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Lloyds One Minute Pregnancy Test

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Brand: Lloyds / Type: Ovulation

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    2 Reviews
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      18.08.2011 17:04
      Very helpful



      A good buy!

      Recently I had a bit of a scare. When it comes to sex I'm really careful and made the decision way back that I really didn't want children and at almost 37 years old I just feel a bit past all that. However accidents happen no matter how careful we are sometimes and I felt ill. I mean really ill. I was sick for days, felt bloated and simply just different in my own skin. I'd be standing in Tesco and waiting to be served when suddenly I had to run from my shopping to be sick and it was just bile. I thought maybe it was a bug or I'd been drinking too much and having too many late nights out but my appetite was gone and I sat down worked out my dates and my period was late. I decided to hold off on the whole pregnancy testing thing....to be honest I was too scared to find out and then I confided in my mate and decided it was no good living in ignorance I needed to know. We were going to Boots to get a kit however I was out and about the other day and I decided to grab a test kit when I spotted one in my local Lloyds chemist and to do it alone so I could either whoop for joy or scream my head off in my private.

      These Lloyds one minute pregnancy test kits come in ones or twos. The individual box costs £3.99 and the double kit £4.99...I got the double kit to make double sure.

      The Packaging:

      Whichever option you purchase you get the same appearance on the box apart from for the single option there is only one pregnancy test show and on the double you get a photograph of two of them on there. The box is oblong and white, pink and blue in colour and on the front of it we are told that it is LloydsPharmacy Pregnancy Test 'Over 99% accurate when used from the day your first period is due' and that you can test up to 4 days before your period is due and that there are two tests in my box and there is a small photograph showing us how to read a pregnant and a not pregnant result. Other information on the box includes being given information on how accurate the results are depending on whether you test from the day of your expected period or from up to 4 days off and contact details for Lloyds are given. Inside the box there is a really easy to read and understand pamphlet of how to use and read the results with diagrams aplenty shown and I was really glad this leaflet was so easy to understand considering my mind was all over the place.

      The Test/s:

      What you get is a long white plastic piece with a large transparent dipper to the end of it and over that an easy to pull on/off cover. On the side of the test you get one small round window and then an oval one next to that that are clear before you start and each test is individually wrapped in white plastic.

      Using the kit is really, really simple. Simply pee over the strip for as little as five seconds and leave it one minute or you can pee in a clean container and dip the absorbent part into it. You don't want to saturate it then like I say it is ready to read.

      A not pregnant result puts a vertical line in the circle and a horizontal line in the oval window in a blue colour, for a pregnant result you get a cross in the round window with the line running down still in the oval window and if the test hasn't worked for any reason you get a blank reading in one or both the little windows.

      I was looking for the negative result which I got thankfully! As I mentioned earlier though you can test up to 4 days before your period is due but that is only 53% accurate, 3 days is 74% accurate, 2 days is 84% accurate and 1 day is 87% which means really we are best to check on the day our period is due or when we are late to get that 99% accuracy reading and to be almost 100% sure.

      If you don't know when your period is due, like me as I have an eating disorder the advice is to test 19 days from unprotected sex by the way.

      To dispose of this simply wrap it up and pop it in a bin and thats it job done and hopefully you get the result you want to get! According to this I'm not pregnant and I no longer feel ill and am back to my usual perky self so I reckon I had a bug after all that lol. This is a good buy, easy to use and understand and gets a thumbs up from me!

      Only available from Lloyds chemists.


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        17.06.2009 22:20
        Very helpful



        Lloyd's Pharmacy One Minute Pregnancy Test

        I recently had a viral infection which made me very ill and wiped me out for almost a week. One of the main symptoms I suffered was vomiting and the feeling of nausea at both the sight and smell of food. I am generally not an ill person, so when my Mum and Sister kept on at me by subtly hinting and suggesting that I "must be pregnant" as I was sick; they managed to plant a tiny seed of doubt in my mind.

        So, my Family succeeded in panicking me and I was starting to feel worried. Why? Because I have an 11 month old Son (who doesn't and has never slept through at night!), so there is no way that I am planning Baby No2 so soon. It wouldn't have been the end of the world if I was pregnant, but having two babies at this time who don't sleep would be stressful. Regardless of me saying that I was sure that I wasn't pregnant and I was sick due to being ill, my Mum went to the nearest Lloyd's Pharmacy and picked up the One Minute Pregnancy Test for me which cost £7.49.

        I am reviewing Lloyd's Pharmacy One Minute Pregnancy Test because it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that only 'Clearblue' sell pregnancy tests, as they advertise a lot. Like Clearblue, Lloyd's Pharmacy One Minute Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate (as accurate as a doctor's test) and is cheaper than Clearblue. There is one test in the box and it is a normal test where you wee on a stick and is not digital (personally, I think digital tests are a gimmick).

        So, you have either not had a period for while or you may be having pregnancy symptoms. To do the test you need to open the foil wrapper, remove the test and take off the cap from the test stick. If you've never done a pregnancy test before, you can 'Wee on the stick' for 5 seconds or wee in a clean cup and dip the stick in the cup for 20 seconds, which I prefer. I don't want to sound rude, but If I tried weeing on the stick I would either get pee all over my hand (sorry!) or end up peeing all over the bathroom floor lol! Once your sample has been taken, keep the stick pointing downwards and replace the cap.

        As the test states, you get a result within a minute. As soon as I dipped the test into the sample the blue line appeared in the oval window, which showed that the test had worked and was ready to read. After about 20 seconds the square window stayed blank and remained blank after a few minutes, therefore the test was negative and I wasn't pregnant.

        There are no 'two ways' about it. If you get a blue line in the square window, you are pregnant and if there is no blue line in the square window, you are not pregnant. The test can be used from the day that your period was due and works by detecting the hCG hormone in your urine at any time of the day, so the test can be used whenever you feel the need to have a wee. However it is always better to take the test first thing in the morning, preferably your first pee of the day as the pregnancy hormone in your urine is at it's strongest, so you'll have a more accurate result.

        It's worth noting that these tests are only 99% accurate so there is a 1% chance that the test may not work for you. If you still think you are pregnant and the test showed a negative result, repeat the test in 3 days.

        Do I recommend Lloyd's Pharmacy One Minute Pregnancy Test? Yes definitely, regardless of the outcome you are hoping for, tests are over 99% accurate and you will get a result in under a minute and the test is easy to read. When we do try for Baby No2, I will definitely consider using these tests again, rather than pay a lot of money for expensive digital ones.

        For more information, pop along to your local Lloyds Pharmacy or phone their Careline Number: 0870 2430598 (Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm)

        Thanks for reading xx
        © sweetdaisy 2009


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