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Trust Power Master 420W PSU Dual Fan PW-5210

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    1 Review
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      22.08.2010 23:56
      Very helpful
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      Good little PSU that'll tie you over for a short while or will work reliably in a smaller system.

      I have owned 4 Power Supply Units:
      -ModXStream 600W gaming PSU
      -600W X-Power ATX SLI PSU (Which blew up)
      -CiT 650W PSU, which is what I am currently using.
      and last but not least,
      -The Power Master 420W

      Now you must be wondering why would bother with a 420W PSU that was manufactured by Trust. A long story short my X-Power PSU blew up about 6 months ago and I was tight for cash at the time so I needed something cheap to tie me over for a while (can't live without my PC) so I dashed to the local computer hardware store (Barebones) and grabbed this. It done a good job and if my current PSU ever blows up I'll be sticking this puppy in again until I can find a replacement.

      Now it's not a PSU for gaming. It's only 420W and it's so primitive it doesn't even have a power switch on the back. But if you are not building a gaming PC, or you are in a similair situation to which I was in, where you need a cheap PSU to tie you over for a while. Then sure, buy this. At £25 you really can't go wrong.

      Trust are a pretty good brand actually (I never though I'd ever say that - But it's true.) Their products seem to be very reliable and cheap. The item description for this product uses the words innovative and affordable. I could not agree more.

      This PSU has plenty of connectors including SATA and also a nice big cooling fan (which might stop it from blowing up ¬_¬). Something I noticed about this PSU is that it's very quiet. No noise comes from it at all.


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