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Lil-lets with Candy Stripe Technology

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Brand: Lil-lets / Dosage Form: Strips / Type: Tampon

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2011 11:26
      Very helpful




      I unfortunately suffer from very heavy periods especially during the first three days and usually have to use super plus tampons and also wear a sanitary pad for extra protection as I can come through even a super plus tampon in a matter of an hour or so.

      I was interested to see Lil-lets new super plus tampons with candystripe design technology which offers an anti-leak cord. The cord is striped pink and white hence the name and is attached to the tampon in a fairly long loop which is also to aid easy grip when wanting to remove the tampon.

      Lil-lets state that tampons are ideal for day or night as these can be kept in for up to 8 hours. Lil-lets expand widthways to fit your shape thus offering the best protection against leaks because no matter how active you are they will not budge.

      I have just learned from the website that there is super plus extra so I will look out for those for those first few days perhaps. These super plus are quite thick with a rounded end for easy insertion. Each tampon is individually wrapped in cellophane to keep them fresh and you basically twist the wrapper between each thumb and forefinger to break the wrapper in the middle (green arrows going in the opposite direction underneath each other give a helpful visual to explain what to do! The protective wrapper then comes away easily from either end of the tampon.

      The candystriped cord looks pretty but I was a little miffed as to how this helped prevent leaking and there was nothing on the box or in the information leaflet you get inside that expanded on this beyond it was 'candystriped technology' so went to look on their website: www.lil-lets.co.uk and this was all the extra information they had about it:

      "New CandystripeTM technology is the latest innovation from the girls at Lil-lets. Now easy-grip and anti-leak, the pink and white CandystripeTM cord offers all round protection to give you the confidence to carry on with your day. And because technology doesn't have to be boring, we made it Candystripe."

      Again, this doesn't really explain the technology so I will move past this and tell you my thoughts!

      Although I admit that I use Lil-lets and do find that they offer me the best protection overall, they still aren't enough to come well with those first few days without me having to change them every 1-2 hours rather than the average 4-6 hours even those these are marketed up to 8 hours. I do wear them of a night though as when I am lying down, I do not experience the flooding in the same way as when I am up and about and active.

      Whatever the candystripe is meant to do to avoid leaks or be 'anti-leak' sadly for me did not work during the first heavy days so I myself have found absolutely no extra benefit in having these new technology ones. However, the string is easy to see and grip to aid easy removal but not really any more so than the average tampon cord.

      Therefore I would not recommend these on the basis of this new technology but would still recommend Lil-lets as my preferred tampon.

      The information leaflet contained within the box is very good at explaining tampon use and warning you about toxic shock syndrome etc. so cannot be faulted in that respect - I just wish there had been more explanation about the new design and technology.

      A box of 16 super plus cost me around £2.20.

      Thanks for reading x
      also on ciao


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