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Pasante Halo Condoms

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Brand: Pasante / Type: Contraception / Condoms

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    3 Reviews
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      08.10.2013 18:07
      Very helpful




      ~*~*~ Pasante Halo Condoms ~*~*~

      ~ What are they? ~

      These are condoms of course! Used to avoid pregnancies and STI's during sexual intercourse.

      ~ Why I bought them? ~

      There is a huge variety of condoms available to choose from these days, the choice is endless, you can buy ribbed, dotted, thin, long, short, coloured, flavoured, etc. But really we just needed condoms to avoid a pregnancy! We have four children and after the last my hubby was supposed to go and have a vasectomy but 2 years later I am still waiting for him to pluck up the courage ... Big fairy lol, so in the meantime we need to use some sort of protection. I can't take the pill for various reasons, the depo injection made me gain weight so it was time to use condoms.

      In all fairness I am not bothered about which type we buy, neither is my hubby so we generally buy which ever brand is the cheapest and it was in Poundland that we came across these Pasante condoms, a box of 12 for £1. Bargain! We bought a few boxes at the time and there are around 3 left, in between using these we have bought different brands but these are quite a convenient condom.

      ~ What's so special about Pasante Condoms? ~

      There's nothing special about the actual condom but they do come in cool little packages, rather than a normal packet these come in a round plastic disc with a peel back foil lid on the top. I like this as there is little chance of the condom getting torn or ripped whist taking it from the pack.

      Seeing as we bought ours in Poundland there wasn't a whole range to choose from, just the regular and that is what we have, however there are so many different types to choose from -

      Standard -

      Security -
      Extra Safe

      Sensitivity -

      Sensation -

      Pleasure -
      Ribs & Dots

      Size -
      King size

      Fun -
      Glow in the dark

      Non-Latex -
      Female condoms

      These are all available on www.pasante.com and then of course there are other retailers that sell a variety of the Pasante condoms. Prices vary from upwards of £2 however I bought mine in Poundland so it may be worth a look around discount stores if you fancy trying them as they may just have them in stock.

      I find the little disc format of the packaging great for the reasons listed above, there's no need to tear the pack with your teeth so there's little chance of them ripping.

      ~ Using them ~

      Well, you use them as you would any condom, they come rolled up and you have to roll it onto the penis ensuring you have it on correctly and your away to go ... So to speak!

      They are strong and we haven't had one split yet which is really good! They are doing their job just fine.

      ~ Overall ~

      We have been using these on and off over the past year or so, they have a long date on them and the ones we have are safe to use until July 2014. For some reason we have used different brands in between as we do like to be stocked up so no accidents occur!

      They have been great and I would recommend them.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        01.10.2013 11:48
        Very helpful



        a good safe condom

        When choosing what condom to go for sometimes it can just be a case of trail and error, quite honestly with a lot of condoms its much of a muchness and I tend to just buy a variety of different ones.

        I buy condoms from mycondom.co.uk as they sell condoms singularly as well as in boxes. Pasante halo condoms are one of the many brands they sell and one of the ones that made it into my shopping basket. I purchased just one and paid 32p for it which is nice and cheap. They also sell them in bulk boxes off 144 (!) For £31 which works out at just over 21p a condom so even cheaper and unless you are running a brothel would last a long time. They also do a pasante halo football range with football designs on the wrappers and these start from 33p for one up to £31.90 for 144.

        When my package arrived it was easy to spot the pasante halo from all the others has it has a round foil wrapping with a 'fashionable' design on. The design you get is luck of the draw so to speak and I got one with a blue and green butterfly design on which suited me fine as I'm a girl although I'd imagine a man not wanting to carry that round in his pocket!
        Thankfully its only the wrapper that carries the design. The idea being that its more attractive to carry round in your bag etc. To me it seems, except for the football ones, these are more aimed at women who care about what a condom wrapper looks like. Quite honestly I don't mind either way.

        inside the wrapper the condom is the same as any other regular condom. They are clear latex condoms with no flavour or pleasure enhancer. Like most they are covered in a non-spermicidal lubricant to aid putting it on which is easy to do, well as easy as any other condom.
        They come in a regular size which in this case is 190mm long. So provided its the right size for you or your partner it works just great. We never experienced any tearing of the latex during or after using so they did the job they were designed to do.

        Overall the only unique thing about these condoms is the wrapper but seeing as they don't charge more for this and the condom is still safe and carries the british kite mark certfication I'm happy to both use and recommend these condoms.


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        12.10.2011 11:37
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Expensive and pointless

        Last year I went to Erotica sex exhibition with a couple of friends. We went for amusement really and it is a lot classier than it sounds. There are stands selling art work (rude art nonetheless) and various lube and condom stands.

        The Pasante Halo Condoms were on sale on the condom stall and attracted our attention because the packets are fun and brightly coloured. They had some loose available to buy or you could buy a box of 12 for £6.00. This is quite expensive and you can probably pick them up a lot cheaper than at an exhibition such as this.

        I bought a packet of 12 and looked forward to giving them a try. Despite being novelty condoms they came with the CE and kitemark so I could rest assured that they were good quality.

        The condoms come in an easy to tear open circular foil packet. They all have a different design on, such as stripes, cars, hearts and stars. They are good quality and well made. They are aimed at young people and the thought behind the condoms are, let's make they appeal to teenagers so they will have protected sex. I disagree completely with this concept; a pretty patterned condom should not be the main thrust (pardon the pun) behind getting young people to use protection. Nevertheless, I'm 26 and can do what I want and I quite liked the novelty of these designs!

        The condoms themselves are transparent and a little bit thicker than I like. They have not split or ruptured and so far seem to be quite reliable; if not a little dull.

        They are non-spermicidally lubricated and probably not worth paying two pounds a pop!
        I'm just a sucker for anything shiny and bright!


        Gives these a go if you want to jazz up your wallet but they don't do much in the bedroom once the foil wrapper is in the bin.


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      • Product Details

        A great way to encourage condom use, these kite-marked and ultra safe condoms from Pasante come in stylish wrappers that are as much a fashion statement as they are brilliant protection from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

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