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Sainsbury's Pantliners Soft Normal

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/ Type: Sanitary Towels & Protection

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    2 Reviews
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      01.12.2013 14:32
      Very helpful



      A great alternative to sanitary towels for my leaky bladder days!

      N.B. Bladder weakness and vaginal thrush are discussed in this review.


      I've been unlucky enough to develop some bladder weakness over the last year or so. My doctor has put me on meds that really help, but I can still have occasional leakage issues. I started by wearing sanitary towels to stop leaks, but recently, as my symptoms have got better, I decided to give pantyliners a go. I discovered these Sainsbury's own-brand pantyliners on one of my recent grocery shops and decided to give them a go.


      Sainsbury's own-brand pantyliners come in a box of 30 for £1.00, which I think is really good value; it's certainly WAY cheaper than the price I was paying for sanitary towels all through the month!

      The liners are packaged in a simple cardboard box. The design has changed from the image above, and is now a plum purple colour with an abstract floral design. From what I can tell though, the product specifications are the same as they were before.

      The liners themselves consist of a thin pad, approximately 15cm x 3cm x 0.5cm, with a plain white cottony-feeling pad with a basic dimpled design. The pad is backed with a single strip of adhesive, and a simple pull-back paper cover which is removed to stick the pad into the knickers.


      I've never used pantyliners before as I've always been wary of the 'sausage effect', where any towel I wear that doesn't have wings to secure it ends up as a sausage and isn't good for catching and absorbing any unwanted fluids! However, I've been very pleased with these pantyliners, and although the adhesive strip isn't particularly wide (around half the width of the towel) it's been sufficient to stop the pad rolling up.

      I've found these liners to be very comfortable to wear, and in fact I don't feel them at all as I move around. They can be removed from my pants easily and disposed of in the same way as any sanitary product. They're invisible under my clothes too, and even when I'm wearing tight trousers they can't be seen.

      As they're so thin they also seem to have reduced my tendency to develop vaginal thrush, a problem that was happening more and more with the constant wearing of sanitary towels, which keep the genital area far warmer than it should be.

      My one minor gripe with this product is that the liners are not individually wrapped, so it's a nuisance when I want to take them out and about with me. I either have to take the whole box (impractical) or pack some liners in a plastic food bag (a nuisance). However, the towels themselves are doing the job I need them for, and on the occasions when I suffer a bit of bladder weakness, I'm confident these liners are absorbing any fluids.


      I'm really pleased I've discovered this product. Although I'm not confident enough to use them for their main intended use (as a backup for tampons during periods), the euphemistic 'everyday freshness' use is applicable to my needs. These liners are more than adequate to save me having to worry about my bladder weakness, and they're a cheap, comfortable alternative to sanitary towels. Recommended!


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        27.08.2009 13:51
        Very helpful
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        Decent enough for the price but not suitable for all situations

        As part of my spending reduction, I've swapped my Always pantyliners for these own brand as I picked up two boxes of these for round about what I normally pay for one box of Always.

        ***The Pantyliners***
        They are not individually wrapped and just come loose in the box. I prefer the individually wrapped types for greater convenience when I'm out and about but I can't really complain seeing as I was swayed by the fact that they're relatively inexpensive!

        Each pantyliner is very subtly shaped so that it goes in slightly at the middle and rounded at top and bottom. Despite the fact that they're not specifically designed to fit your pants, I don't have a problem with them not doing so.

        ***Wearing Them***
        They don't absorb as well as their more expensive counterparts - as I found out when my period started earlier than expected. The likes of Always have super-absorbent cores that claim to lock in moisture, but there is not of that here so anything above the usual discharge doesn't absorb too well and just sits on top of the pantyliner. As you can imagine, this isn't the nicest feeling!

        ***Overall Verdict***
        For a basic pantyliner, these are pretty good but I wouldn't describe them as very suitable for anyone who has more than a small amount of discharge as they don't absorb too well. There is no nice scent either so this makes them quite messy and sometimes smelly depending on the situation. Having had the experience of wearing them when my period first started, I can vouch for this even though it wasn't a very heavy day. All in all, I'd say that they are a decent option if money is tight, but not as good as the more expensive brands. Basically, you get what you pay for here.


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