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Always Ultra Simply Fits Normal with Wings

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Brand: Always / Type: Sanitary towel with wings / Flow: Normal

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    3 Reviews
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      19.09.2012 13:52



      a cheap and comfortable sanitary pad

      These come at a very affordable price - only one pound for twelve pads!
      As such, I was pleasantly surprised that they were so comfortable. They feel very soft and they do not scratch or irritate like some other products can. One other benefit is that these pads do NOT have that offensive 'odour control' feature which can be likened to the smell of toilet cleaner. Why they infuse that aroma into pads, I don't know!
      These pads fit snugly into underwear and they seem to move easily with your body (rather than against it). One does not visit the loo and find that the pad has become 'scrunched up', as it were. They are small and conveniently individually-wrapped in white plastic. It's nice that they don't have ridiculous handbags and butterflies printed on them too.
      'Always' are, of course, a trusted make but it would be nice if they would produce eco-friendly pads and packaging. The amount of plastic that is used is definitely very bad for the environment. Also, a company known for animal-testing own 'Always' which really does put me off. So, not all good I am afraid!


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      17.02.2012 13:00



      Great pads from Always


      These pads are a bargain at a pound for twelve. They have a silky smooth top layer that feels lovely when brushed against the skin. I find that the top layer doesn't irritate my skin, nor does it make me itch. The shape of the pad itself fits my female body perfectly. These pads are suitable for all shapes and sizes and they're pretty absorbent too. They are the "normal" pads but I often use these for heavy flow too as they are so reliable and they're comfortable to wear throughout the day (and night) aswell. They are easy to fit and they are easy to remove. I wrap them in their bottom wrapper and dispose of them via normal household waste. I don't flush them down the toilet as that is disgusting - plus they block toilets anyway when flushed. As the pads are so comfortable to wear I sometimes use them under tampons for extra protection, especially when I am at work. The pads are also easy to carry around with you. They're small enough to fit into a handbag and their special wrapper keeps them fresh until they're ready to be used. The wings are there to give you extra peace of mind - they do with me anyway.


      None really - apart from the fact that sometimes they lose their stick and come undone, although this is usually when i'm exercising or at the gym. A "quick fix" is usually all you need to re stick them!

      Great pads for use throughout your period.


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      06.04.2011 20:18
      Very helpful
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      With sanitary products, I have used a number of different kinds over the last few months but as I said in my previous Bodyform review I just never feel they are quite as good as Always. I know Always have quite a number of different towels in their range but I tend to buy the Simply Fits as of late. The reason being the price is a great deal and I usually like sticking to a brand that I know are reliable and also I quite like this particular range as so far no problems and they are good value for money.


      These are in very feminine type colours being peach and pink and come in the usual square plastic packet. On the front is the Always logo and then a design with a picture of the actually product. These are normal towels with wings, having wings is the main thing I always look out for. These definitely stood out on the shelf to me with being pastel coloured rather than the usual colours for Always I think that is why I picked them up to take a close look.


      Now, with these pads I did wonder with them being normal, what exactly was so different about them to the ones I usually buy. Well, they do promise to give 3 signs of protection which are having a silky soft top sheet, super absorbent and a super fit. These pads are 221mm and are all individually wrapped in a white wrapper that can be used to wrapped used pads and then to have them binned.

      Now, these pads really do have a very soft top layer, it is almost as soft as a cotton wool ball and it is very smooth on skin. I have never had any irritation while wearing these pads at all as they are like material and really are so comfortable you forget that they are there. I know some towels can cause irritation due to friction but these fit perfectly and really do not cause any problems with general wear as long as you change them regularly which is a given.

      These pads also have a very good absorbence. Now, with them being normal it does always give you a guide on the side of the packet to show you how absorbent they are. I'd say they have always been good for me and I never have any embarassing problems with leaks etc as they always absorb. They are not the thickest towels however and are definitely only for a normal period and if you get heavier then you may need to try other towels in the Always range.

      I think out of all of the other sanitary towels out there Always is by far the best brand. I also think that their products are very good quality and I always feel confident and comfortable if wearing an Always Simply Fits on my time of the month. There are no negatives to state other than these are worth buying if you have not already tried them and I definitely will be buying these again, well I already have.

      Lotion Ingredients: Petrolatum, Behenyl Alcohol, Zinc Oxide, Silica Dimethicone Silylate, Isononyl Isononanoate, Serica, Glycine Soja Oil, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Bisabolol.


      These can be bought at all supermarkets and places like Boots and Superdrug. They are on offer at Tesco at the moment and come in 2 different pack sizes, I bought the 12 pack which is normally £1 but is 80p at the minute which is a bargain. The next pack up is the 14 pack which is also normally £1 but is now 80p too. Asda are selling a twin pack of these which includes 20 and is £1.56 which is again not a bad price.

      If you want further information on the Always brand then you can go to their website at http://www.always-info.co.uk/


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