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Durex Play 2 in 1 Massage Mousse

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Brand: Durex / Type: Lubricant / Dosage Form: Mousse / Subtype: Lubricant

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2012 02:44
      Very helpful



      Durex 2-in-1 Massage Mousse- Better As Lube

      Prouct: Durex Play 2 in1 Massage Mousse
      Size: 100ml
      Purchased: Can be purchased from various places such as Amazon, Boots, Superdrugs and supermarkets. Prices vary but it's around £6.50 (ish)

      **What Durex Say**
      'Durex Play 2-in-1 Massage Mouse has a sensual silk-like texture and as it contains aloe vera, its light and smooth. The 'less mess' formula allows use all over the body, even intimate areas.'

      Durex 2-in-1 is :
      Easily wash off
      pH balanced
      water soluble

      **Why I purchased it**
      It doesn't take a genious to work out why anyone would really purchase Durex product and I'm no exception. As a married lady I like to try and keep my sex life new and exciting and over the last few years we have purchased many different intimate cosmetics and toys which have not been hugely amazing.

      I noticed Durex had brought out new products while shopping in Boots and hot footed it to the cash desk with their tingle and cherry lubes to try out. (reviews to follow) Eventually they brought out the Play massage gel and eventually the 2-in-1 mousse.

      **The Product**
      The product has two uses, again this is pretty self-explanatory with one of them being for massage as the packaging states and the other being as a lube. The product is both a mousse and oil and when you skoosh it from the container it is like a typical shaving mousse or hair mousse and upon applying it say to the back area it eventually turns oil like but in a non-greasy way.

      The product upon application is seriously cold. This is really off putting for me as it can be too cold and I generally have to ask my husband to put it on his hands and then apply it which defeats its purpose as a mousse. It does warm up to body temperature quickly which is pleasant and it does feel silky and smooth as the product description states.

      The product comes in a lovely silky smooth metal container than to touch feels super cold, the packaging gives you an idea of what the product will be like, it's no frills, is white and purple (2 colours for 2 uses) cold and silky to touch. I was really impressed with the packaging believe it or not.

      The applicator is as easy as simply pressing down. If you have ever used mousse for your hair, shaving or as a body wash then you can apply this with little ease.

      As a massage mousse and oil it performs well, it applies easily and unlike other massage products it has lasting power. Instead of drying quickly like others this keeps going and going and going leaving you feel relaxed and calm. When giving massages with this product it also eases the pressure on your hands and fingers enabling them to slide about with ease but still giving a deep massage (not sure how it works but believe me it really does)

      The product contains Aloe Vera which leaves the skin feeling soft and supple and kissable afterwards without any greasy residue and without any fragrance which I can find over powering in other brands.

      This worked really well as a lube, more so than as a massage mousse. Its easy to apply and warms up quickly, it wasn't greasy or too oily and unlike some lubes still enabled the sensations to come through making sex really enjoyable.

      My husband was also a fan of this as a lube and found that it didn't irritate his like others have. With the product not being fragranced it doesn't leave you with a nasty surprise of cystitis or thrush and with the Aloe contained in the ingredients you know it's only going to work it's wonders after your fun is finished.

      **Positives & Negatives**

      1. No fragrance
      2. Easy to apply
      3. Has real lasting power
      4. Has Aloe Vera in it.
      5. Can be used for both lubrication and massage although I prefer it as a lube.

      1. Is really cold upon first application. At times too unbearable.
      2. Leaves my skin looking like it's peeling once the deed has been done.

      Although the product was good I don't think I will be buying it again mainly due to the super coldness upon application and that after being massaged the mousse/lube/moisturiser began to peel away from my skin which left me resembling someone with super dry skin or that I seriously needed a good exfoliation. It wasn't pleasant and was embarrassing on occasion. The same thing also happened with my husband.

      The product was better than other brands so I would defiantly recommend others to give it a go as the negatives of the products may not be the same for others.


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