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A clear scentless jelly. Don't need to use too much as a little does the required job. Water based so also lasts for a while, but is easy to wipe off/remove. Caused no irritation and is fine to use if you have allergies.

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    4 Reviews
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      29.08.2013 22:03
      Very helpful
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      Top Lube

      When having my second child I had forceps and had a rather large cut down there resulting in several stiches. After giving birth I was keen to get back in to action sexually with my husband. But I was really scared about the pain.

      My Health Visitor suggested using KY Jelly to help everything go in easier.

      I trundled down the super marker KY Jelly was there in a cardboard box approximately 10cm x 6cm x 4cm. The box was a sky blue and white colour with "KY Jelly" clearly printed in the centre of the box. I was surprised to see this product was made by Johnson and Johnson; this gave me reassurance to its quality. The 50ml tube was priced at £2.50.

      Inside the cardboard box was a tube containing the jelly. Jelly is a good name for it as it is very this and jelly like, it squeezed easy out of the tube.

      The Jelly was a clear gel and there was no scent to the lube at all which made a nice change as most other lubes sell it of the fact it has smell or taste.

      The jelly was easy to apply to specific areas without it sliding off your hand and on to the bed sheets.

      On the first use of this product I think I was over paranoid about intercourse so used abit too much as it made everything abit too slippy however on subsequent use I have only used a pea size amount and it has been perfect. It feels like natural fluid rather than lubrication.

      KY Jelly is a very well used product doctors use it for examinations, vets use it for rectal examinations and obviously it's widely used in the bed room.

      I was very impressed with KY Jelly for intercourse after giving birth but have not used it since as everything feels healed. So there is a lot left in in the tube, so wish I had of been able to by a smaller tube.

      I would recommend this product to anyone who has a need to use lubrication; it is a water based product so causes no irritation and is fine if you have allergies.


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        24.05.2009 19:14
        Very helpful



        Every Girl should have a tube in her knicker draw

        Almost everyone has heard of KY and although some will not admit it, they have used it too.
        But no need to blush I'm a big girl now, so here is my review of the Taboo or not KY.
        The packaging is simple white and blue box stating "New Formula" in the corner and KY Jelly Personal Lubricant in large letters on the box, but like most thing it's whats inside that counts.
        And inside you'll find a tube with a flip open large top with direction of use on it and suggested uses as follows.

        "KY jelly lubricates condoms and is for personal lubrication when vaginal dryness causes discomfort."
        Personaly I find that if I apply abit to myself and a small amount to my partners Penis it can improve sexual intercourse quite alot but do not use too much as it can get quite messy.

        "It also eases the insertion of rectal thermometers"
        I would n't know anything about that but when my partner gets carried away during sex I can well believe it if you know what I mean (Why are men obsessed with putting it up there?).

        "It also eases the insertion of Tampons"
        Yes it does but make sure you apply a small amount to yourself and not to the tampon or it will expand abit making it more arkward to get in.

        other uses not on the pack for obvious reasons are.
        It can be used during foreplay, if I put some on my hand and masturbate my partner he loves it but sex is a two way street so I make sure he does the same and yes it works. A quick word of warning KY does n't taste very nice enough said!!!.

        So as you can see KY is the first and true Personal Lubricant every woman should have a tube in her knicker draw.


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          17.12.2008 02:27
          Very helpful



          KY jelly which can be used for many things.

          The KY jelly is manufactured by Johnson's Johnson's. I actually saw it for the first time in shops when I went to buy durex play heat. The durex lube was out of stock and the KY was the only lube left on the shelf so I just though I would try it out. The KY jelly comes in different sizes including an 82g tube but I buy a 42g tube for £1.79 from Wilkinson's which I think is rather cheap. Therefore, if you are going to buy the bigger tubes it may cost you more.

          The jelly is colourless in colour and is rather thick, therefore does not run down your fingers when you try to apply it. The jelly also does not smell of anything, this is possibly because it is water based, thus giving it no smell at all. Applying the jelly is rather easy all you have to do is open the tube and squeeze it onto your finger tips or the area you want it applied. A good thing about the jelly is that it can be used for a few things including inserting tampons, which I have not really tried as I don't want a cold tampon. The jelly can also be used on condoms and insertion of rectal thermometers. This is a good advantage as it can be used for many things. If you lose the box for the jelly, i wouldn't be so worried on how you are going to store it as it cany stand by itself (on the cap side).

