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Pasante Unique Non Latex Condoms

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Brand: Pasante / Type: Contraception / Condoms

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    2 Reviews
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      12.12.2012 18:35
      Very helpful



      A carrier bag would have been sexier!!!!

      Pasante Unique Non Latex Condoms -

      This does contain information that may make you blush due to the item being reviewed...

      prices do vary so do shop around
      3 Boxed £3 - 6
      12 Boxed £13
      24 Boxed £24

      OK so I should be upfront and state that I am a woman so the male POV is me reporting what 'he' said...

      These are sold as 'The world's thinnest condom in a revolutionary card packaging.' (taken from the pasnte website). As all condoms are to me massively thin I can't state categorically that this is true - however they are stored in a 'card' shaped plastic device. The card is relatively thick (Think corrugated card) and has three slots that are covered with a plastic type film. Each condom can be removed, while keeping the others 'safe' in their little slots...

      As with other condoms they have an inside, and an outside (this is clearly indicated on the condom) - however they are not rolled in the same fashion as 'standard' condoms... To my mind they looked a little like cling film. The condoms don't stretch - but they are 'large' which is why we were using them in the first place. Now we did have a bit of a giggle when we first saw them, but the very thin material is supposed to 'mould', to a man's member and conduct heat better or something making them feel more sensations.

      Now for me they rustled - I mean it sounded like a plastic bag... It was possibly the least sexy thing in the world - however 'standard' condoms weren't a real option as they cut him in half so I figured I would 'stick it out'... (Whilst trying really hard not to giggle)...

      For him - he said it just felt 'odd' they didn't improve sensation and they just looked a little too like cling film for him to feel they were safe.

      Generally for us they were a bit of a passion killer.

      They are sold by a reputable brand and meet all sorts of quality requirements. They are made of something that does not contain latex, and are safe for oral, penetrative and anal sex. They can be used with all sorts of lubricants, even oil based lubricants such as Vaseline.

      As with all condoms they have an expiry date - also I would be wary of keeping the pack in a wallet long term as it may cause wear or tear - and a damaged condom is a really bad idea.

      These measurements are taken from the Pasante website for those of you who may need them -

      LENGTH: 180mm
      WIDTH: 60mm
      TEXTURE: Smooth
      THICKNESS: 0.015 mm


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      11.02.2011 20:47
      Very helpful



      Great product, my favourite

      Pasante Condom:

      This is the first time that I have reviews a product of this type as I am not really that outgoing when it comes to this sort of thing but here I feel the need to post a positive review. The condoms come in a really neat 3 pack system which is about the size of a credit card, this means that unlike most condoms they can be safely stored in a wallet without too much concern for damage which is always a great thing.

      The way they are packaged also has another great advantage, I was and I guess I still am relatively new to using these and find that these are significantly easier to put on than the traditional style of condom which I often found fiddly and this would usually frustrate me and could lead to further problems but that is definitely not the case with these.

      Not much else that I am will to say other than they also feel better than any other condom I have tried whether this is because as they state they are "the worlds thinnest condom" and therefore have better heat transfer and feel than other I don't know.

      I should also say that the reason I got this product in the first place over similar products was because it is latex free and one of us is allergic to latex is exposed to it on a regular basis ad these are latex free.

      Also I suppose I should also say that they have been doing their job and we have had no problems with unexpected surprises.


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  • Product Details

    The Pasante Unique Condom is noted as being the thinnest condom in the world. Each Pasante Unique Condom is supplied in a unique credit card style packet and houses 3 non latex condoms. This Unique Condom is made from synthetic resin AT-10, which is ultra thin yet just as safe as latex condoms. The condom is made from a non latex compound that is not stretchy, but adheres to the skin when warmed up with body heat. This must be the first condom that feels as if it were not being worn. It can be used with most lubricants including oil based Vaseline or Massage Oils.

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