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Tesco Maxi Towels Night Time

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Sanitary towels / Dosage Form: Towel

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2011 22:01
      Very helpful



      Horrible to use!

      A good few months ago, my Mum ordered these from Tesco with the weekly shop and I have to admit that had I seen them in the shop, I wouldn't have bought them as they were not what I thought they'd be. I (perhaps rather naively) assumed that they would be like 'normal' night time towels and be just a bit longer than regular towels for better protection and that the 'maxi' part of the name was just an indication of added security. This turned out to be a very wrong assumption!

      When the pack arrived, it was much bigger than I anticipated but I initially put that down to the fact that neither the packaging nor the blurb on the Tesco website had indicated that these were individually wrapped towels. That much was correct, but upon opening the packet I was dismayed to see that the towels were much bigger and bulkier than your average towels and immediately put me in mind of the cheap towels that I had the misfortune to buy from our local village shop (which doesn't have much of a selection of products to choose from), which were horrible to use. This didn't inspire me with any kind of confidence, especially as those towels had been very bad in terms of absorbence and my flow can be rather heavy for the first couple of days but not having any alternatives to hand (or in the local shop!) and not being able to go elsewhere for at least a day, I had no choice but to stick with them.

      As you might expect from their thickness, these towels aren't very comfortable to use and I was constantly aware of their presence. Being night towels, they were longer than average and so I could definitely feel an added thickness when sitting down, which really wasn't great given that I spend a good chunk of the average day sitting at a computer.

      I didn't feel that the absorbency was much to write home about either. Despite the thickness in comparison to your average towel, everything seems to sit predominantly on top of the towel rather than being encouraged inwards and that makes things unpleasant if you've got anything other than an extremely light flow going on. In short, I didn't feel at all comfortable wearing these towels and was going through them extremely quickly due to my lack of trust in them. They don't have wings either, so they're a nightmare when you're moving around or during the night.

      No, in a word. For their absorbency, they weren't much better than an extremely thick pantyliner and I certainly won't mistake these for my usual night time towels again!

      90p for a pack of 10.


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