year warranty and for around £50 is unbeatable.


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