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    1 Review
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      17.02.2012 12:26
      Very helpful



      This PSU really works well with my computer and keeps all of the components powered easily 5 Stars.

      The power supply is the true backbone to the computer, without it we wouldn't have any power to use the computer. When choosing a power supply you need to pick one with enough watt power to operate your computer, too little and it will be running far too hard and you will potentially harm your computer. That's why for me I like to buy one around 700 watts. I recently decided to upgrade an old computer and noticed that it only had a 350 watt power supply in there so I shopped around to look for a good one.

      What I found was this Corsair professional series more specifically this is the HX850W model, 850 watts is superb and will power the 6 core and dual graphics card I was looking at just nicely. For all that power though it comes with a price £125 to be exact, I know you can but some a lot cheaper with the same power but I wanted to be safe with a name brand that I trusted. This got delivered to me within 3 days which was nice and to top it off the packaging was sublime, I almost didn't want to open it because it looked like someone had gone through a lot of trouble putting it in there.

      Installing it was a bit of a problem but that was mainly down to the case I had, it was a tight squeeze and there wasn't much room for the wires, all the connection were intact and connected brilliantly. This has 1 ATX and EPS connector, 6 PCI-E connectors, 12 4 pin connectors and SATA connectors and 2 floppy connectors. If you still need more after all of that then I'll eat my hat, that's a lot of connectors and the downside to that is there are wires everywhere. I spoke to Corsair tech support to ask about trimming them down because I really didn't need that much but they strongly advised NOT to, so all those wires in my case will have to do.

      After I had installed it and got my computer up and running I was extremely happy with the way it ran, the an wasn't too loud which is always a bonus but according to the manual it will rise up to 33 dBA depending on how much of the power you are actually using. Corsair guarantee that it will sustain its full wattage at a temperature of 50 degrees, so unless you live in an extremely hot place where you get this temperature a lot then I think you're safe.

      There aren't too many features to this thing because being a PSU I guess there isn't a lot to do, one of the things that did draw me was the Multi-GPU ready. This means that it is ready to handle my dual graphics card and I have that peace of mind, also it comes with solid state capacitors which are high end. With these capacitors as long as you don't need more than 850W you should be good to keep this PSU for a while, I feel that it will last me a good few years maybe more so that justifies the price I paid. With the PSU it comes with all the surge protection you could ever think of, which is just another peace of mind thing but better to be safe than sorry and its far cheaper to replace this than everything else in your computer.

      Overall I am really happy with this purchase it's not too loud despite its big fan on the bottom and it does its job just fine, I think all of those connectors can be a bit unnecessary but you never know I may find use for them yet. I would recommend this PSU to anyone for any computer because it's perfect and it gives you peace of mind that other power supplies just cant.


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