          A downside to this jelly is that it's rather stiff to open the lid, which I got over easily. Another downside is that the jelly is really cold when I apply it on myself, I therefore never look forward in applying the jelly. The jelly comes in a white and blue tube, therefore you can't tell when the jelly is about to finish.
          Apart from the downsides the jelly does last long on condoms, which is rather impressive and soothes the virgina areas and does not irritate me at all.

          I do recommend this jelly to all those who want cheap and effective lubricant. If you however, want something that does not make you cold why applying try the durex heat which I use sometimes, and it warms you up. I was really impressed by this jelly overall, therefore decided to go back to Wilkinsons to buy another one.


          ---This does not work as a contraception, thus not killing sperms etc
          ---This lubricant is recommended by doctors, so don't hesitate to buy it.
          ---I have not really seen this jelly in any shop other than Wilkinsons, but I am sure you might be able to get hold of it from other big shops such as boots, superdrug, possibly supermakets.
          ---If you may not know how to use the jelly, the box tells instructs you on how to use.


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            13.09.2008 18:21
            Very helpful



            A personal lubricant

            It's one of those days today. I am off, I have nothing to do (apart from the tonne of washing, dishes, tidying, cleaning, packing and countless other things I'm ignoring of course). I stayed up till half 3 playing Mario kart, so it's time for a break from that. Yes, I know, I'm obsessed. So I thought "bugger it, I shall write a review!"

            Since I'm a rather school-girl-esq mood today, I decided it was time to unleash a review of KY jelly on the world! This is the point where anyone who can't stomach anything stronger than a strong cup of tea may want to turn round and walk away.

            ---Finders Keepers---

            For those of you who are...less aware...KY jelly is a lubricant made by those nice people at Johnson and Johnson. It's used for seckshooal matters (Mostly) and can have a bit of a reputation for being used by the much older generation, possibly due to the fact it's been around since 1904.

            You can find this in most big stores next to all the other personal hygiene type objects for around £2-£3 depending on where you shop. Rather fantastically, you can get this in pound land if you are cool with picking it up while the 90 year old next to you decides between Ribbed or Tingle condoms (and here was me thinking I had filed that at the bottom of the "repressed memory" file...oh god)

            It usually comes in a few different sizes depending on how much you think your going to need. You may want to go for the smaller size first so there's not too much to get through / waste if you don't like it.

            You can also get this off the internet if you are a bit more shy about running this past a pre pubescent till jockey. Personally, I prefer to get some incredibly random items to go along with it and see how long it takes them to look scared as hell. The last time I bought some, I also purchased some sausages, a screwdriver, a jar of Nutella and that months edition of Gay Times. Three cheers for phallic objects!

            ---Idiot proof---

            There are a few alternative uses I have found for it. I can sense that you are all incredibly worried.

            The reason I actually bought this stuff for the first time was purely innocent. I had just had my lip pierced. I found that the first couple of times you change your jewellery, it can be a little uncomfortable. A friend who is covered in metal suggested using some lubricant to assist. I didn't really fancy using my bottle of Durex Heat for the job, so I splurged on a tube of this since it is approved by doctors. What? It made me feel better about it!
            Second random use? It comes in really handy on getting the rubber coverings back on your little brothers handlebars. It also makes your little brother look at you with fear when you run at his bike with a tube of KY and a giant, proud grin on your face. It certainly worked though!

            ---Put the lime in de coconut---

            On the slightly more bodily side of the scale (and it makes me shudder to even type it) you can also use this to insert tampons and rectal thermometers. Not that I would know anything about the former. Or the latter, come to think of it. Obviously, KY can be used on your front bum (if you have one), your back bum (you all have one of those) and is condom compatible. The pack even says you can use it every day if you so please, but even I think that's a bit of over kill.

