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EXS Smiley Condoms

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Brand: EXS / Type: Contraception / Condoms

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    2 Reviews
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      29.09.2013 22:06
      Very helpful



      an everyday condom with a smile.

      It would seem that I am on a run of reviews of the rubber variety tonight so why stop now?! The smiley condom by EXS is another brand I have tried recently with my partner and honestly its pretty good.

      Like always I bought the EXS smiley condom from mycondom.co.uk ( worth a look if you haven't before! ). I paid 32p for a single one of these and certainly on this website they are only sold singularly although you do receive a discount for buying in bulk (oooo!).
      I've not seen these sold elsewhere but I'm sure you could get your paws on it else where.

      First thing you see with this condom is a bright coloured circular foil packet with a large smiley face on it ( its the happiest condom I've ever seen!). The packets come in various colours including red, yellow, blue and green. Quite honestly this is just a selling point so they can say its a smiley condom when in fact its only the wrapper that smiles. It is a novelty factor though and for some unknown reason it makes me giggle.
      The wrapper rips easily and inside is a pretty everyday average condom. Its made of latex rubber and has a spermicidal silicone based lubricant on the inside and out making it easier to slide on and in! I like that its a spermicidal lube as it provides a little more reassurance that the little suckers won't get to do what they plan (if you get my drift) and because its silicone based its thicker than most lubricants used on condoms so it sticks around longer.

      The condoms come in a regular size and fit snugely. The latex is pretty thin at just 0.07mm thick which gives a better sensation for him (so he tells me) but honestly it still feels nothing like skin on skin but I doubt a condom ever will.
      We have never had an issue with this condom tearing so it does its job.

      Overall its a good bog standard condom with a happy exterior, I'd happily use them again especially as they are pretty cheap and make me giggle.

      side note- they carry the british kite mark certfication.

      totally irrelevant- they are also pretty good on bananas for slightly odd sex based party games (no insertion involved I might add!).


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        04.02.2013 22:31
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Perfectly good condoms, CE marked, whack them on your whacker!

        Have you heard about the new super-sensitive condoms? --They talk to the woman after you have gone to sleep.

        Condoms are my preferred method of contraception - due to immense sensitivity to any hormonal changes, they're pretty much the only contraceptive that won't result in me going a tiny bit loopy. I don't have any particular brand loyalty though, so long as they have that all important British Kite/ EEC Standard Mark and are in date, I don't much mind what a willy is wrapped in.

        I picked up a handful of these condoms at Nottingham Pride last July (Pride festivals are amazing for freebie condoms) and was particularly attracted to these because of the smiling happy faces. After all, sex should be a happy and fun experience, so the happy faces just seem right for the occasion. The Pride organisers had actually gone one step further and sellotaped the packs onto lollipop sticks, which I have to say only made them that much more appealing!

        The condoms themselves are made of latex and are spermicidically lubricated , and, reassuringly the expiry date (12/2015) and the CE mark are both plainly visible on the back of the little foil circles, which come in a variety of colours - you can see some of the colours above, I also happen to have purple and green ones. Each foil packet has a small notched groove at the top making it incredibly easy to open them.

        Having picked these up 'loose' rather than in the box, I was actually surprised upon opening them to see that the condoms themselves are covered with little dots of raised texture. They're not ribbed so much as they are spotty, and the latex is a fairly natural looking colour.

        These were very easy to get on, yet felt reassuringly snug at the base of my boyfriends bits, or so I am informed. Certainly, it was still snugly in place at the end of intercourse, so it seems to have done it's job. I can't say that the dots and spots on the condoms have made much noticeable difference to our sex life, to be honest after the first thrust or so I barely noticed them. Then again, I never have been much of a one for noticing ribs and such on condoms during usage, so that's nothing unusual.

        Overall, these condoms were fine. They were easier than most to get on, and stayed safely in place throughout. The packaging is fun and friendly looking, they amount or lubricant is just right, and the condoms themselves look natural when worn. Perhaps the biggest selling point for these condoms is the price. Now, you can't beat free condoms admittedly, but these are actually also cheap to buy at £2.89 for 12. They're not the cheapest out there by any means (the cheapest I've found are Pasanté) but they are cheaper than a 12 pack of Durex Sensations (which have the same dotted texture) which retail on Amazon at £4.15 for 12, but tend to cost more in supermarkets and chemists.

        A competitively priced condom that performs well. As stated, I don't have any great loyalty towards any brand, but I would happily use these again. Recommended!


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