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    1 Review
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      18.03.2010 18:08
      Very helpful
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      Good quality quiet and efficient PSU

      Brought this PSU in Aug 2008 as a drop in replacement for a failed Antec unit. In the interim it seems it has gone up considerably in price since I purchased it from CCL for just £52.69! I selected this unit since it fit my budget, came from a manufacturer of good repute and because reviews had stated that it was quiet and energy efficient (quietness been a prime consideration for me).

      The unit was extremely well packaged giving an immediately good impression that you had purchased a item of quality.

      Fitting in my case was straightforward. However because it is not modular you may find as I did that you have quite a number of 'redundant' cables that you need to find a place for ideally out of the way where they won't effect air flow. My solution was to move my DVD burner from the top of the case to the bay below and use the resulting space now above it to store the cables I didn't need. This worked well in practice.

      The cables are also quite long so should present no issues to those with large cases or where the PSU is positioned at the bottom rather than the top of the case (as it often is nowadays)

      In use the PSU which users a temperature controlled 120mm fan is very quiet such that its only up close that you know its on at all (and will stay quiet up to 400W when it will start to ramp in speed and noise). Its backed up by a five yr warranty from Corsair and I have no reason at the moment to doubt its reliability which has been rock solid. So overall I am very pleased with this purchase.

      Should you buy one? Well at the price I brought it I consider it to be something of steal however its now £20 or more expensive than when I brought it which puts it up against a number of other good PSU's including modular ones for similar or not much more money.

      Nevertheless should you choose this model I'm sure that you won't be disappointed.


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