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/ Type: Contraception

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    1 Review
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      04.09.2001 06:03
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      Microval is a progestrigon-only or mini pill, which is fairly new to me. I've been taking the combined pill for several years in various forms, and my doctor felt that the mini-pill would be a better choice for long term use, so I said I'd give it a try. Having been used to the 21 days on 7 days off cycle of the combine pill, it took a bit of getting used to to be taking an active pill every day (they come in packs of 35). It also seemed a bit strange not to know exactly when to expect my period after years of having a packet that could tell me that! Taking the mini pill may change your cycle whatever method of birth control you have used before and as the doctor re-assured me a few months ago, things soon settle down into their new pattern. I was also lucky enough not to suffer any side effects, which could include headaches, acne, weight gain and sickness. The only disadvantage I've really noticed is that this pill must be taken within three hours of your usual time to ensure protection - with the combined pill that window is 12 hours. If you miss your three hour slot, then you need to take additional precautions for a further seven days. Having a stomach upset, or taking various other medications has the same consequences. Mind you, having to remember to take your pill with you on a night out is hardly the worse thing in the world and if it has health benefits over the combined pill, then it's worth it. The fact that it doesn't list blood clots and raised blood pressure as side effects, I take as a good sign! I don't think this would have worked for me when I started taking the pill in college, as my life just wasn't regular enough to work with that three hour time slot - it's hard enough now I'm a regular working type! But now I've got the hang of that practical problem, it seems to suit me much more than some other varieties of both combination and mini pill that I've been on. Hormone bas
      ed contraceptives do seem to be a very personal thing - some varieties work well for some people, and really badly for others, so it's trial and error, and talk to your doctor. And don't forget to use condoms as well, if you're not 100% sure of your partner's history!


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    • Product Details

      MICROVAL (levonorgestrel) is thought to have a threefold contraceptive action: Impaired sperm migration; interference with implantation and reduction of corpus luteum function. MICROVAL’s action believed to be more local than central without consist

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