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Herbal force Menolife

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/ Type: Menopause

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2004 23:32
      Very helpful



      What is Menolife? ----------------- My lifesaver! It is a natural herbal remedy for the signs of the menopause. Why do I take Menolife? -------------------------------- Ever since I was in my early 20's I have suffered pains in my left breast - sometimes the pain could be very slight so therefore 'bearable', other times it could be so severe I have actually cried. I remember once walking to work and feeling great then, all of a sudden, this pain just shot out from under my arm through the centre of my left breast and out through the nipple. Absolute agony. A few years ago, in the middle of the night, I awoke with the most excruciating pain in the left breast. The worst pain I have ever had in that region. Husband was on night shift and I was totally alone in the house. I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. I remember sitting up and hugging that breast with dear life and, even though I am not really religious, I did say a little prayer for myself! So, next day, off to the doctors. Sent for a mammogram as he thought I had thickening of the tissues of that breast. Two lady doctors examined me and couldn't find anything wrong. I had never had a mammogram before and was nervous as I had heard it could be very uncomfortable. They did the right breast first. Not too bad, I thought, a bit "squashy" but bearable. Left breast next. Oh, oh, have you ever felt that you would pass out through pain? Operator asked me if I wanted to stop the process if I was in too much pain, I was in absolute agony but I knew I had to have the mammogram completed, if only for my own peace of mind. Those few minutes on that left breast felt like an absolute eternity. Weak as a kitten afterwards, that's how I felt. I was told that I was "just one of those women who have breast pain" and, basically, grin and bear it as the mammogram was OK.. Had another mammogram since then and that has been OK too. Because
      of all the adverse reports about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) I knew that I didn't want to take it. I felt that as I was "one of those women who must suffer breast pain" then I could well be a possible candidate for breast cancer if I took HRT. I did not think it was worth the risk and, on reading recent reports on HRT, I am delighted that I stuck to my "gut intuition" and searched for an alternative therapy. How did I find out about Menolife? ---------------------------------------------- Quite by accident, as it happens. About five years ago I started feeling all hot and bothered, in bed, in work, out walking - you name it, I started getting those hot flushes. At first, I passed it off thinking I was too young to start with hot flushes but realised that I finally had to face the truth! THE MENOPAUSE (M)HAD STARTED!!!!! I think I was quite shocked when I realised what these symptons were. It couldn't happen to me yet - it always happens to other people, not me!! My friend, who was also menopaulsal, told me she was taking herbal tablets specially created for her by a herbalist and that I should try some. I did but they didn't work for me. My family told me that I was always very irritable and short tempered and I put it down to the "M" . One day my husband and I travelled to Salisbury to visit the market. We passed Holland & Barrett and my husband said "I know you won't take HRT and you want something herbal, then why don't you ask in there - you are really getting bad with your short temper". I duly went into H&B and asked a female assistant if she could recommend anything for me. She recommended Menolife - saying they definitely did work for her. What doMenolife tablets look like? -------------------------------------------------- Well, they come in two different sized boxes. You can either get a month's supply at a cost of approxim
      ately £5.95 or a three months' supply at a cost of £15.95 (although I have just paid £14.99 at my local herbalist - it was a special offer). The box says "Menolife Limited - Original Herbal Support for Women with standardised herbal extracts" and has a pretty flower on the front cover. The capsules are free from any artificial colourings and preservatives. There are 15 capsules in each foil strip. Each capsule is approximately 3/4" long and looks dark beige in colour. They are tasteless if you swallow them quickly so I advise you to take them with cold water - never a HOT cup of tea. How many should I take? --------------------------------- Menolife combines a specially selected blend of herbs which are designed to help maintain overall health and support which is a very positive outlook for all of us who have reached the "M". The inclusion of standardised herbs ensures that within each herb there is consistent and reliable levels of naturally occurring compounds which provide a guarantee of quality and activity in each dose. It is advised to take one capsule each day with a meal (I always have mine with my breakfast). It is recommended that you should take a week's break after six weeks of use. It does state that you should not take these during pregnancy. Well, I guess you can still get pregnant when you are menopausal (impossible for me though as I have had a hysterectomy - but still have my ovaries). Ingredients --------------- Each capsule provides: Agnus Castus Fruit Extract Stnd Passion Flkower Herb Extract Dong Quai Root Extract Stnd Black Cohosh Root Extract Stnd Siberian Ginseng Root Extract Garden Sage Leaf Extract Nettle Herb Extract Ingredients stated: Microcrystalline Cellulose Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate VegCap Dong Quai Root Ext Passion Flower Ext Black Cohosh Root Ext S
      age Leaf Ext Agnus Castus Fruit Ext Nettle Herb Ext Siberian Ginseng Root Ext Magnesium Stearate Silica Menolife is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. How has Menolife affected my life? ----------------------------------------------- It has managed to reduce totally all the hot flushes (although I cannot categorically - and my husband would probably agree - say it has stopped me being irritable at times - but, hey, doesn't mother's family make hr irritable at some time or other!!!). I have sometimes stopped taking Menolife to see how I feel but I must say that after two weeks, I am rushing to the herbalist to get my stocks. I really do not like hot flushes at all! Very embarrassing - especially when at work and talking to a male colleague!!! I hope this review has helped some of you. All I can say is that Menolife works for me but may not work for everyone.


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    • Product Details

      Menolife is especially for women at the menopause. It is a blend of specially selected herbs, all well-known for their valuable properties. These time -tested herbs / Kava Kava, Siberian Ginseng with Chaste Berry, Dong Quai, Passion Flower and Black Cohos

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