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Antec Smartpower 2.0 SP-350PEC

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2007 07:40



      Don't buy this psu ever, grab an earthwatts instead, it'll last a lot longer than these nasty things

      This psu is an unfortunate one. Its top performing with a 25A combined 12V rail, enough SATA and molex connectors. Its also quiet - effectively silent in even quiet pcs. Voltage stability is passable though the 12V rail runs a bit high at 12.5V in lighter systems. Its reasonably efficient. The cables aren't sleaved but it is a budget designated PSU. However this doesn't save it from its defective design.

      This big issue here is the cheap fuhhjyya capacitors employed, combined with a low noise design, which therefore means less airflow, and therefore it runs hot even on a light computer. So while it runs fine for 6 months, once the cheap capacitors can't handle the 50deg celcius interior typical of it - since the rear fan doesn't even spin when idling, so heat builds up. They start to fail, leaking out electrolyte, ripple on the voltage rails increase until the psu fails. If your unlucky it will have damaged some computer components with it. The chance of failure is influenced by where its position - ones mate who had one failed in only 3 months because it was in a cramped case with no case fans providing airflow. Still any decent psu would handle that situation fine. The one I've got is going ok until recently when random crashes are starting to occur. So unfortunate since its a solid design otherwise. Anyone looking at Antec psu's should stear clear of this model, grab a newer earthwatts instead as they have better quality capacitors that wont fail in as little as 6 months.

      For anyone interested, heres some example pictures of leaky failed fuhhjyya caps that plague all the antec smartpower and truepower psu's (except newer truepower trio)


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