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Halo Compact Applicator Tampons

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Brand: Halo / Type: Tampon

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2012 15:25
      Very helpful



      An excellent product at an excellent price, with a charity donation thrown in!

      I was first introduced to Halo tampons by my sister who gave me a 50p off voucher. I'd never seen the brand before and would not normally have even tried it as I've been using Tampax Compak tampons for years and apart from the ever-increasing price have remained very happy with them. But the usual price of Halo tampons is £1.50 so with the voucher they were just £1 and as they looked very similar to my usual tampons I decided to give them a go.

      As you would expect from any tampons they come in 4 different absorbencies, from light to super plus, and they come in boxes of 20, with the exception of the super plus ones which are in boxes of 18. The box looks just like the picture above, with the different absorbencies being recognisable from the different colours where the yellow parts are in the picture. In the box you also get a small leaflet telling you about the brand and the tampons as well as how to use them.

      The tampons are individually wrapped in plastic which is easy to open and looks much prettier than any other I've seen, being white with little hearts all over them. Not the most important aspect you may argue, but if they do happen to fall out of a bag/pocket or whatever, I don't feel they're as obviously recognisable as tampons as other designs.

      The tampons have a pink plastic applicator to make them easier to insert, and are more compact than regular applicator tampons because they are supplied with one half of the applicator inside the other, so they are about half the length. To use them you just need to pull out the bottom part of the applicator, then you're ready to insert and push it back in again. There is a detailed explanation of how to insert a tampon in the leaflet for anyone who's new to using them.

      I find the plastic of the tube feels very smooth and is therefore very easy and comfortable to insert. I have sometimes managed to accidentally pull the bottom half completely out of the other half and had to faff about trying to get it back in again before I can use it, but this also happens with other applicator tampons and is no fault of the tampons themselves. You do need to be careful about the positioning of the applicator inside you before you push the end in because it is easy to catch skin between the two halves of the applicator if it's positioned slightly too close and as I'm sure you can imagine this can be very painful!

      I find these tampons are true to their stated absorbencies and I can safely use the same absorbency as I would have of the Tampax Compak ones and know that I'm not going to encounter any leaks if I change them at the same intervals as I normally would. The only slight difference in performance between these and the Tampax ones is that these expand length-ways rather than width-ways, which I find means that if I cannot change them as regularly as I usually would for some reason then they do leak a little whereas the width-ways expansion of the Tampax ones stops the leaks.

      All in all these compare more than favourably with my usual Tampax Compak tampons and the fact that they're only £1.50 per pack when I usually buy the Tampax ones on special offer at 2 for £4 makes them all the more appealing. But add to that the fact that Halo donate 15p of the sale price from every pack sold to women's health charities and we're onto a definite winner. I've already switched to Halo and converted several of my friends, the only reason I can see not to switch is if you don't have a Tesco close to you as they're the only place that sells them.


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