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Enermax EG 651P-VE

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2004 04:30
      Very helpful



      Well, what can I say about the Enermax EG651P-VE? This little baby is everything you could ever want from a power device on your PC. The style is so great you'l want to ripp it out of your PC to lure your girlfriend into bed with it's marvelous, almost utterly delicious design. Mmm, it makes me feel so good when i think about this UPS power device that I can hardly contain myself... I'll be back in five minutes..... Ok back.. Now this little babe boasts two fans - one 90mm, one 80mm. Yes, I can hear you saying, two fans! oh yes, that it right it has two!! Oh my god, yes, two!!!!! It's so great, and you wont believe me, but it's true these little fans are gold plated! They have a layer of goooold! Mmm, I love gold. I love to rubb myself with this fan.. I can picture myself on a nudest beach in the south of france, with this fan unit lying seductively on a towel beside me, as the waves lap gently upon my feet. It gives me a warm fuzzing feeling inside.. I just want this fan unit to have my babies! Not only are the fan blades gold plated, but so is the internal heat sink, which you might be pleased to know has been anodised! Ooh, I've love to be the one that gets to anodise it!! Mmmm yes, I just want to anodise three all lined up in a row infront of me! It has a whopping monster 550 watt rating, which I am told is enough for a very seriously stacked system. And my god does it have a lovely stack! When I first saw this plugged into my computer, I was so happy, I was so sad, I believe the dreams about this fan unit are the best I've ever had! But why should you, dear buyer, or more likely, idle reader, wish to buy this little baby of a power supply? Well, i can answer this question, but first I shall have to relate to you a small story, it was told to me by an old Tibeten monk, who had recently moved into the local bus shelter. These monks really take poverty seriously. Anyhows this is what he said; "A
      wise man does not right many reviews a day, but only one or two good ones." I then beat him over the head with a coy carp, and demanded something better from the old fool. Luckily he obliged and told me this story, apparantly famous in Tibet.. "Many year ago a goat walked up the mountains and began to lose his breath, as he walked further and further up the mountain he became so tired he had to stop his wondering. Although the goat so much wished to reach the top of the mountain. Whilst the goat sat, puffing and trying to breath, a small otter strolled down from the top of the mountain followed by a fish riding a miniture elephant. The group stopped as they passed the goat and asked, 'Mr Goat, why do you huff and puff so much? Do you not know the secrets of climbing a mountain?' The goat looked appalled. he thought to himself, I tried to walk a mountain without proper research and never knew there were secrets.. Woes to me I am a silly goat. He then put these thoughts aside and asked of the otter, fish and mini elephant, 'Oh glory bringing lovely animals sent surely by budda himself, what is this secret you speak of? That allows such creatures as you to walk a mountain and not feel the problems of a thinning atmosphere at high altitudes?' The otter smiled, the fish gurgled and elephant replied, 'Why dear goat, we are all carrying a UPS Power device, called a Enermax EG651P-VE!' The goat stared at them in mild amazement, and inquired, 'Where can I get such a thing?' The fish replied, 'From PC world! There is one at the bottom of the mountain, and it sells everything you need for your PC.. even one of those kinky sex machines you plug in and then it vibrates in all the right places! You know what I'm talking about!' The goat admitted that he did, and then headed down to PC World and purchased this power device. So ends my tale. The moral is that you should never climb a mountain in tibet without a Ene
      rmax EG651P-VE." The old man finished his tale, then took out an Enermax and made me purchase it from him, he said he needed it so he could get more skunk. I smiled at the foolish monk and walked on, but I never forgot his tale. And now, this product is not just a power supply, it is ordaned by the lord himself; Allah, Jesus, God, Budda, Zeus, Jupiter, Krishna, Sheva, Apollo... oh and that nerd of a god Odin. They all use this device. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy it too! You will be screaming with orgasmic pleasure when you plug it into the mains!


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