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Bodyform Goodnight Ultra

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3 Reviews

Brand: Bodyform / Type: Towels / Dosage Form: Towel

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    3 Reviews
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      28.11.2013 01:31
      Very helpful



      Night 1 Nightmare!

      I have always found choice of sanitary products to be a really personal one, and hotly debated amongst some of my closest friends. I have had one friend who is a very strong advocate of the moon cup (saves money and is environmentally friendly), I also have friends who are big fans of tampons (the sense of freedom and not as 'messy' as sanitary towels). I however am a big fan of the sanitary towel and have been for many years. For me this is a personal preference based completely on my concern of the dangers that can be associated with tampons such as toxic shock syndrome. Whilst I am not completely against tampons (I do use them now and again, never been brave enough yet to use the moon cup) I prefer sticking with the sanitary towels and have tried several.

      *The purchase*

      I picked these up recently from Boots for £1.65, although they are available in lots of major pharmacies, shops and supermarkets. OI frequently see them on offer, usually on a 3 for 2 or on offer for a £1.00 a pack. Unfortunately I am not always that well planned to buy in advance!

      *The product*

      Bodyform is a well known brand and I have been a regular user for many years. I like the fact that the packaging of these sanitary towels is small and discreet, unlike some other brands. As with most other sanitary towels each one is separately packaged which means you can take out with you in your bag or pocket discreetly.

      Even though these sanitary towels are part of the ultra range (they score 6 out of 6 on Bodyform's absorbency scale), this is not reflected in the packaging or size of product. I also like the way that the product is marketed, claiming that these towles will make you feel safe and secure and ensure that you have a good nights sleep.

      *So, do they work?*

      Well yes and no in my experience. Although I do not by any means experience a heavy menstrual flow, the first night is always the heaviest and these sanitary towels really suffered to do well on the first night. Although I did not wake during the night there was some slight leakage which was really unfortunate. I do not believe that this was due to the shape of the towel as it stayed in place all night, however I think it was down to the level of absorbency the product could offer.

      The other four nights of my period however went much more successfully and in general I am really pleased with the product because of this. The towel has an adhesive back and sticks well to my underwear with no movement. The wings tuck over my underwear which helps the sanitary towel stay in place. The shape of the sanitary towel really does shape to my body and it is so comfortable you cannot tell it is there at all all night (I have also used these during the day and you cannot tell it is there during the daytime either which is great).

      In terms of absorbency, apart from the first night difficulties discussed the absorbency levels are very good and they are fast drying so at no point during the night (or day when I have worn these) do I feel damp or am I awoken.


      I would recommend this product, although I do have to take two stars off for the first night 'nightmare'. Just a little more absorbency would make this product almost perfect and I will use again, just not on the first night!


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      08.10.2013 17:07
      Very helpful



      A great form of SanPro from Bodyform.

      ~*~*~ Bodyform Goodnight Ultra Towels ~*~*~

      * Contains graphic, too much information bit's - I apologise in advance! *

      ~ What are they? ~

      These are sanitary towels from Bodyform, these are the longer towels more suited to bedtime use or if you have a particularly heavy flow.

      ~ Why I use them ~

      I do tend to usually use the Bodyform ultra with wings during my period but sometimes I get a heavier flow and require more protection and that is where these come in.

      I tend to require them more for the first day or two of my period and then I find the normal sized towels more than appropriate.

      Sorry to be graphic but the reason we ladies use sanitary protection is to keep ourselves clean and sometimes a regular sized towel just isn't enough and you can find that you may leak a little or a lot onto your underwear and if really unlucky through your clothes ... Not ideal!

      Despite changing my towel regularly sometimes it's just not enough to contain the flow and it is then I turn to these. They are something I buy every other period as I don't use them the whole way through.

      ~ How comfortable is a jumbo towel?? Eek! ~

      The good thing about these towels is that they are still thin and not padded out like the huge maternity type pads that people used to have to use, these are thin yet long so cover a larger area in your underwear and therefore can handle a heavier flow, they are actually quite comfortable and are barely noticeable, I certainly don't feel like I have a huge pad stuffed in my knickers! Sorry maybe too much info!

      ~ Any bad points? ~

      Really, there is nothing bad to say about these towels, they are absorbent which is a huge must, and as they cover a larger area, keep you clean.

      They are marketed as a night time product but I have on occasions used them in the day if my period has been particularly heavy.

      I think they are great in the night as I do tend to squirm around in my sleep and the last thing I want is to wake up in a puddle of blood ... Again TMI?? Sorry! Also when lying down for a period of time you can find that the blood sort of builds up and then comes out when you stand up (sorry again) and these towels will ensure you and your clothing stay clean and fresh.

      ~ Price & Availability ~

      I tend to buy mine in the supermarket where they cost in the region of £1.50 - £2.00 for a pack of 10 towels meaning each towel is around 15-20p which I think is a great price for my comfort!

      ~ Overall ~

      These are great towel, they are comfortable to wear and barely noticeable. I would recommend them if you find your self leaking through in the nights as these will keep you clean. They are easily disposed of by simply wrapping in the wrapped, sticking with the sticky tab and popping in the bin.


      Thanks for reading, hope no-one is too traumatised by it! ;o) x


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      05.10.2013 11:40
      Very helpful



      Good Quality Product That Does What It's Meant To Do.

      This review is strictly for the ladies on Dooyoo, but gentlemen please feel free to read on if you want to find out more information on what we ladies go through every month.

      We all know what it's like once a month, you get irrated at the slighlest thing, nothing feels comfortable, well here's something that will help, just a little bit.

      Bodyform Goodnight Sanitary Towels help you do just that, they are long and very absorbent but they aren't thick and chunky. They are according to the pack 320mm long and are specially shaped at the front and back so that they fit your body perfectly, well I'm not sure whose body they were looking at when they chose the design, but they do work. They also have wings which help to hold them securely in place throughout the night. They come in packs of 10 individually wrapped towels and cost anything from £1 to £2 per packet. I know Asda sometimes has them on offer at £2 for two packs.

      I've been using them for years and have never had any bad experiences with them, they are comfortable and have never caused me any irritation, they absord quickly so you're not left feeling wet all the time, but dry and comfortable which helps you get a goodnight's sleep.

      I've even been know to use these on a long flight, they are that thin and discreet.


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  • Product Details

    Bodyform 10 Goodnight Ultra Towels is made by Bodyform / Bodyform 10 Goodnight Ultra Towels is a exceptional product / You can now buy Bodyform 10 Goodnight Ultra Towels from our website / Bodyform 10 Goodnight Ultra Towels has been proven as a market leading product since its inception by Bodyform.

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