            Sounds like a wonder gel doesn't it? Well it's not. The packaging quite clearly states that it doesn't do everything. It is NOT (for example) a contraceptive. I typed that with a very sarcastic grin on my face by the way. Even better, you should NOT be using this on your eyes. If you do though, I find banging your head off the desk for an hour helps with that.

            ---Called the doctor, woke him up---

            I shall now tell you about the packaging. Yes, it's important. It comes in a tube not dissimilar to a toothpaste tube. The tube comes in a box, also like toothpaste, that's white with a big blue stripe down the side. In short, the packaging is very medical. No sexy bottles, no pump action, no gorgeous colours enticing you towards it. Dull, boring, ugly.

            "So what?" I hear you say. Well, in my head you are saying that. Get out of my head. This is only a slight problem as when it does come to the more fun side of public relations, the person you so choose to use it with might look at it with distaste due to it's very un-sexy packaging. I know I did when I was first introduced to it. Bit of a moment killer really.

            As for the tube, that soon becomes a pain in the ass. I'm not decided yet on whether that pun was intended. I'll get back to you.

            Why is it a pain? The cap is a bit difficult to open to start with. It's a cap like the ones you get on tubes of hair gel or shampoo, the ones that click shut. This has an almost indestructible clicky thing holding it shut. When you do finally get it open, closing it with a lubricated hand can cause a bit of hilarity.

            Another downside is that, since you have to squeeze the tube to get the stuff out, any applications after the first one can be a bit slippery. Oh the puns are flying. I would suggest that you squeeze plenty out on your first try to prevent having to go back for more.


            The jelly itself is pretty much that. It's clear and has the consistency of hair gel but probably shouldn't be used in the same way no matter how much you love "There's Something About Mary" type predicaments. It is water based, but does feel thicker than some of the other water based lubricants out there. The pack will tell you it's non-greasy and I agree. If your having a rather long...ahem...session... then it will dry into your skin rather than leave a greasy layer. Also it's a whole lot easier to get out of the sheets than some other, supposedly non-greasy lubricants.

            Smell wise, there is none. At least not from the lubricant. It doesn't even have that faint medical whiff that most "non-scented" things I come across have. Bad word choice or what?

            There is no fancy tingling, cooling or burning sensation when using this stuff. You can, however, buy other versions of it with some more chemicals in it to do the job. Alternatively, you can just leave it to go off by accident and then realise there is a reason for use by dates. Not that I know anyone that happened to. Mwa ha. Mwa ha ha ha!

            ---Staying Power---

            For a water based lubricant I find this stuff lasts a fair while, you won't start any fires assuming you use enough of it. It also lasts well when used with condoms and other toys you may wish to use, though whether your favourite teddy will appreciate being smothered in the gunk, I cannot say.

            As if I haven't went into way too much detail as it is, I'll keep going! A lot of lubricants (when used on your bum anyway) can leave you feeling like you desperately need to go to the toilet afterwards. This one doesn't. Yay for KY!

            If you want to know how long a tube of it will last...well I can't really say. It all depends on how much and how often you like to use it. If, for example, you are a total wanker, you may use more than someone who isn't. A whore bag may require more than a prude, A priest more than a nun, etc etc.

            ---Is it over yet? Can I open my eyes??---

            Before we go, I'll give you a list of ingredients that you can print off and staple to your wall or pass out to your friends.

            Aqua, Glycerine, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Cluconolactone, Chlorhexidine digluconate, Methylparaben and Sodium hydroxide.

            That was surprisingly hard to type that out! Feel free to take one look at it and say to yourself "What the Eff does that mean??"

            ---Thank Dog for that!---

            So, overall, KY rocks. It's pretty much a No Frills lubricant (until you use it of course) but it is also comfortable to use and easy to wash/ wipe off and widely available. The only downside is that the basic stuff won't go out of its way to match your frilly handcuff and your leather whips. The KY range is finally catching up with the rest of the world though, so if you do want more than a helping, somewhat slippery hand, have a look at their other products!


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          • Product Details

            K-Y Jelly is a water based lubricant which safer and more effective than most other lubricants.The clear, non-greasy gel is the perfect supplement to your own natural moisture so lovemaking is instantly more pleasurable.K-Y is safe to use with condoms, unlike petroleum jelly or baby oil.Non spermicidal.

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